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New invitation for participatory learning together through values driven co-creation in the School of Talents and Wellness

Want to learn Sustainocracy? It is free of charge, not free of dedication

This weekend we reached a dot on the horizon (or a station along the track to our new society format) with the School of Talents & Wellness crew of the Tuesday afternoon zoom sessies. From the professional sector we had school and art studio directors as well as theater managers joining the global programme. On Tuesday afternoon (16:00 CET) we depart towards a new dot on the horizon, one to be defined still. We have plenty of challenges and we can tackle all of them if our institution join in the cocreation. Feel free to join (email: jp@stadvanmorgen.com)

Sustainocracy positions itself in the area of values driven multidisciplinary co-creation of our universal core natural human values. These values have been deteriorating, despite expensive regulations and remedial operations, in a society model based on other values (mostly political and financial). In our previous co-creation trayectory changing mindset was compared to changing a theatrical play from drama into a comedy. Or in topsport changing from basketball into tennis. In all methaphores the change would require to disengage from the old, unlearn old habbits and engage by learning the new through participation.

During a short Braincandy presentation I explained my own process of “crossing the line”. A new world (or dimension if you like) opened up for me. One to discover, to experiment with and invite others to participate in order to learn and grow together. Gradually this new world developed its own methods, even a vocabulary of its own. Not just people participate as new age citizens, also institutions, such as different government institutions, scientific departments, schools, innovative entrepreneurs (getting acquianted also with the 4 x Profit Pyramid Paradigm). Many people came to visite from abroad (government officials, citizens, business people, scientists) and reacted positively saying “it exists, we want this too”.

But crossing that line is not easy. Feel free to join and try. Call it an experiment. When you board, try not to get off until the next station. Enjoy the ride.

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