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The Sustainocratic Science of Health

Sustainocracy defines “health” as one of our core values, needed to sustain ourselves as a species. The concept of health is however one of the biggest incognitos of our human existence. We have developed large industries and economies around remedial care, pharmaceutical and chemical support systems for the unhealthy. The awareness, emperical reality and science of health is one of the missions of the sustainocratic communities within STIR.

One of the core natural and human values we pursue continuously in our sustainocratic communities is “health”. Health is a truly unknown factor in the human world. We have taken health for granted and only deal with the absence of it when sick. This can be seen as the single reason why we have misused our environment and our lifestyles in such a dramatic way that we now face potential elimination of our kind.

What is health? When we look at our surroundings, the wisdom of living nature, we see that health is the driver of sustainable progress of life. Whatever is unhealthy is replaced by something healthy. Health is hence not the absence of diseases. Health is the adaptiveness of a species to remain in living harmony with itself and its surrounding. This implies a lot of things. It implies for instance awareness and the interpretation of unbalance. It implies the willingness to change and adjust in order to restore harmony. It hence implies also the willingness to let go in order to create space for renewal. All this is uncommon in our current human societal systems.

In the intuitive world of all living species the adapativeness is a matter of fact. Life and death are circular realities. In the rational selfaware world of humans the adaptiveness has been replaced by fear (for death) and control (of life). Our level of awareness can be seen as an evolutionary disorder, an illness of its own if it does not break through into understanding the real core values of life and our adjustment to it. This adjustment is happening now, for the first time in human evolution as a selfaware species.

Sustainocratic communities (AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3i, etc) are conducting this process. In that process a lot of experiences are accumulated, documented and repeated. A new science is emerging, the Sustainocratic Science of Health, which we can share with the world through educational processes, participatory learning and new scientific research activities.

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