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12.12.12 Day of Interconnectedness

Nicolette Meeder is partner at the STIR Foundation and working on the definition and practical content of the Global STIR Academy. To send you and our network of contacts and partners around the world a Christmas and New Year wish she made this poem. Today, 121212 is a the Day of Interconnectedness. A beautiful day to share this with you:


To Be in life

Is to see in life

Each other’s vulnerable uniqueness.

Embody that power

With freedom in solidarity

So together we can build a future in trust.

To share and to care

Is to open our hearts

To our existence where it all starts.

Don’t be scared to lose your existence

There’s where life and the Universe

Just gives you a new start.

Raise your head

Look on to the future

Be curious what there will be.

Life has its purpose

Wake up and explore in wellfare

Than just be aware what you will see.

Give simple in complexity to all

That’s what we have To Do

See clearly and conquer our imaginary wall.

Nicolette Meeder – December2012