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Sustainocracy and world peace?

Mid 2022 a Peace concert will take place in Nigeria. It is being organized by peace ambassador Ukpeme Okon and contemporary jazz musician Rick Dellaratta. The happy expectation of this unique gathering, that will be broadcast worldwide, is a wonderful occasion for us to initiate a dialogue about Peace, its significance and how to achieve it in a lasting manner.

If we look up the word Peace then we get a number of meanings, all representing relatively passive states of tranquility, the absence of agression or war. This is not enough for us. Peace needs to be a continuous process of harmonisation and conflict avoidance. Is this possible in our current human world order? We believe it is not. Our world is full of conflicts which are caused by a self centered attitude of having, taking and controls. In order to achieve world Peace humankind needs to grow up and start behaving in a different way.

Peace is achieved when all people and institutions are capable to resolve their differences or conflicts without violence, and work together in cooperative co-creation (also with our natural environment) to improve the quality of all life“.

In our current world of political and financial hierarchies “diplomacy” is already a good step into the direction of lasting Peace. In certain regions institutions learned to work together. Often this is to strengthen their financial position by sharing costs or addressing financial needs together. The concept of Triple Helix (Government – Business – University alliances) is such an example. But is still focused on the financial wellness of a region, not integral wellness through the involvement of all. Citizens are still consumers, workforce and tax payer. Not societal partners for sustainable progress, because in a world run by institutions progress is measured in financial parameters. The financials are presented as shared global responsibility, not certain core values. Even certain social securities have been translated into financial buffers as care, creating even more financial dependences. This creates the distortion among people and our environment which leads to climate issues, pollution, increased costs of society, inequality, speculative actions for financial growth, and the appearance of points of singularity upon which all kinds of collapse can be expected.

Sustainocracy introduces a set of core human values that are a shared responsibility in a multiple helix environment. It is theoretically not that difficult to create clustered, multidisciplinary communities to develop those core human values. In practice we see that such gathering at the regional cocreation level of Sustainocracy (sustainable HUMAN development and Democracy) is effective to provide people with real securities in their basic needs. It also assures their involvement in realizing them and sharing the abundance among all equally. With our current state of scientific knowledge there is no area in the world where circular community self sufficiency can not be realized.

“If we accept that sustainable human wellness and progress is a cocreation, not a cost, then we can also develop lasting Peace together” (Jean-Paul Close, Sustainocracy).

Peace is achieved when we do not have to compete for our needs. Living nature around us is based on shared abundance. When we associate ourselves wisely with nature and trust ourselves in applying well our knowledge with a sharing attitude, then we can all benefit from the natural abundance in a peaceful manner. What reasons could there be for not taking this responsibility together?

Are you THE 1 out of 400 Million revolutions?

Many initiatives are born through activist and entrepreneurial citizens that want to make a positive difference for “a better world”. Together we represent a world changing movement without precedent.

A few month ago we (a group of social/ecological entrepreneurs in Europe) decided to look out for other values driven citizen’s initiatives throughout Europe (and the World). In each of our entrepreneurial environments we had detected many people who address issues such as pollution, climate, social care, ecological care, etc as a personal mission to make a difference in a world of destruction and abuse. The common denominator of all these initiatives is their drive to produce general 4 x WIN (human, societal, ecological and financial) value instead of the mindless old style, speculative and blindly destructive pursuit of just money.

Bringing these innovative entreprises, small and large, together in a platform would show the world that an fundamental and powerful change is happening everywhere.

We needed a name for that overarching platform that represented a new set of genuine values than the old political financial steering that was reigning and destroying the world. We did not want to present a new business entity, nor a new institution, yet a sence of generalized movement that makes the human world turn around into genuine sustainable progress due to the efforts of millions of pioniers. On their own they remain vulnerable, small scale, locally focused, often even sub-critical due to lack of support or opposition of old school power silos.

But together they make a force that changes the world.

A uniting image, representing 400 Million + 1 revolutions, was proposed by one of the partners that goes under the name of Unstitution. Another partner, Youth4Planet, was addressing the youthful generations that already seem to look at reality with different eyes than their ancestors. They are challenged to show their youthview views through video’s, collected in the Earthbeat platform. All these partners had UNITED and found each other in the weekly online gatherings of Sustainocracy.

This is the visual that has been created for the gathering of values driven initiatives. The 400M stands for 400,000,000.– or 400 Million, a large abstract number showing the massive movement that is growing among citizens with an entrepreneurial “can do” attitude. The “+1” refer to each of us who sense to be part of the movement with our own initiative. The circle and word “revolution” established a sense of movement with values driven change as a motoric force for sustainable progress. The word “revolutions” refers to the turning of the wheels, such as the wheels of the bicycles that will travel from Luxemburg to Glasgow to show the world climate conference, COP26, that “It’s Happening”, with or without the political participation.

400 Million and 1 revolutions has a broader motivation than just COP26.

We bring together initiatives interregionally in order to establish dynamic sustainocratic clusters that empower themselves in their results driven focus. Examples of existing interregional cooperative clusters are:

  • AiREAS – air quality and regional health
  • Earthbeat – video challenge for young generations
  • School of Talents and Wellness – participatory learning in the space of Sustainocracy
  • Integral Positive Health – healthy neighborhoods, regional small heroes (focus on quality of life through cocreation)
  • Unstitution – bringing multidisciplinary clusters together
  • STIR – multidisciplinary and multicultural clustering research with the Sustainocratic context of core human values
  • Youth4Planet – engagement with primary schools for ecological learning programs and climate awareness

All develop as multidisciplinary platforms that prioritize local human and ecological values. Involved are local citizens, entrepreneurs, science, schools and local governments.

Are you the 1? Or do you know initiatives that need to be part of this? Just let us know and join the network. It is free of charge, as your commitment is worth more than can be expressed in money.