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Secrets of life 9

The power of being different

Competition produces a natural chaos in which the outcome is unpredictable. One can always find one’s equal or better. In a competitive environment crisis is a constant where species have to deal with. The duality of attraction and avoidance get species to grow apart and develop themselves around new and differentiated values. A new step is introduced into the evolutionary path and nature of life for survival and growth: the talent of being different.

Being different avoids the confrontation and develops a unique positioning that occupies a very specific spectrum of harmonic relationship with the environment. Instead of conflict the non-conflict is enhanced. In the world of insects this has resulted in a remarkable variety of species that can coincide peacefully in a small place. They are different in everything you can imagine: size, colors, walking, flying, digging, swimming abilities, type of food, sexuality, reproduction, habitat, etc etc. Being different gives better perspectives to survival than the law of the strongest.

Have a look at this short impression about butterflies .

The unique combination of growth, competition and differentiation gives rise to an impulse of new levels of awareness. Being different can contain an evolutionary element of chance of course when growth is suddenly enhanced at the time that a species finds no competition for some time. It can also develop through higher levels of awareness around competitive instruments that enlarge the chances of winning. One can become unique in predator abilities. Diversification can then again display many variations of “being different” as we can see around us nature. One can be different by escaping from confrontation (running or flying away, jumping, hiding, etc), avoiding it through divers techniques (camouflage, size, speed, poison, spikes, etc) or winning them (strength, teamwork, etc) through smartness. Our imagination can run freely to invent effective differentials of being unique. We can also look at nature around us to see millions of years of inspirational development and unique levels of innovational excellence. Life itself, with such interactive parameters as growth, competition and unique adaptiveness is the best living lab of inspiration available in the universe.

self awareness
The inevitable next step in evolution is self awareness. This is probably the most complex contribution to life’s consciousness. Self awareness is a logical consequence when competition, fear, multiple sensory experiences, crises, adaptiveness, growth, etc all form part of the complexity of a single living specimen. The step from intuitive reflection and action to waking up into self reflective awareness is then just a matter of time and opportunity.

The possibility to make yes/no choices is key for survival in a complex world of spontaneous and purpose driven interaction. The sum of reflective impulses from many different harmonic senses, that all interact simultaneously with the environment, gives rise to the development of powerful processing powers. The choices become increasingly complex. The diversity of the senses (s.a. smell, taste, vision, touch, sound and basic inner symphonies of harmonic molecular frequencies) each produce reactive impulses that can coincide but also be conflicting. The need to come to terms with multiple inner feelings is the basis for a new kind of decision making. When harmonic frequencies were external at first, coming to life through material interaction and bonding, now the quest for harmony is inside.

This is the key to spirituality, the inner quest for harmonic meaning, connecting us in awareness with the musical reality of the universe, inside with outside.

At certain points in life these decisions are made at a self conscious level. The most advanced species are also the most adaptive in a competitive world. Self awareness is just one more instrument for improved chances. A self aware species does not just react to the environment, it will also analyze its best options and make choices.

Self aware analysis introduce the inner conflict of right and wrong. This is an inner spiritual quest for meaning around the “why”. Food, safety, health, abundance, wellness and knowledge are the self aware essentials of harmonic continuity. Procreation and fear for death is added when death is a factor to be taken into account.

Death gives room to new diversification and evolution and hence becomes an engine to life. Life in itself does not need death as we have seen from the musical appearance of life under the right circumstances. Death did not exist yet. Death still did not exist when growth developed the need for collapse and fractal divisions. It was a mere continuation and re confirmation of life itself. Death appears as a key element of the evolution of self awareness. Growth would not be possible without death as life would come to a hold when growth becomes impossible due to limitations of the environment. The quest for harmonic relationships introduced new conditions into life and one was the appearance of “disappearance” of the obsolete. Death is a kind of cleaning up of the redundant which gives rise to a new cycle of life in a new field of harmonic interaction. Life is always in search for balance by creating new harmonic relationships that upset the old harmonics. Death is a necessary part of that. Life came first and death was introduced to make life’s evolution possible. It was a natural consequence. Life always conquers death, the good always wins from evil because life made death possible and death makes life continue.

As we stated before “life = awareness”. But this equation is alive too. In its simples form at molecular levels it just represents the musical interaction of specific frequencies. Matter becomes aware of matter. In its most complex form at self aware level of multiple sensory interaction “awareness = life”, meaning that the level of interpretation of life induces new life. Awareness is hence a life science that needs to be leveraged to the utmost layers of rational interpretation in order to provide a new living chance of our human species.

We see today that our human population on the globe has expanded to such an extend that we have lost our harmonic relationship with our environment. We have organized our human life only from a growth and competitive perspective after we became self aware of our unique and dominant abilities to make our surroundings instrumental to our abundance. Only in recent decennia we realize that the evolutionary criteria that surround us also apply to us as a species. Our self aware dominance for over 250.000 years is at the same time our vulnerability. Time has come for an evolutionary step in human interaction with ourselves and our environment if we want to survive evolution itself.

This brings us to another evolutionary technique that is abundantly present in our natural environment and that we need to learn to apply too. The next blog lecture will deal with that.