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STIR Lustrum 2 – learning to live life

This second blog about STIR’s first lustrum deals with awareness and education as it developed in STIR. On the day of our announcement in 2009 Nicolette Meeder participated and found her own life’s mission to commit to STIR. Now she is founding partner of the STIR Academy.

In the early phases of the STIR Foundation “City of Tomorrow” we already developed very strong impulses to try to get an understanding on the complexity of the “human being” itself. My own very deep moments of inner illumination had made me aware of new dimensions of spirituality beyond the dogmatic mechanisms of churches and within the true meaning and significance of life. It also made me aware of awareness and life before and after enlightenment. This all had come together in a clear understanding of the “I am” breakthrough and the revelation of the abundance of the universe, the force of life through energetic cycles and the disturbance of self awareness until the moment of spiritual awakening.

All this also revealed a critical view on our evolutionary path and the way we reached a point of singularity that would either produce a gigantic collapse or a mayor breakthrough of humankind. In my own research I came to the conclusion that one cannot happen without the other. The only difference with the past is that I envisaged the possibility of a mayor breakthrough and collapse occurring peacefully through a burst of awareness rather than a traditional confrontation through arms.

In the first blog “re-positioning society” I described the practical possibilities to address the global issues through local solutions using sustainocratic ventures and the transformation economy. Its precedents in Eindhoven have made the working and values visible. Expanding it across the world will take tensions away through applied knowledge and integral system and social innovations.

To consolidate this the practical approach should repeat itself as much as possible but also should become part of our learning processes.

Breakthrough of the collective consciousness

Breakthrough of the collective consciousness

The transformation of education
My own learning and awareness processes had shown me that life itself is a teacher and our education at school would need to change too if we want to prepare our next  generations within the context of sustainable human progress. Many people already showed a critical standpoint on the current way we educated our children and displayed the wish to change the system. Within STIR it became an ongoing process too.

STIR Academy



When I developed the societal redefinition by positioning our interests in awareness and co-creation using human values rather than economic growth and greed, it became clear that our educational system was not adequate anymore either. Our constitution states that “education serves government and business interests” which is a relic from our industrialization and history. No wonder we feel that our children are being educated to populate a puppeteer theater rather that develop insight on life’s essentials and personal development.

Every interaction with our school system got us into trouble between management, teachers and pupils. The students loved our humanitarian approach, many teachers did too but the management and system were totally against. “Entrepreneur of your own life” is of course not done when the hierarchies in society demand docile youngsters who look for a lasting job to pay for their mortgage and loans in a consumer driven money dependent system’s reality.

In STIR Academy we created all kinds of instruments based on the development of awareness through physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual impulses. Examples of our invitation to a new world have been filmed (in Dutch)

And in English

We designed minors and mayors, university lectures, games (“The secrete” and “The hero”), challenges, etc. but the old system would not connect massively to our initiatives. The financial dependence on state financial means and inspections blocked openess to educational innivation and modern insight of system’s and human complexities. Government was still very much focus on trying to solve its problems through the money driven mentality of the last decades as described in a recent blog.

If we wanted to proceed with our intentions we were forced to build our own school and education platforms. We started to work with the “drop outs” from the old system that either had become a financial burden and bureaucratic challenge, or became new age entrepreneurs through their own chaos and awareness development. They are all talented human beings that have a lot to offer but fall out of the old system for many reasons. We learned to see all these people as potential pioneers of the new world that was arising and slowly started to challenge the old one by making the power of this type of learning visible to the world. We could further facilitate that by:

  • Offering precedents of change and insights from all over the world
  • Getting local speakers to address those interested with new insights and their personal experiences
  • Challenge people to not just listen but also stand up and do something with the inspiration
  • Help those who do step forward with guidance and support
  • Connect those who are ready to increasingly complex co-creative ventures or challenge them to start one of their own

The STIR Academy started to develop leadership HUBs (STIR Portals) through those who were interested in displaying a changing world to their own community and see what happens. STIR Academy developed relationships with intellectuals and new age pioneers across the world, inspiring itself through the wisdom of nature and the universe.

