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The fifth dimension

When we refer to dimensions we can easily recognize the first three. The first dimension is a line between A and B. The second is perpendicular to the first referring to both as length and width, a flat space, like a drawing or piece of text on the screen. The floor on which we walk also. The third dimension adds depth to the picture. We have two eyes to be able to create 3D awareness with our brain.

We consider ourselves as beings that observe our surroundings in three dimensions. Length, width and depth. A pilot in an aircraft or helicopter has the complexity of dealing with this when trying to land. Our ears manage our equilibrium when we do the complex task of walking upright and balanced, a difficulty that has upset many engineers when trying to create a humanlike robot walking upright like us.

4th dimension?

What would be the fourth dimension? The mathematical logic of the existence of dimensions 1, 2 and 3 suggests that there would be a 4th and a 5th and more, just like our numbers. But what are they?

Some people look at geometrical continuation of the first three, using angles of 90 degrees to intersect with the previous ones. If you can draw a 3 dimensional cube on a 2 dimensional piece of paper then you can do the same with 4 dimensions in a 3 dimensional space. It is fun to see graphical artists and computers make wonderful figures out of this theory. It is suggested that we can even get a notion of the fourth dimension when it interacts with the first three. We imagine this when we consider a two dimensional space interact with a three dimensional object, just like a scanner that shows vertical slices of a body in a sequence. Visualizing the entire fourth dimension goes however beyond our perceptive reality people say. But is that true?


Another theory is that the fourth dimension is “time”. This makes sense because we seem to perceive the three dimensional images in sequences, just like a movie, memorizing the events chronologically. The only snag is that we perceive time within the confinement of our planet Earth in our solar system, using day and night of this revolving planet turning around the sun. This limitation would make the dimension only specific to our planet Earth while the others are universal. Einstein did an attempt to define time universally in space. We could also use the Big Bang as a point of reference for that matter. Still it is difficult to universally use “time” as a concept of universal perception unless we refer to it from a spatial understanding and hence it cannot easily represent the fourth dimension.


Other people refer to the fourth dimension as the spiritual state before birth and after death, a kind of intermediate stage between our carnal three dimensional life and full spiritual existence after this pulgatory. God is often refered to as the 10th dimension with underneath a hierarchy of spiritual levels that at an early stage use the carnal life for spiritual learning purposes. Positioning God at such high dimensional level would suggest that we have to search our dimension not in the physical space of materials or chronological sequences but in levels of consciousness. A type of universal wisdom in layers of perception and awareness.

This would suggest the existance of parallel universes as also suggested by those who find evidence of a fourth dimension in magnetism. If we observe the amount of two dimensional objects within a three dimensional space we see that many do not even coincide. There are infinite ways of coinciding and non coinciding posibilities. They hence are not aware of their parallel existence unless a new dimension is added. Why couldn’t there be infite numbers of three dimensional parallel universes within the fourth dimension?

Fifth dimension:

I leave this fourth dimension for you to figure out and would like to propose a reality for the fifth dimension. This one I call our “higher awareness”, a state of mind where we break loose from our animal evolution of awareness and origins and become fully aware of our selves as human beings, a spiritual being living carnal experiences. This state of higher awareness has been first described for the first time in the 40’s of the previous century.

It makes sense when we consider the other dimensions to be levels of perception of things. When we live through enough chronological events in one (or more, if we believe in the pulgatory and reincarnation) lifetime we may reach a state of reflection about life, evolution, the universe and our consciousness that goes a step beyond the mere observation of things in 3D and rationalization of events for survival and procreation only.

The higher conscience is an unique experience in which the human being looses fear for shortages and even death, learning to see itself and the entire existence from an eternal perspective. Such person enjoys a state of happiness without expecting anything, a state of having it all without possessing anything, a state of permanent satisfaction and yet an urge to make the best of the carnal life. To me that is the fifth dimension into which I personally broke through myself for the first time in 1996 but fell back into the fourth again. It was surprisingly fearful for me to let go of fear. In 2003 I broke through again and this time I stayed. I see life and the human being in a totally different way now and also behave and reflect differently.


These dimensions of perception also represent an evolutionary process that has not yet been studied scientifically. Science tends to study our material environment in great detail but not our energetic reality, awareness, spirituality or consciousness in different levels. Some scientists claim that awareness is just a trick that our brain plays on us. Indeed this is true when we use our two eyes to produce a 3D reflection of reality. We only perceive reality when we develop a level of reflective experience. We can then trick ourselves by observing our surroundings in a particular way. We can’t be sure that what we see really is what we think it is. It is all a matter of interpretation against a set of mental assumptions that we individually make with 3D perception. 4D hence is the level of curiosity to add perspective to varify that what we perceive is actually what it really is. In that sense time, death, magnetism, space, etc are all instruments for 4th dimensional awareness development. They are ALL the 4th dimension (length, width, depth and intelligent, interactive space in perceptive awareness).

It is not uncommon that we get into situations of individual and collective crises in our fourth dimension of searching for the universal truth while often sticking to the material 3D perceived “security” of survival rather than developing a conscious 4D reflective and interactive life with space.

When one breaks through into the higher conscience, say the fifth dimension, the misterious fourth dimension, including the erratic, often disputable behavior of human beings, suddenly makes sense. 4D represents our self-consciousness, the confusion we live with when we live a conscious learning life, asking ourselves all kinds of existential questions. The fourth dimension is a learning process of perception that goes beyond the physical bounderies of materialism. We gradually discover time, spirituality, parallel universes and how to deal with the letting go process, including carnal death and fear. The fourth dimension is the search phase that ends when we break through, open our inner extra “eyes” and suddenly “understand”. Then we have reached what some call the inner illumination, the fifth level of awareness. We live life in 5D.

The question that then arises is: “has the fifth dimension always existed in the universe, waiting for some species to break through? Or is this some evolutionary step that humankind adds to the universe?” In other words, is the universe conscious or unconscious, or is just humankind becoming conscious, making the universe conscious through us for the first time? The answer would suggest that the universe itself is alive not just “life within a dead universe”.

The fact that we, human beings, are capable of reaching the fifth dimension suggests that it has always existed. This brings everything into perspective, even the big bang theory and that what “is” is. It also brings back our God belief suggesting that the comfort of 5D is the beginning of even a larger quest up to 10D. Can we become God? Or are we already God but need to learn to perceive it by reaching 10D?

Another question arises in the 3D and 4D world. Can we live and organize ourselves in a carnal way using this fifth dimension of awareness as an extra establishment or guidance in our society? Would that help us solve the human issues of crises produced by the limitations of the fourth dimension? Can we educate people towards the fifth dimension and produce world peace that way? In my STIR foundation we make an attempt because I believe that we have reached a point in time that many people are breaking through and others just need a little help as they are so close. I also believe that sustainocracy is a way to organize society from a 5D perspective.

Could we expand our universal horizons from a higher level of consciousness? Is the fifth dimension confined just to us or can other species break through too? The latter is why we partner up with our surrounding in sustainocracy and start reasoning from the Whole (5D) instead of fragmented parts (3D).

I am curious about your reflection on the subject.