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Successful Playful City event

On June 1st we played the participative City of Tomorrow game during the Playful City event in Eindhoven. The idea was to let the participants experience by themselves the potential of playfulness by using social or technological instruments for vitalizing our lifestyle and increase our general wellness. In a central marketplace pitches and keynotes were held about health, mentality change and options. Meanwhile ample time was spend on experiencing the demo’s through a game of awareness and engagement in which one could score coins for food and drinks.



STIR Foundation (City of Tomorrow) was involved to leverage the event to level 4 awareness driven participation society (Sustainocracy) in which each of all fragmented interests (local governments, innovation companies, science, education) and structures could excel by showing their commitment, talent and involvement. To avoid developing a standard exhibition of high tech, STIR introduced a participative self leadership challenge, a mix of social entrepreneurs and a voting system. STIR also took care of the catering through FRE2SH and music through COS3i.

The ideology is not always understood up front by the partners as level 4 is new and involves both self and hierarchical leadership into participative cocreation. People are not used to this until they find themselves in a setting where they are valued for what they are, triggered to excel through connecting self interest and leadership to the common cause (in this case vital lifestyle development), and get rewarded by recognition and new impulses for personal and institutional growth.

Level 4.jpg


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