STIR Academy, global sustainocracy

STIR Academy, global awareness building and knowledge sharing (Sustainocracy)

In Eindhoven we had experimented with this type of value driven humanistic education by showing that our entire live is a school. We live through our own cyclic patterns all the time, developing awareness as we go along. We needed not just address the cognitive basic of education but also the emotional, spiritual and physical values of reflection through action. If we wanted the cultural change we needed to facilitate the entire cycle of human complexities by inviting people to simply do it, experiment and challenge themselves to work together in meaningful ventures.

We now envisage STIR Hubs everywhere, simply exchanging  knowledge and best practice through internet, skype presentations and online training. We all take from STIR and give back, forming an organic platform that runs itself. The only guidance is the STIR definition of  sustainable human progress and the co-creative positioning of progress in the top of our complexity model

STIR Academy positions itself in the field of co-creation between change and symbiosis

STIR Academy positions itself in the field of co-creation between change and symbiosis

Human evolution

Human evolution is a co-creation

AiREAS was the first sustainocratic venture and STIR Academy the very first school to live life by learning to understand it. We also needed to transform the practical reality of our daily life. AiREAS would measure our progress and STIR Academy provides us with the understanding. FRE2SH was born to deal with the practicalities in our daily lives.

But that I will deal with in the third and final blog about our first 5 years.


Global STIR Academy – how it works

Inspiration and sustainable progress for everyone in the world

In my personal opinion “knowledge” should be a common good for all people in the world, not just for those who can afford it.

Knowledge only matters when it is used

It hence has to flow freely to those places and people where it can be applied and prosper into positive human development, preferably “sustainable human progress“, which is the type of energy that the academy represents.


The STIR Logo represents the interaction between our emotional, spiritual, physical and rational sensitivity to produce awareness and the development of our awakening conscience.

Freedom of information

Freedom of information distribution over internet is excellent but not exempt from unilateral disturbances, manipulation and information pollution. The human being lives in different realities of the consciousness, some artificially created by us ourselves. The responsibility to deal with information and its purpose is of the human being itself. Inspiration clustering, with the purpose of creating sustainable human progress by understanding life itself, is such responsibility with which we deal in STIR.

At STIR experiment with the different realities of human perception. We developed innovations in the human system’s complexity and evolution ourselves, based on a holistic view of human society and its interaction with its natural environment (Sustainocracy)

Others are inspired to learn about our approach

And we love to share for the benefit of humankind! But we are not the only ones producing change or developing sustainable progress, insight and best practice. We don’t see STIR as a limitation restricted to our experiments with reality and progress. We see it as part of a global process that seeks connection to produce new, unprecedented evolutionary steps in our approach to human wellness and prosperity without endangering ourselves in the process.

Everywhere around the world interesting and inspiring people are producing results in the field of sustainable progress. This deserves to be shared too. We can all learn from each other and try out the inspiration ourselves, no matter how complex. Global issues develop local solutions which can be applied globally.

To share the inspiration we use the facilities of the internet in combination with local dialogue (hub) around its potential application.

Visualization of our global network

Visualization of our global network

The free flow, selection and connection to STIR is created by its purpose:

STIR Purpose: Redefining and implementing system’s complexities and sustainable human progress.

By setting up STIR as a HUB (a room, good internet and people in to share information with) we can get the entire world to participate. STIR Academy offers the framework and purpose criteria, the inspiration network and international infrastructure. The HUB takes care of local public, the choices and translation to local initiatives and projects.

Example of our iwn development:

  • Since 2005 I have personally organized over 25 encounters in zoo’s, business enterprises, nature, schools, etc to experiment with awareness development, new education, applied knowledge, etc. The one who learned most was I myself. I expressed my learning in 7 locally published books.
  • Since 2009 I set up the STIR Foundation to take responsibility ourselves for the redefinition of human complexities and the transformative process of moving from one paradigm to another.
  • In 2010 the first Sustainocratic ventures, involving government, science, business and large local civil populations were initiated: AiREAS, VE2RS and STIR. The learning continued, especially about the human complexity itself, prior to system’s thinking.
  • In 2013 I stepped up to a holistic view of system’s reality, managing 4 traditional paradigms together into 1 for sustainable progress and harmonic wellness.
  • The first online skype conference organised by STIR was in 2009 with Herman Wijffels (old World Bank chief) as online speaker. He referred to the changing world including finance and banking.
  • The first international HUB was started in Madrid in 2012 but did not survive.
  • The first HUB was started in Eindhoven in 2013. It started with one session per month in 2013. In 2014 we have 2 including international inspiration.
  • Initiatives are developing in Barcelona, Budapest, Brussels, Taipee, Miami, enz, as well as city quarters in Eindhoven. Often the initiatives are started from the old paradigm of economic dependencies and fail. It is a local learning process to let go of the dominant old paradigm first.

