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Measuring air quality at different levels of participation

Nuenen: Recently we installed the last 4 fixed measurement systems for air quality and noise in the village of Nuenen (the green dots). As you can see from the picture the equipment is placed next to busy traffic infrastructures.

two areas, two different objectives

Eindhoven North: The blue markers on the left are placed in a quarter of the city o Eindhoven. The positioning of the equipment is totally different than the ones in Nuenen. The reason is that we are interested in the effects of the local airport and take off and landing of planes over that area.

In the same regions we handed out over 30 portable measurement systems that people carry with them while having a stroll, go to the supermarket, a jog or take kids to school. The portable wearables help to get insight about the exposure to pollution during daily life.

Sustainocratic program: the above is part of AiREAS, a sustainocratic level 4 awareness driven cocreation of core human values in a region. In the case of AiREAS these values are health and environmental quality (no air or sound polutions). Level 4 represents the participatory commitment of citizens together with government, science, education and innovative entrepreneurship for this higher common purpose. The way of working together this way is called a Sustainocracy (Sustainable Human Progress and Democratic prioritization around core human and natural values).

Installing a fixed measurement box

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