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Website for Sustainocracy, with google translate

During our first global co-creation process via the School of Talents and Wellness we encountered numerous challenges. One were the diversity of cultural and linguistic engagements behing our linking participant. Our participant would find difficulties in sharing information if it were purely in English. This while asking them to do translating work would be too demanding, especially because of the enormous amount of messaging and posts that we were adding to our site for the project: www.worldhappinessbird.com. When I integrated the google translate module suddenly everyone could participate, paving the path of our local partner.

The question arose if I could create a landing page for Sustainocracy also? This would be to support those who wish to initiate local projects and need local support. The blog (which has gthe translate button too) is informative and nice to follow whatever is happening but a website is better to get fresh engagements. So I made one, including the Google translate option. Now all languages of the world can read about the society model and hopefully get inspired to do something with it. I even wrote certain concepts in text rather than using phto designs that are not translated if opened.

Here is the link. I look forward to see what we can do together….in whatever culture or language….


This is what it looks like, more or less…..

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