On April 29th 2014 STIR participates through skype in the world congress on poverty Madagascar (see below).

Online spreker en pannelld



How it works?

STIR works on the basis of free membership, reciprocity and commitment.

* Reciprocity means that if the STIR networks uses inspiration sessions from you, you get 1 to 1 sessions back for your own use, on call and mutual planning. So if you trade inspiration you will have 100s of free speakers at your disposal, else you pay a modest price.

* The real art is to do something with the inspiration locally in your own environment. We look for commitment to work together on change that affects the world and our societies positively.

The provisional website is: http://globalstir.wix.com./international/

Membership: Free of Charge (not free from commitment)

We are all mentally disturbed

Our behavior is conditioned by the way our mind works. Every instant we receive multiple impulses through our senses. Our mind receives them, interprets them and than makes decisions accordingly. When we think about it consciously we interfere with the automated way of working of our mind, trying to interpret reality for our understanding. But how can we do that? Based on what criteria do we determine what we believe and understand?

We can’t tell real from imaginary
We react to the world that surrounds us through interpretation of our senses comparing them to experiences and assumptions out of our past. Our experiences are ours, the assumptions are past on by our parents, education systems and culture. Some of these assumptions may well be millions of years old. It is called the “evolution of our consciousness”. This awareness building is form of mental disturbance, disputing consciously what we sense and believe to know.

We believe things are real until we find out the contrary, which we then believe is true. Every day we awaken into a new reality by living through new experiences and interpreting them with experiences lived or assumptions tought and commonly accepted. If only the past can be interpreted by our minds and the future is full of novelties to be discovered, how real is then our present and the decisions we make as a consequence?

We create fake realities to overcome our fear for the unknown
We need touchable realities to trust our perception of what we think is true and hence controllable by our insecure minds. We create fake realities that we believe are touchable and hence safe, such as money, houses, cities, cars. The more we are surrounded by these touchables the more secure we feel. “Realism” we call this, even though we deeply inside know that it is all an imaginary sense of security.

Our quest of living life is to “undisturb” ourselves

We find two ways to address this quest. The first is to avoid disturbance by creating “securities”, environments in which we feel safe and happy with what we perceive because it is congruent and common among people, providing what we think we need. We call this society and culture. Whatever disturbs this “culture” generates fear and uncertainty with a large array of actions to try to re-establish the status quo. We avoid the acceptance that we are “mentally disturbed” by accepting and defending a commonly agreed definition of what is supposed to be real.

The other way to avoid disturbance of the mind is to open up to knowledge and new experiences. We accept that we are “mentally disturbed” as a condition of a higher level of self aware life and progress. We undisturb ourselves by acquiring understanding through learning and experimentation. We can even do this together.

Positive and negative disturbance
We can address our mental disturbance in many ways. When we get to understand the musical reality of the interaction of all living substances we can also learn to appreciate our own complex mixture of senses. We can conduct a positive and harmonically disturbed life by seeking positivism in our perceptions. We learn to enjoy colors, tastes, emotions and energy streams. We learn to detect patterns and act accordingly, interacting with our fellow human beings and environment in a positive, constructive and progressively harmonic way. We do not fear the unknown but learn to value it from its universal energetic and harmonic reality. We can even learn to help others who live the same reality in the midst of fears and negativeness.

Global shift or Quantum Leap
We currently seem to live a global human culture of generalized fear that has been built up over the historical past by allowing the summing up of fake realities in a hierarchy of control. People and societies live through crisis now that open up our “artificially undisturbed” minds to new natural realities and awareness. The tendency is to transform the generalized negativeness to generalized positivism as people break through from their own mental blockage and get positively disturbed again, which in essence is our nature. When we connect again in this positivism we are able to create new societies based on new realities and common understandings, eliminating fear in the process.

Some of us believe that we are probably living in both the most mentally disturbed and exciting times ever. Whatever comes out of all this will depend on how we deal with negativism and positivism, new realities, securities and our interpretation of sustainable human progress when we open up to new awareness.

