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When a university stands up to make the difference

Last night I was invited to speak at the inaugural online kickoff meeting between students and teachers of the University of Guatemala. Guatemala is having hard time. It suffers under a dominant autoritairian regiem, unstability under indiginous groups, the influence of narco organizations. Despite its richness in resources the country has a high level of poverty and lacks basic government investments in core values for sustainable local wellness. Over 200 were present online to address the coming educational season. This was placed in the context of involving the youth in the big challenges of the country.

The university wants to make a difference. It is yet again proof that change can come from any of the four legs on the table of sustainable human progress (Sustainocracy). Where in some countries we see the citizens stand up against their totalitarian regiems and claim their space to live and act, in others it are the local entrepreneurs or, in the case of Guatemala, the local University. It is the way I like to see Universities act, with insight, expertise, commitment to progress and its own responsibility in a society for peace and sustainable wellness.

My speech was titled “the world in which want to live”, referring to my own decisions in life to visualize the core human values and shared responsibilities between people and institutions for our sustainable human wellness and progress. For the students in Guatemala it was a reassurance that a single individual can make the difference if the story and determination is right.