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Green Friday is healthier and fun

If you really want to make a statement, embracing Green Friday is a beautiful form of activism without the consumerist aggression of the black variety. What to do on Green Friday?

Do NOT buy in bulk, no matter how misleadingly attractive the marketing may be. All those not only lost the economic basis, but also nature and interpersonal relationships.

  • Work from home to finish the week on time and start enjoying the family and friends life. No air pollution today, no traffic jam stress, but social connection.
  • If expected at work go by bike, share transport with someone else or go by public transport. No dirt in the air on our Green Fridays.
  • Eat locally produced food, preferably together with family, friends and acquaintances
  • Buy directly from the farmer, without intermediaries such as the supermarket
  • You can also find clues NOT to go to work. A day of rest, walking in nature, attention for yourself.
  • Get a massage, do yoga or go cycling. Enjoy the now, the anti-stress and your green approach.
  • Do some gardening, alone or with others. Think of edible plants in the garden.
  • Let others know that you choose Green Friday. Maybe they’ll join.
  • Maybe you enjoy crafts and will spend the day making beautiful things from discarded materials?
  • Or spend a day helping a healthcare provider, a community building, or cleaning up messes in the street.
  • Or ask your neighbors. Maybe they need something, but don’t dare to ask or don’t know who to turn to.

In short, Green Friday is socially binding, environmentally conscious, something we should always be. Only today we will pay extra attention to it because there are so many that do the opposite. Also businesses join and take their personnel out for social work and teambuilding activities. They refuse to spoil their authenticity, image and functioning, preferring to join some 4 x WIN activities instead.