Lifelong education, sustainable human progress, conciousness and applied sustainable leadership

One of my ambitions is to create a world wide knowledge sharing and consciousness building network for measurable sustainable human progress and the development of individual sustainable leadership.

Now I am ready to set it up.

It is called STIR. Officially it is still the Foundation called Sustainocracy, Transformation, Indexation, Research. In practice it is a learning cooperative between people who want to experiment with their own life, authority and daily responsibility for sustainable development of themselves, their families and their local community.

Top intellectuals
I already have a large personal network of excellent lecturers and intellectuals connected to me via a large diversity of specialisms. My own sustainocratic work gives us plenty of things to do together and a motivation to stick together. This shows me that again that knowledge is only of mutual interest when it can be used in real life. That is where new knowledge develops too to enhance progress even further.

I work with the professors directly not with their institutions. Professors are human with human motivations. Universities are not.

That does not mean that we do not work with the institutions. On the contrary. But we use them for what they represent from a specialised research perspective and detailed specialised education on scientific topics. In STIR we translate this deep knowledge in true sustainable human progress which is a different learning process all together. That is why professors like to work with STIR because it brings their specialism into contact with the tremendous diversity of real life. It is hence a reciprocal process in which the educators learn as well.

STIR invites top lecturers, professors, visionary people, scientific researchers and exemplary pioneers to select or create their own best minors (a short block of lectures and practical exercises that last about 6 month) to be shared with us on and offline. A minor remains in STIR as long as there is sufficient (Global) demand for it.

I expect to be able to offer 100’s of minors for you to choose from. But following a training is not enough. That is not the purpose of STIR. The real purpose is to apply knowledge for local sustainable human progress and make change happen through your commitment. In STIR we also work with Sustainocratic cooperations for the extremely complex issues. When they develop in your area we can budget the STIR education and make it available free of charge.

The only stable factor in life is change.

STIR grows through fractal patterns. We started in Eindhoven and invite anyone to become member free of charge. With enough members in a region we set up a local off line community, otherwise we provide tutorials online.

STIR mission: to contribute to sustainable human progress globally (Global issues, local solutions, global application ).
STIR focus: develop the consciousness and sustainable leadership.
STIR method: lifelong learning by purpose driven experimentation, open reflection and knowledge sharing.
STIR levels: the 5 levels of consciousness, individually and as a community.
STIR infrastructure: Online (Global) and Offline (Local).

We do not tell you how you should live your life, we just help you understand.

STIR website

Membership fee: free of charge but not free of commitment (you commit to sustainable human progress)
Lifelong learning fee: 1% of published average local yearly wages, per person per year. Or free of charge when within local sustainocratic cooperation.
Education: You choose your own education out of all available minors. The more members the more educators.

The first year (2014) will be free of charge also for the learning fee as we build up the network.

Sign up through the website. I will soon publish the first set of online minors (short intensive training of several weeks).

Also sign up if you have a minor to offer. It is a cooperation so feel free to contribute with ideas and initiative. STIR is not just me but all that sign up for the higher good of sustainable development of humankind.

It’s happening


A lot is happening that is being seen as a crisis. But a crisis is simply a strong need and desire for renewal which is being blocked by something. The pressure builds up until it bursts into chaos. Freedom appears that allows finally for the renewal to take place. A lot of people refer to the problems as being economic. This is not so. They are very human. In fact the pressure is building up for the human being to stand up and break through. We tend to reason too much top down while freedom and renewal is found bottom up (see drawing above). The change in thinking is on its way. It’s happening.

When I interacted with people like Ervin Laszlo (Club of Budapest) and other influential people in the field of global visioning we talked about the Global Shift (Ervin)  and Quantum Leap (me). In fact, what we both refer to the need for the human being to get back onto its evolutionary tracks.

Ever since the human being broke through the first time in its self awareness a few million years ago and “became human” as opposed to “animal” we have been struggling to deal with it. We have tried to throw off our animal origins by behaving in a dominant way over our surroundings. Our surroundings were so big that the effects were hardly noticed. Meanwhile we became also dominant over our own species. Every individual has animal roots in which we thrive for growth and competition yet we also have self awareness and reflection that gradually introduced ethics, morality and responsibilities. System thinking became dominant, evolutionary thinking disappeared.

