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Sustainocracy, a new world

It exists, ready for you to join
just do it


  1. […] power pressure over people, impulsing fear, etc. And the other is a movement of waking up of which Sustainocracy is the pacific part, representing “the positive invitation of the awake to create a harmonized […]

  2. […] Sustainocracy positions itself in the area of values driven multidisciplinary co-creation of our universal core natural human values. These values have been deteriorating, despite expensive regulations and remedial operations, in a society model based on other values (mostly political and financial). In our previous co-creation trayectory changing mindset was compared to changing a theatrical play from drama into a comedy. Or in topsport changing from basketball into tennis. In all methaphores the change would require to disengage from the old, unlearn old habbits and engage by learning the new through participation. […]

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