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Open online discussion about applying food forests for regenerative food resilience in the world

On september 22 at 15.00 CET we will open the FRE2SH global zoom again (register for free participation) together with our educational partner OSFD and various experts. This third learning theme in the series of ten on regenerative food resilience is about Food Forests. Participation is free of charge.

Our speakers come from Colombia, Rio de Janeiro and Poland. Each have a passion for our relationship with nature for our food supply.

Lucas Posada (Colombia) is active in the field of intuitive cooking. He tries the broaden the meaning of food and our awareness that we as human being are an expression of our natural environment. Fernanda Tubenchlak (Brasil) has a more academic contribution. She did a masters in forest landscape restauration and the role of agroforestry in those processes. Andrew Kandziora and Agnieszka (Aga) Guziewicz represent their Chata Mirdada Health and Recovery resort in Poland where they work together with nature for integral human wellness.

We are excited to connect so many initiatives in our global FRE2SH network. Together we create a new reality around food resilience and restoration of both our health and our natural environment. We wish to eliminate hunger, poverty and inequality by defining food as a shared responsibility instead of an industrialized commodity.

We are equally excited to be able to help so many new people ahead with our low cost OSFD learning environment and collection of experts, to make this reality grow into a new mainstream of Health Valleys accross the world.

Urban forestry

What will be our future reality? More people in urban environments? Or will people start escaping urban gettos and speculative prices to join smaller communities in rural environments? In both cases local forestry is key. These documents on YouTube explain why urban forestry is do important and people do already in this field…

From Sustainocracy point of view the urban development with trees is indeed a great step forward. It is a pitty though that we have been destroying nature so much that we need to recover it in the weirdest environments, trying to play God. We seem to want to “plan” these urban ecosystems while having to deal with the numerous surprises that nature holds for us in the process. In our own environment we already saw fallen trees (safety hazzards) due to storms, massive insect pests around apartment buildings, plants dying on vertical buildings, etc. The obvious benefits of plants are huge but they bring other challenges.

We encourage citizen’s engagement in their own environment, espcially developing living green in their gardens, local streets and neighborhoods. In larger parks and spaces we develop food forests where we allow plants, insects and animals to interact in an as natural way as possible. The living green acts as social integrator, food supply, healthy air, learning environment and form of positive energy.