Societies became so big, and structures of control and power so dominant that for many millennia the human being was very much preoccupied suppressing its own species through all kinds of dogmatic systems such as territorial ownership, heritage of properties, systems of law, religions, financial and other systems of debt, etc. We were forced (and accepted) to live under the influences of such systems without having a choice. We weren’t even massively aware of the choice as survival prevailed over understanding. Education was reserved for the elite. Those who became too wise to support the system had to fear for their lives leaving behind just samples of their written legacies or lock themselves away from daily reality in confinement of a religious order.

Education is key
Only around the 1900’s the first public education was introduced and generalized for the entire population. This was perceived as necessary to support the growing financial system around industrial processes that needed craftsmanship in great diversity. Educating people became a public service for the system support, rather than a master – pupil relationship. As public knowledge grew also auto-determination and self awareness grew. People became more involved in their securities and well being and less fearful to the mighty, visible and invisible.

In the 50’s of last century governments started to loose territorial power due to open borders, migration of cultures and globalization of financial interests. The only dominance that was still possible was through the evolution of local services, taxation of consumer patterns and a certain degree of regulation. The governments could not cope anymore with the complexity of society and started to introduce degrees of civilian involvement in the decision making processes.

The civilians became more and more aware and knowledgeable even though the involvement was still very much being influenced and manipulated by the systems of power and debt imposed by financial systems, hierarchies and churches. Meanwhile all kinds of people started to become aware of their natural spiritual origins and universal freedom. They became aware what it is to be a human being in the full, with absolute freedom and not simply a puppet in the system. They also became aware that this freedom comes with responsibilities too. This human being does not accept debt anymore nor systems of control and imposition. This human being understands that values need to be created through taking responsibility together.

The appearance of the internet in the early ’90’s helped make information available to everyone with the freedom of interpretation of the many “truths” that circulate. The pollution of our environment is growing, we see global warming, climate changes, multicultural migrations and clashes, the unethics of systems of debt to control people, etc. We live longer due to the exponentially growing medical and scientific knowledge with access to abundance presented by the artificial systems that surround us. We also become gradually aware of the destructive forces of these systems on our own health, social stability and natural resources.

People become spiritually aware that their natural human freedom is demanding to take responsibility and let go of the dominance that surrounds us. Many people feel this surge of inner freedom but often falsely interpret it as disturbing and fearful against their perceived systems dependence. They are neglecting their own natural feelings out fear for the unknown and their sense of security to reason from the system’s reality. Also the system’s professionals have difficulties with the demanding population that does not simply accept policies but demands explanations and often also take a different standpoint, willing to stand up against systems lack of morality.

In reality our true biological and spiritual human nature seeks ways to freedom and purpose to regain our evolutionary tracks. We realize deep inside that we have deviated too much, have created a self destructive dependency and now look for a new balance that challenges the system’s rational.

“Hi, I am human”
When I take the stand and talk to people I say “hi, I am a human!” They look at me surprised as they tend to reason first from their own hierarchical position and profession, then their citizenship and hardly reach out to consider their condition of “human being” and true freedom. It has been neglected and suppressed. 

By inviting them to reason with me as a human being things change. We are a biological self aware creature of flesh and blood, that depends on its educated relationship with its environment, according to universal laws of health, safety and self determination. When people open up to that a new world appears to them. Then the Global Shift, the Quantum Leap happens inside them. They suddenly realize and become willing to deal with citizenship and professionalism from the human perspective (bottom up) rather than the system’s perspective (top down).

Experimenting with the new democracy, Sustainocracy, we even structure a new society around this human perspective, respecting the old one partially, as we need certain systems from specialized functions they carry for us to use as instruments. We cause a transformation of society from the dominant blocking to one that is transparent cooperative. 

It does not happen all at once. It occurs with small steps, sometimes large boosts, all together, involving people who understand in all kinds of positions in society. When I started with this 15 years ago it was not yet possible and I stood alone. Now I can create real Sustainocratic ventures with top executives from government, science and business, involving people all over. I invite them as human beings first and than ask them to use their professional authority. In any case we see the process speeding up fast. The key steps for our liberation from our own selves were:

1750’s – industrialization

1900’s – education for all

1950’s – participation in policies

1990’s – un-manipulated self awareness through internet

2010’s – first sustainocratic ventures placing the human being at the center. Taking responsibility.

Conclusion: The human being is finally becoming aware what it is to be human in freedom.

It’s happening…….!

