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Earth Odyssey 2020-2022 Mobilising the World Community for Sustainability Actions

Call for Leadership – An Imperative for Sustainable Development

Call for Co-creation in Action By Mahendra Shah

We are seeking panel members and participants in Earth Odyssey Webinars Schedule as below. Please share with friends, family, colleagues and activists. We undertake this global LinkedIn announcement to attract people with passion and commitment for a sustainable world of Humanity and Nature. Please send us your contact and sustainable development interest and details. We look forward to joining us as panel members and participants in selected Webinars (see below). Please contact one of the hosts (their CVs are below too)

Mahendra Shah (shahmmr@gmail.com)

Yuri Sanada (yuri@aventura.com.br)

Ukpeme Akpan Okon (values@thevaluesstring.com)

Schedule of Earthodyssey.org Webinars:
1 st November 2020
People-Harmony-Peace: Human Divisiveness – Racism, Fanaticism, Culture, Gender, Ethnicity, Class, Poverty, Disability and more
15 th November 2020
Nature-Harmony-Peace: Climate, Pandemics, Deforestation, Degradation, Mining, Fires, Pollution, Extinction
29 th November 2021
People-Harmony-Nature: Sustainability, Progress, Development, Livelihoods, Health, Wellness, Happiness, Contentment and More

Sunday 13 th December 2020, 1.00 PM GMT
Webinar: Inspiring Women to Secure a Just World
Human Divisiveness and Discrimination, Nature Degradation and Exploitation, Women, Naturally Endowed as Nurturing, Compassionate, Patient andAltruistic; Are well positioned to contribute to Healing Humanity and Restoring Nature
Sunday 27 December 2020, 1.00 PM GMT
Webinar: Empowering Youth to Secure a Sustainable World
Youth of Today are our hope for a sustainability pathway to Responsible
Development; With the Power of the Vote and the Wallet they can elect and be the Action; Leaders; Committed to change course and make our One World and One Earth Sustainable
Sunday January 2021, 1.00 PM GMT
Webinar : The Imperative for Sustainable Human Lifestyles
There can be no Sustainable Development, unless we Humans live responsibly and sustainably; Let us Protect Nature and Confront Climate Change, Species Extinction, Pollution and Pandemics:. Let us be Humane and Stop Human Divisiveness and overcome Poverty, Racism, Fanaticism, Ignorance, Prejudice
Sunday January 2021, 1.00 PM GMT
Webinar: The Inclusive Business of International Tourism
Responsible & Sustainable Tourism for Social, Environmental & Economic
Development; International Experiences of Wellness, Recreation, Nature,
Culture, Friendships and let us as Hosts and Guests in Different Countries
come together and secure our common future
Music Event Spring 2021
Music-Harmony-Peace: Relaxing, Energising, Solidarity, Mindfulness, Empathy, Compassion, Caring, Altruism and More

Earth Odyssey Hosts: Mahendra Shah, Yuri Sanada, Ukpeme Akpan Okon
Mahendra Shah has dedicated his life to Sustainable Development with multiple decades of work with the United Nations, the World Bank, International Science and Policy Research Institutions, as well as investment policy adviser to Governments and private sector funds. In 2002 while participating in the UN preparatory meeting for the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, he realized that
the world cannot be sustainable without human beings themselves being
sustainable. Mahendra Shah is now prioritizing the sustainability of lifestyle throughhis resort in Bali: “Zen Resort Bali”, a holistic and wellness sanctuary where worn out bodies, minds and souls can rejuvenate and find harmony with themselves, others and nature. Mahendra Shah coordinated and prepared the final agenda 21 report of Rio1992. Earth Odyssey 2022 will mark 30 years of that event that brought global awareness of the urgency of confronting environmental problems.

Yuri Sanada at Aventuras Produções, since 1995, has developed and produced highquality programming for cinema, television and the internet. Aventuras co-produced the first Brazilian IMAX movie, Amazon Adventure 3D, a factually-based historical drama, winner of 7 international awards, including 2 Lumiére awards from the Hollywood Advanced Imaging Society. Aventuras Sustainable studio in Brazil is made of thousands of old tyres, green roof and other environmental solutions.

Ukpeme Akpan Okon is the author of award-winning The Values String: A book onTransitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, & Profound Peace. A lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, speaker, Ambassador for Peace & singer. She is the Executive Secretary of Mediators & Advocates of Peace, Founder Guild of Adjudicators & Pioneer Coordinator of Justice, Development & Peace Commission of the Twelve Apostles Parish, Nigeria. She is the Convener of The Peace Agenda, a platform for strategizing sustainable agenda & action & organizer The Peace Agenda Summit. Ukpeme is a
member of Women, Peace & Security Network, as well as other peace-focused organizations. She is a former Assistant General Secretary of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Abuja Branch. Ukpeme is the National Director Administration of FIDA U.S.A. Branch. She has served on the Zero Draft sub-committee of Non-Governmental Organization / United Nations Convention on the Status of Women. She is a Rotarian, a member of other organizations & a multi-awardee musician known as UkpEmem. Ukpeme has served as Rapporteur on various assignments, & was a panellist at a High Level event of the United Nations General Assembly — Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger.


  1. Rev. Neil Whitehouse says:

    Hello I would like to have an appropriate contact email for Jean-Paul Close, I have reached near the end of first draft of a Christian Green book, and in drawing conclusions, fell upon Sustainocracy! I think there are valuable overlaps. thanks

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