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Online debate: Our natural right to be (regionally) self sufficient?

Join our zoom Safari of July 28th at 16.00 CET about food resilience. “Poverty is not about money, it is about the lack of possibilities to be self sufficient” (Nashif Ahmed, Uganda).

Our FRE2SH interactive learning program consists of 10 modules. They discuss regional self sufficiency for food resilience world wide. The online Safari is an open dialogue about one of themes. In this case the right to be self sufficient. We use inspiration from Uganda with Nashif Ahmed who runs a small farm to provide a group of orphans with food and education.

We also invite three other speakers: Dr. Anna Berti Suman (Italy). She is a lawyer defending the right for self determination. Fabrizio Biganzoli (Italy), an environmental scientist and risk analyst.

And Danielle Carneiro (Brasil), a mother who transformed her life from lawyer in the financial markets into fighting food waste and developing food awareness.

Please register here for the free zoom encounter