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Global co-creation of happiness with a treat

Our School of Talents & Wellness session every tuesday are directed at developing a common understanding on what Sustainocracy means, how it works and get people to learn through participating. Todays session is well ahead in the co-creation path of the project “Art & Happiness”, a project which has been decided together over the months. Everyone contributes and new people engage thanks to the intentions.

The project has developed a global presence through the efforts of many people. A dot on the horizon is the 20th of March, the World Happiness Day. The meeting was focused on trying to create a program out of all the contributions we receive. In the picture the entire flow is shown. In the red oval circle we see the proposed structure of the day.

One of the contributions from the USA is done by singer and songwriter Cheryl Melody Baskin. She wrote the song “One Planet”. Today she decided to participate in the meeting. Some present had not heard the song so she took the guitar and spontaneously started…..We enjoyed it greatly and happily share it here as I decided to quickly press the record button….

It is a small prelude of what to expect on the 20th. Follow us as the program will develop here and on the World Happiness Bird site. Maybe you even like to join…?!

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