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Secrets of life 7

Life = Awareness

At one stage in my blogging years I asked you if awareness is added to the universe by us as rationally thinking life format? Or has it always existed and are we simply discovering it through self awareness and consciousness of realities? I asked this when we discussed the 5th dimension of consciousness.

In blog lecture “secrets of life 6” I show that awareness is already there and creates life under the right circumstances. This answers our question. The universe is “aware”. Some people call this awareness “God”. It is interesting to attribute a music reality to this awareness which at the least gives a sympathetic twist to the issue of “believing”. When we elaborate on this from a human perspective “belief” can connect us to the universal harmonics by triggering our inner molecular state to connect to universal patterns. We may not be self conscious about this but do feel the comfort of the harmonics as if things “are right”.

We will come to our own human selves as complex self aware species but first we need to go back a few billions of years when the first harmonic A and B’s found each other to create the first living (A + B)’s on Earth. The harmonic relationship becomes an attractive  minuscule element for other minuscule elements that are aware of its “musical” attraction through minute frequencies. (A+B)’s may be attracted to unstable A’s and B’s that enter in a random state of temporary harmony and get absorbed by the original (A+B). The chances that this happens is now very large because (A+B)  is stable in its attractive frequency. The (A+B) become (AAAAA+BBBBB)  in a steady growth pattern.

Growth then shows an exponential curve and cannot be sustained as growth can not continue unlimited. It reaches a point of collapse which I refer to as the “point of singularity”. Two options occur:

  • the species collapses and falls apart into smaller fragments, some unstable some maybe stable, or
  • the species shows fractal growth patterns where many exponentially growing (AAAAA+BBBBB) combinations break down into many stable (A+B)’s again.

These patterns we see in nature around us all the time.

Evolution and Differentiation

Another possibility could be that (A+B) meets (C+D) and finds a harmonic combination that fuses them into a new living minuscule species (ABCD). The harmonic frequency emission of this new species is different than the individual frequencies of the original parts. It will have new properties of growth and harmonic attraction. In the same way the combination could be (ACDB), (BADC), (DBAC) etc where each of the combinations shows unique properties, different than the others. Diversification in life hence starts at the same time as organic growth. Each of the initial diversifications become the starting point of its own line of evolution through growth patterns.

So growth is the first basic key to life and awareness. It is explained by the “hunger” of frequencies to “eat” those that are harmonic to them. Food is hence a purpose of living life and even we as human beings are attracted unconsciously to food all the time. What we see at the human level of complexity that we try to overcome this by an evolutionary issue of letting go of the permanent sense of hunger through trust in our ability to create abundance at any time. Hoarding, territorial protection, over feeding, etc are hence logical conditions of our earliest life’s origins resident in our own atomic living system.

We can now comfortably say that the prime purpose that makes the molecules of living species stay together is growth through feeding harmonically charged (inferior) substances.  This we call life from a lower level of consciousness. Feeding does not require self awareness either, just the automatic sensing of the right growth particles. Since growth and feeding requires at one point the active movement it uses up energy. Growth and food hence developed abundantly where natural energy (sunlight) was abundantly available, directly or indirectly.

This short film of Cristobal Vila illustrates it nicely.

For a very long time life evolved like this in an environment of microscopic life forms that evolved in complexity through harmonic differentiation, growing and feeding, falling apart or establishing fractal growth patterns, in a wide open planetary space.

This gets us to the next evolutionary step explained in the next blog.

Secrets of life 2

Second key to life

“Matter moves”

Previously on Secrets of Life:

In the first blog lecture we introduced the following equation:

Life = Matter + Energy + “????”

It is miraculous to encounter “????” and we asked ourselves why this ???? exists and what it is? We see that the concept of “life” is strongly related to materials as construction blocks of life forms. The question we can ask ourselves is whether this “????” exists around us and joins matter in a miraculous way under certain conditions? Or is “????” something that is already related to matter in one way or another and always there to come alive in certain situations?

Let us first explore what matter is and how it behaves in its most elementary molecular state. It may give us further clues.

Blog lecture 2: Matter moves

We have reached a scientific understanding now of the behavior of matter that may help us come to an understanding of what life is and this big “why” question. We first need to become aware that matter is never static. Material moves all the time even though we cannot perceive it with our naked eye. Matter consists of a specific combination of molecules which in turn consist of atomic kernels and electrons that twist and twirl around each other in specific movements. These movements show a diversity of patterns and frequencies, even within the same type of molecules. So, for intance, a molecule of water does not always behave exactly the same! The more complex a molecule gets the more complex the different molecules behave together.

To show this I can best link you with a very short  illustration on YouTube:

Vibrations of Molecules CHEM Study

There is no need to remember all the details of the animation or explanation. You just need to recall that every combination of molecules that shape our material surroundings and our own selves has a set of different moves with different frequencies. Blog lecture 3 will take this a step further.