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Social media impact on our youth

The Techrouter project involves 30 youth workers from 9 different countries. They came together in the Netherlands to discuss the impact of social media on our younger generations and how to create a learning mechanism to safeguard them from all the negative aspects (core value: safety and respect). Especially the early teens are vulnerable since they are still in a competitive growing up phase in which they are highly innocent, influenceable and unaware of the impact of their actions on others. In times when they should be building a positive self image the tendency is to be guided by the abundant fakeness of social media. No parental or adult embedding is there to help them because their actions are mostly invisible, they have no reference models and parents are often inexperienced in this world of virtual interactions.

A whole week of creative interaction is making the difference. Here are some photos of the process. The gathering is financed via Erasmus+. The objective is to create something that can be used in the different countries and cultures during several months, gathering feedback and linking with new programs.

Social media, the risks and benefits for young people

Our STIR consortium gained support from the Erasmus+ European subsidy platform to develop a guideline for proper use of social media by young people. It is being co-created by the young people themselves, youth workers and other professionals from various countries. The project relates to the core human values of Sustainocracy from a health and safety point of view, and also developing awareness and our shared responsibility to care for each other, especially our youngest and up-growing generations for the risks and opportunities of such media.

Soon we will issue a survey among our young generations to respond about their use of and experiences with social media. We engage with youth workers, schools and communities that wish to participate in the project, which runs for the major part of 2023 for its development and . Just contact us if interested through jp@stadvanmorgen.com.

Involving young people internationally

During the weekly radio program of our Society of Tomorrow (Sustainocracy) I had the opportunity to talk with our European partners. They develop exchange programs for and with our young generations together with schools and institutions. The European Erasmus+ program is often used for funding. Sustainocracy provides inspirational content.

Listen to the words of Yunus, Meric and Nuri from Turkey http://www.youtheurasia.org

And Adriana with Diana from Romania.