Frozen and liquid egos

The ego

Ego stands for “I”. It represents the unique, living physical identity of a single living being. This ego becomes relevant in a dynamic environment where it needs to interact with the surrounding to survive, liveand develop itself. When interacting with other ego’s it becomes the “I am”, a self reflective revelation of self awareness. This “being” than becomes gradually aware of talents and skills which it needs to shown off to its surroundings in order to establish valued reconition with a social group order and potential hierarchy.

Frozen ego’s

Modern group dynamics of human beings have evolved into the type of robotics described in the previous blog. Institutionalized tasks are being populated by human beings who are serving the institutional objectives by performing specific predefined tasks without competition or open interaction. The interaction is predetermined by the hierarchy of the establishment. Such structural organization can be compared with the solidification of liquid or gassy elements. The molecules slow down their vibrating rhythm and take a static position within a fixed structure, connecting in a specific format with their neighboring molecules. They become frozen in rock like objects. That tends to happen with people in hierarchical organizations.

From a human point of view the “I am” is being largely eliminated and so is the dynamic development of the ego. The ego itself becomes frozen in a predefined fitting within a frozen context. Only the “I” counts as functional pupet in a puppetering theartre. The ego is surrounded by dogma’s that he or she adopts as truthful indisputable reality in order to remain in the structure. The surrounding enhances this by imposing the dogma’s formally by asking for loyalty in exchange. The group structure lacks flexibility and dynamics in exchange for control and predictability. The human being is not challenged to evolve, just to perform automated tasks within fixed patterns. People who manage such rock like structures tend to have frozen ego too as they fragment human abilities into functional routines without accounting for universal laws of chaos and evolutionary interaction.

A business or government hierarchy becomes an artificial being composed of many frozen egos. The people involved in such environment get disconnected from the universal reality and become dependent of the overall structure of the institution to provide certain securities. Those would otherwise have been found in a much more complex competitive interaction with other ego’s and nature. Frozen ego’s tend to adore the state of rest and lack of certain worries. Ego’s may learn rationalized patterns but lack the development of spiritual, physical and emotional awareness delaying the true evolution of the adulthood of each individual.

Frozen ego's

Frozen ego’s

When society gets over-organized through bureaucracy the frozen ego’s remain frozen also in a structured environment full of rules and control systems.

Liquid ego’s

A human being is in essence as volatile as gas, a unique complex element in a highly dynamic universe. We are excited by our surroundings and interact with it through multi-level communication in search for harmony and safety. We do not only interact with other ego’s, we also need to interact with nature to feed ourselves with energy and material composites that are life supportive and enhancing. Other species depend on us and interact with us in a similar way of interdependence and evolutionary dynamics. Human egos connect to each other for co-creation of off spring (establishment of families) and safety (cooperations), by organizing communities of self supporting groups of individuals.

The dynamics is based on open interaction and flexibility giving the community a liquid like behavior that adapts itself in shape and interaction with the environment with great ease and transparency. The ego’s in such liquid state are challenged to find and redefine harmony continuously becoming liquid also in the learning process. The inner competition is functional to the mode of self sufficiency of the group. Talents and skills are challenged to change, evolve and interact using the wisdom of adults with the volatile, explosive creativity of the younger generations. Purpose and learning become a natural process that enrich all involved in a process of sustainable adaptiveness with the environment. People who get accustomed to doing this like the excitement and challenge of change.


A child develops and discovers the ego through trial and error experimenting with its physical capabilities, often under protective guidance of the parents. Through comparison with the abilities of others in one’s surroundings it enhances and challenges itself further, often asking for attention “look what I can do”.  They play games that stimulate the mind and body in every possible way.  This young ego can be seen as a vibrant growing and learning molecule in a huge human sea of alike molecules, each a different complex ego.

The continuous open demonstration of the ego at the growing up and competitive phases of a person are necessary to distinguish and position itself in the complex group dynamics of human beings. “Adult” in this sense has nothing to do with the physical full-grown state of a human body. That was just the protected growing up phase when the real competition starts and other types of adulthood are obtained: the emotional, rational and spiritual aging, up to the state of higher awareness. That is when an ego is in perfect harmony with its surroundings and needs not continuously expose itself anymore for recognition.

