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How to get the world into a new paradigm?

The School of Talents and Wellness session today was dedicated to some reflection about interesting online encounters, such as Planetary Balance and Earth Odyssey. The question that was asked was “how can we proceed in expanding the new paradigm based on cocreation of our core natural human values?” The group of participants was relatively small. A very interesting analogy was explained by Barry Kort from a drama point of view. Eugen Oetringer tried to clarify using his theory on “what would Einstein do” and offering a prescription for change. Zvi Weinstein looked at it from a more practical viewpoint “We have a problem, we need to find a solution”. Jean-Paul Close explained his own method through the positive invitation to the new paradigm representing a yes/no choice for those affected by the choice.

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  1. […] in a society model based on other values (mostly political and financial). In our previous co-creation trayectory changing mindset was compared to changing a theatrical play from drama into a comedy. Or in topsport changing from […]

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