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Tuesday zoom School of Talents and Wellness: Can we legally claim our right for regional self determination and autosufficiency?

We invite our guest, Dr. Anna Berti Suman from Italy. Ms Anna Berti is PhD graduate at the TILT law school of Tilburg. She investigated citizen’s that interact with their government using their own measurement equipment. She included the sustainocratic AiREAS. The right to determine one’s own insights against government dominance is a prelude to claiming our own natural rights of freedom, self determination and cocreation of our needs. There should be no impediments if such practices clearly enhance the sustainable life expectations of the citizen’s and maybe even the entire planet. We open the dialogue with this professional about our claims….

The zoom link for tuesday 20.10.2020, 16:00 CET  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82013279319?pwd=Rkh5SGV0Q3l2VitQMDdPdDRiN216dz09

Sustainocracy invites local stakeholders to participate in ventures that develop our local core human values together. We succeed only in a limited way, there were no opposition is found from large economic players or lobbyists.

However, centralized societal “services” are offered through organizations that developed global superpowers to continu their activities. These are contributing to the huge problems we face in the world. These services (such as energy, food supplies, housing, financial services, healthcare, etc) forcefully demand our solidarity with the supply system. Meanwhile they contribute unethically to the destruction of all life forms on Earth.

The local alternative of multidisciplinary cocreation is considered much better to solve the overall issues of climate, pollution, care for health, local values creation and sharing, social cohesion and sustainable human progress.

Humankind has had to fight wars in the past against “system’s impositions” to define and accept its human rights of natural freedom and equality, frazed in many of our constitutions since then. Yet the superpower structures are organised in a way that take away our rights. We consider it illegal and unconstitutionally and if our local government representatives do not defend those rights then they are part of the problem.

Our sustainable survival is at stake. Our current democracies have failed to deal with the modern challenges we face as they financially depend on the way the system is organized. So our faith seems to be in the hands of these superpowers that operate in a destructive way. This is unacceptable within the reality of natural freedom to care for oneself, together. Do we really have to fight this legally for justice and sustainable human resilience? Or should our government disconnect from their dependence of these superpowers and start caring for its population, together with the population?

On tuesday we talk…

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