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Knowledge is human right

Basic education is now slowly reaching all people across the world even though too many are still deprived. More dramatic is the situation of access to higher levels of education. These are only available to those who can afford it. This is changing with a growing number of internet initiatives. About time!

The state of awareness of humankind through knowledge accumulation via scientific research and common social reflective evolution should not be registered as property of a single person or institution, nor should it be economized for the highest bidders only. This causes an unnatural and manipulated selection of wisdom connected to greed and speculation while intelligence resident in material poverty remains unused in human evolutionary progress. This unbalance can be the cause of future unrest and potential war due to inequality in perceiving the world’s complexities, rightful claims for universal justice and mere quests for survival.

All knowledge should hence be available to every single human being in the world and universe, not just in a sense of practical availability but also in a workable reflective format throughout living life, with support and guidance of the top intellectuals at any time. Internet is such means that can be used to establish such accessibility. However not all people in the world have access to the electronics needed to make use of it. And if they do there needs to be an unmanipulated access to as many sources of information as available, structured along worldviews and paradigms that help people make up their own mind around sustainable progress, not just through personal trial and error but also by allowing the positioning of their search along the line of consciousness towards higher awareness.

Knowledge may become then nearly free of charge but should never be freed of progressive responsibility. People are always challenged to make practical use the knowledge obtained in their lives and reflect back for forward progression. Rationalization into awareness and consciousness only occurs when situations are lived through emotionally in real and simulated life (ie. through sport, games, etc). It are the multiple types of emotions that trigger the cognitive processes that can be enhanced with knowledgeable guidance breaking though eventually into the fifth dimension of higher awareness. Every living soul on Earth should have such life long learning environment.

The world would gain support for world peace and human progress, jumping into a new era of cooperative interaction based on talent. Wisdom as a human evolutionary right will make a difference that is unprecedented in history. It is made possible thanks to the state of educational progress today, initiated and manipulated in origin by pure material interests (educating people for simple work in factories). Now that this period is left behind us with all the obvious benefits it brought humankind, its time for a new step. Letting go of this phase of “having” we enter a new one, in which spirituality “the being” is a new science to be explored, not from a dogmatic religous point of view (which is also based on the manipulation of the unaware), but by giving true meaning to our existance through higher levels of individual awareness, interconnected to create a new kind of collective consciousness and related social progressive complexities.

We learn in cyclic patterns

Our cyclic learning shows an upward spiral under the right circumstances

Sustainocracy is a pioneers phase of such type of society where multidisciplinary cooperative ventures need to be built around commonly available scientific and spiritual wisdom to succeed. It provides a transformative challenge to us all, individually and institutionally where it is in the interest of all that no one is excluded. A new society is born based on “the being” with talent developing progressively through forward reflection and instant educational guidance.

Working all together for human progress

Education is one of the four pillars of sustainable human progress

The STIR foundation wants to be a transformative portal to this new world, making knowledge available to everyone, everwhere, not just in theory yet also opening sustainocratic processes up for everyone’s involvement and reciprocity. Also those that share their knowledge should receive reciprocal means back that cover and go beyond food and shelter. New exciting discoveries for scientific challenges will be picked up along the line of progress and executed in new research programs. We will partner up with all the world initiatives that think alike, that offer network capacity, access or knowledge to be shared. Humankind is ready for this quantum leap. We are too.