When we look at education in  the societies of frozen or liquid ego’s we see big differences. The young ego’s in a frozen environment are taught (indoctrinated) to behave in a frozen state, learning certain rationalized tricks to fit into a preprogrammed format of societal evolution. In a more liquid environment we see that education evolves in a dynamic way, connecting the young rising ego’s directly with the dynamics of a changing environment. They learn to interact in a competitive way through the adventure of experimentation and feedback.   In a liquid state we develop fully to the adult state of higher awareness, something that is much more difficult to reach in a solid frozen environment.

Current societies

Most societies today have evolved into frozen structures trying to control ego’s in a prefixed format. Those formats have become so rigid that they lack all flexibility to interact with a very liquid, ever changing universe. We see then that such structures break up, exposing the frozen ego to an environment that is fearfully liquid for them. Many frozen ego’s on the other hand have become aware of the unnatural state of their ego and search fearfully for a more liquid interaction with their environment.

They break loose and become the small flexible streams of new communities that further break the solid environment apart. We see this happening all over the world despite the powerful intentions of those who have interests in maintaining the solid state of control. We see the development of all kind of disorders by the blockage of the natural evolution of the ego. Without even being aware, the psychological, physical and  emotional disorders produce severe instability in the solid frozen communities. People are wanting to break loose, sometimes not even knowing why, because of the sense of entrapment. The human nature is too complex and active to be locked up for a long period of time. The predominant state for sustainable progress of humankind is the one of liquid ego’s. We see different cultures, business enterprises and cooperative entities that show various degrees of frozen, liquid and gas like structures.

Breaking looseFrom solid state to gas

Breaking loose
From solid state to gas


We are entering a natural phase of transforming from a predominant state of frozen ego’s into a new state of liquid communities. This is necessary to attend our underestimated relationship with the ever changing universe. We are part of that universe which predominantly is liquid, evolving in a spiral dynamic process that challenges new connections to appear and old ones to disappear. Our human awareness is an excellent evolutionary instrument for self protection through adaptiveness. When we block this we eliminate our adaptability and make ourselves vulnerable to unexpected circumstances.

The frozen state of human ego’s has however taught us many things too. It  helped us to reach an average age expectancy that allows many to experiment life within the safe dynamics of singular gassy adventurous life styles, liquid adaptive communities and specialized frozen ego formats for highly specialized complex tasks. We have learned now that the human universe should consist of all three states that interact also dynamically. To achieve this we need to develop confidence in new societal formats where the logic of all states is acknowledged and supported. Like that we can create slowly a stable global human community based on safety, health, universal ethics and sustainable progress.

Sustainocracy is a first serious attempt to achieve such awareness and guide the frozen structures into liquid dynamics. AiREAS is a multidisciplinary community that combines structures of frozen ego’s with free individuals in a gas state of volatile interaction, creating a semi-liquid, purpose driven organization of thousands of people without any hierarchy or prefixed structure.

AiREAS is world's first liquid ego structure for sustainable human progress

AiREAS is world’s first liquid ego structure for sustainable human progress

Purpose driven economy

With the kickoff of the first sustainocratic initiative in the city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands) the first step is made to create a “purpose driven economy”. What is the difference with what we have today? And why is it important for the rest of the world to follow the experiment in Eindhoven and, better still, start one of their own?

Current economies

Our current economies are not purpose but consequence driven. The human being is positioned as compulsory consumer. The entire institutionalized society is focused on creating a mountain of wealth around this consumer that gives a sense of abundance at all times. The only way to access this abundance is through financial means. Some of these means are individually obtained through the production, logistics and sales infrastructure necessary to maintain this mountain of abundance. Other get paid out of the hierarchies funded through taxation on this consumer organization. Or through speculation on material resources contained in this “having” type of culture. And finally also debt.

The consequences of such consumer economy show a growing tendency of (negative) influences that need attention through investments. Think of infrastructures, healthcare organizations, police, etc attending the attitude of greed and its effects on the human being, physically and mentally. This also shows an exponential growth which is equally reflected in the world economy through the costs of societies. At the same time we see our environment and human behavior deteriorate fast.

The model of economies of growth purely based on unlimited consumption and the consequences thereof, is obsolete because we use our natural resources wrongly, destroy our environment, sicken ourselves and eventually eliminate our evolutionary chances.

