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International women’s day is not only about emanicipation, it represents a new moral evolutionary voyage for humankind

Humankind consists not only of the duality of a man and a woman for our evolution through the fusion of both to produce offspring. It also consists of the masculine and feminine energy that need to balance in moral interaction to produce sustainable human progress. These energies govern entire societies and define our wellness, level of self reflection, awareness, adaptiveness and moral guidance. Our current global society is fundamentally out of balance.

Feminine energy represents our moral justifications, our ethical reflections about what is good and bad, our creativity, the birth of renewal, our ability to adjust for the better, change and our evolutionary drive.

Masculine energy represents the organizational structures, systems of control, competition, expressions of power, conservatism, hierarchies, etc

These energetic forces are a yin-yang that need to balance themselves for sustainable progress. In our current society format the masculine energy is overwhelmingly dominant. Even emancipation movements tend to represent equal rights in the masculine field of activities rather than addressing the key ethical issues at hand while redefining those genuine feminine values that help us find progressive balans.

Especially now, in time of intense (masculine) conflicts in the world, hunger, poverty, destruction, growing imbalance, pollution, segragation, refugees, climate issues, etc, it is necessary more than ever to find again the (feminine) warmth of cohesion, togetherness, diplomacy, care, transformation, change and symbiose. This is where Sustainocracy positions itself, as a positive invitation for us all to work together and take responsability for peace, care for each other, care for our environment and sharing wellness and love among all.

Feminizing our realities to find new balance in ourselves, locally and world wide