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Give people a reason and some space and sustainable wellness appears through creative cocreation

The sustainocratic story of my 60th birthday

In our participatory society model, Sustainocracy, we create a good reason (sustainable human progress through development of our common core natural values) and space (our current living community and environment). Everyone can contribute in the cocreation by establishing priorities and creative coalitions that produce innovations that measurably contribute to this progress.

My 60th birthday was announced in the same way. Anyone who wanted to participate out of engagement with the special moment for me could do so. I just announced the date and arranged a location through a friendly neighboorhood building. The party itself should be a cocreation through the presence of those who could assist. Easily said but can it be done? Control oriented friends declared me “crazy” but trust me now after various experiences where I just allow things “to happen” and manifest through love, engagement, space and purpose.

On the evening itself I still had absolutely no idea what was going to happen and if at all anything would happen. Some 100 persons had liked the event on Facebook and about 30 had indicated that they would come. Various had told me that they would “maybe”. My first surprise was when I entered the space made available by the neighboorhood center. They had colorfully decorated it all in style, my favorite music was already playing and I received my first special beer out of first hand. An unprecedented act of love and kindness that left me speechless. Next to arrive was Marcel, a local who offered to be the DJ for the evening with a box full of old timer and popular music items. He would finally get us to dance until well after midnight.

Subsequently people started to arrive with all kind of surprises. South America was present with a birthday cake with the City of Tomorrow logo and made with dulce de leche from Argentina. And a pinata in the shape of the Playboy Logo! Just such impressive details made everything so lovable and caring. Thoughfullness was in every arrival, each touching me in great depth. People, so close to my heart but that I had never expected, walked in, leaving me in positive shock each time. Some even coming from far away. Someone(s) with whom I am going through intense emotional processes opened their heart fully to me, arriving together at the moments of maximum energetic resonance and heart to heart connectivity. Our African friends invited everyone to a circle in which we held our hands and speak out our feelings. The impact of what was said was a pure reflection and often suprising confirmation of the emotions I had felt. A grouphug followed with me in the center that made me feel as if the world had come to the desired unity, with the enormous diversity of people connecting in one through equality and togetherness. All love came together and was shared.

Most photos were kindly made by Milagros Maldonado (on the right here with my mother, admiring the cake her team had organized)


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