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From ego to eco, from stupid to smart

“If bees suddenly disappeared then humans would disappear within four years. When human beings disappear life on Earth will florish….that is how important the bee is”

The article “how stupid can smart be?” went around the world. So did the question “what do we use our smartness for if it not for our sustainable human presence on Earth?”. Pictures like these show us the eternity of natural life and the finite presence of human beings if do not become smart as a bee.

We should not be remembered for our (self) destructive “smartness”, or should we?

We know what it is to behave stupid now from a sustainable human evolution point of view. Self destruction is not smart, it is smart to recognize how much we ourselves and our institutions contribute to the problem. It is even smarter to adjust our lifestyle to this awareness breakthrough .

So what is smart? Smart is to interact wisely with our natural environment in such a way that we support each other, nature and human beings. Harmony with our environment is not a status quo, it is hard work. Nature is an active ecosystem that challenges our smartness all the time in order to regain and sustain our living harmony. Symbiosis is not trying to set nature to our hand through manipulation, it is to take just what we need and give in order to receive. In evolutionary sense we went through the following self aware stages: to take, to care and now we have to learn how to give in order to receive.

For instance, an appletree gives thousands of apples as nutritious value to other species in order to reproduce only limited new apple trees. A bee fertilizes throusands of flowers in order to collect its pollen for its bee hives. The species that give are important to sustain live, including themselves. Those that only take are not and will finally disappear. It is hence smart to learn how to interact with nature and our surroundings for our needs. Not make ourselves dependent from services through money.

Do we have anything to give? Our current level of scientific and practical knowledge, our technological solutions, help us to develop our self sufficiency in the most adverse environments. We can concentrate our human presence in circular self sufficient, cocreative (Sustainocratic) communities that interact with our internal nature to achieve 90% independence from our natural surroundings. The 10% we still take from these surroundings we compensate by giving other values back. We can leave large parts of the planet Earth untouched to assure its ever lasting presence and evolution without human destruction. We focus on creating in circular togetherness rather than just consuming by taking. Like this we make best use of both our evolution as our present state of awareness.

We can establish a network of such communities that help each other overcome possible shortages by sharing their surpluses. We assure we interact with our untouched surroundings in a way that it florishes in a natural way, assuring abundance at all times, also for the human species. We use our wisdom to be humble and interactive rather than dominant and destructive.

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