Consequence driven consumer economy

The consumer economy grows while destroying our selves and our habitat

Fragmented complex society

We know this now, including scientific proof, but have difficulties in changing the course of society. We created a very complex mesh of fragmented financial entities with dependencies and interests among each other on which powers and influences are being based. Each institutions has a perceived right to exist and defend its own interests. There is not one single institution that takes full responsibility for sustainable human progress. The institutional mesh is based on fragmented self interest and competition.

Key is the understanding that no institutional specialization can take holistic responsibility for human safety, health or sustainable progress. It is the human being itself that needs to take this responsibility. What went wrong in the consequence driven consumer economy was that the human being delegated its wellness through fragmented institutionalized structures that grew into tremendously inflated organs like an abscess or cancer would do on a sick body. Instead of serving humankind they try to serve themselves. This fragmented type of human organization is institutionally sick with the risk of the cancers to develop themselves further and destroy our evoutionary chances.

Purpose driven economies

The big difference with the old consumer economy is that it is not based on consumption and growth but on true value creation (purpose). It is not based on massive productivity and distribution but on local content. It is a circular type of economy where “purpose” is defined according local human needs, obtained through local effort and using local resources in a circular way.

To achieve a purpose driven economy an intense transformation is needed. But it can be done using the same institutional instruments of the old society. Each  participant needs to cure its cancer like development and abuse and become functional again within the scope of local for local requirements. It requires a different mentality and true transformative leadership in each institution involved.

Abundance is not presented through logistic channels from around the world, it is created by local cooperative efforts. In such local cooperation we see the four traditional human values come together: attitude, creativity, environment and wisdom. Those values in the old economy were split into separate institutions that do not act locally but globally, not in an integrated way but based on self interest, greed and fragmented excellence. Now we bring this global expertise back to the local context.

Using what we have learned

The great advantage of today is that the old consequence driven consumer economy has left us with a huge amount of accumulated experience and material knowledge thanks to the concentrated specialized, fragmented functions of expertise that developed over time. This would never have occurred if this phase of humankind had not taken place. For a long time it was very constructive. Now it has become destructive.

We hence do not criticize our past but use the best of its elements in our new progress. We can of course be critical to those old time forces that try to prevent us from creating purpose driven progress. It is just a matter of time for that opposition to disappear. Eventually the purpose driven economies will develop there where the old one has become obsolete, entered into a crisis, providing room for renewal, not just in a physical, organizational sense but especially emotionally, spiritual and rationally when people become aware.

Complex transformative process

It is a complex process that is typically developed locally and bottom up with executive support to make it happen. The reason that it happened in Eindhoven first and not yet in another region is simply because this small Dutch town unites the essential ingredients to make it happen. What are these ingredients:

  • Awareness at executive level
  • Open democracy of true equality
  • Level of education and experience
  • The right people at the right time

These qualities produce the necessary flexibility that can address the future with adaptive determination in a complex modern world. People take responsibility individually, convince their surroundings to support change and find ways to make it happen. The purpose is found in the essentials of human existence: food, health, security, wellness (housing, energy, etc) and knowledge. When it becomes clear that the global consequence driven consumer economy is obsolete speed is required to create a new sense of reality and responsibility, including a change in behavior. When the time of old abundance is over, new abundance needs to be created, preferably on time.

Wellness is not a cost or right but the result of a responsibility and hard work (purpose) together. When circumstances change stability is found in change too. In a sustainocracy the purpose driven economy is initiated together. We do this by making human wellness a purpose driven issue of the local population with the support of the accumulated institutional excellence and enhancing potential.

The purpose driven society develops local for local using the institutional excellence of the old paradigm


Purpose driven economic development based on sustainocratic complexities is needed to save humankind from the present day destructive expectations caused by the consequence driven consumer economy. If not we will face disaster. Yet if we assume responsibility individually and institutionally we also face a huge transformative challenge that will upset everything that we have known so far. The choice between destruction or working together on a healthier perspective is easy for me. I have become self aware and dedicated more than a decade to come to these views and initiatives. It is a start, giving comfort that humankind has a choice indeed. A choice that simply depends on one own and not someone else. But I realize that it is a difficult one, not only when one has to make it, but also for me to reach out to the world and make the choice known to all. If one does not know than no choice will be made. My personal challenge is hence multiple. Make it happen for myself, provide proof to my surroundings and reach out to all of you with sufficient clarity that you take sufficient confidence in the course that I have taken in order to let go of old securities and create new ones for yourselves and your direct surroundings.