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Who am I?

When I was asked to speak for directors and commissioners I once explained why I was so committed to doing what I was doing. After my presentation a few suited people came to me and said that I should never ever talk about my personal problems in public, just about my successes.

This I tried in a couple of subsequent speeches but it did not feel right. What is success anyway? It did not feel me at all. So now I tell freely what I am, who I am, where I come from and how I got committed to my own life and choices.

It feels good. And so did responding to the questions of Ideamensch, a site where they interview ordinary special people.


Hope it inspires you to live life to the full and even dare to challenge its complexity if you think it is right.


Lessons from Haiti

Disaster struck in Haiti. Limited infrastructure severely damaged, thousands dead or missing. Someone interviewing a tired doctor who has no help since all medical staff are trying to save of find family. She asked: “How do you cope, yourself?”. His answer: “I have changed mentality a long time ago. In material worlds success is measured in percentages. Here we are happy for every single person we can help. More I cannot do.”
The world is in transition from % counting to true serving. Business and politics are about to change dramatically.