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International Women’s Day and our global transformation away from hierarchies of control

Today is March 8th, 2021, International Women’s Day. Ever since we started living in cities due to the rise of industrial processes and the economy of growth, women had to fight to be seen as equals. The economy of growth has become a masculine hierarchy, immoral, unethical and irresponsible, of global proportions.

Those words “moral, ethics and responsability”, in relation to human and planetary values, are divine feminine. These have been surpressed through the force of hierarchy, power of control and behavioral manipulation of fear for shortages and chaos. This has become the basis of political powerplay and centuries of struggles for feminine equal rights in a fake, unnatural world. Structuring and organization is divine masculine. Both need to be in balance to produce harmony and sustainable human progress.

The transformation we experience in our current era

It is not the first time women are downgraded by the masculine hierarchies. Western religions, in particular the Roman Catholic Church, became the blueprint of the political and business structures of today. The Catholic church based its religion on values controled by a masculine hierarchy, placing itself between the people and moral values represented by the interpretation of God. Our current governance replaces the bible by the constitution and priests by politicians. At the end of the Roman empire the same happened but the other way around. The senators became massively church bishops in order to safeguard their dominant positions in a collapsing society.

The way hierarchies block the human progress and cause catastrophies everywhere.

We are not celebrating or claiming today women’s equal rights in a masculine dominant world. We are forcing feminine values by pushing away the masculine hegamony and develop our society based on our core natural human values. Moral and ethics become responsabilities that we share together between people and institutions. In the open space we create when breaking away the systems of controle, we develop our creativity in cocreation without hierarchy, without controls, without powerdisplays yet with wit, sense of responsability, awareness and care for our real values.

Our open space brings equality, safety and sustainable human resilience through feminine and masculine interaction

Elimination of the hierarchy is not easy if this is forced upon us by dependence and control. Much of the controls of the churches have disappeared through the apprearance of money as alternative. People had less need to “believe” when they could “trust” the make belief of abundance, accessible through the simplicity of money.

Money is much harder to neglect than “the invisible God” in city environments due to our structural dependence for our daily needs. 70% of our global population lives in cities under the umbrella of such dependence. 99.99% of this population have no idea about the risks they run and just claim equal rights in the fake benefits of such an ecosystem.

There are two ways to avoid crises, war and chaos due to forthcoming shortages and economic inequalities due to speculation. These ways both have to do with our own development of the feminine values of moral, ethics and responsability:

1. By becoming independent from the masculine controls through increased self sufficiency, often shaped in community formats. This is easiest in rural environments. Small Sustainocracies appear, as long as people avoid structuring new hierarchies by using the core natural values as guidance instead of self interests.

2. By redesigning our cities into circular containers of sustainocratic cocreation of human wellness and participatory productivity. This can be done by reusing all available resources and adopting a local transformation economy as leading trigger for continuous innovation towards shared abundance.

International Women’s day of 2021 is the start of the turnaround. The letting go of financial dominance while adopting an attitude of cocreation of our core natural human values. In the cocreation equality is essential as the column of values reigns. This starts with individual authenticity, the I am revelation, displayed in the freedom and independence of engagement.

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