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Obsolete society

The capitalist world that develops welfare through a chain of added values up to the end user with taxes on every shackle has proven its excellence over the years. What has not been so effective is the political capacity to use that chain for permanent social renewal. In fact over the last twenty or thirty years we have sat back and let our western organisation grow obsolete.

When we look at the world wide stress on natural resources, movements for cradle to cradle,  etc we can only conclude that we have used our intellect to cure symptoms without actually addressing the potential problems of old social patterns that we had chosen. That very costly political attitude caused years of inflation and the crossing of existantialist lines of humanity. It is time to do something about it as our society as we now know it is cracking up in all places and needs to be replaced by a new organization .

Roads with individual cars, traffic lights, traffic jams, etc, are a potential hazard to human health, a killer for the environment, a inflationary probem and the most unsustainable solution one can think of. Around 1890, when we started to replace horses with cars for the first time, we could not forsee such problems but in the 60’s and 70’s, when traffic started to pile up and we ran into the first world oil crisis, we could have come to innovative conclusions. We did not because of the powerful rise of the car industry and the economic dependence on this world through labor, oil consumption related to taxes, etc. The more cars the better and politics became the largest ostrich of the world putting its head as deep as possible into the ground. Now the credit crisis has shown the lack of morality of the past by avoiding gradual or in depth innovation and now we have to address issues of severe problems all at the same time and with urgency.

When we look at housing we see the same problems. In many countries houses are built side by side, avoiding heights. The prices of the houses have been artificially pushed up by keeping a calculated shortage and hence stimulating the unreal inflation of economies. But the housing issue is obsolete now because it is also agains any rule of sustainable sensitivity. New innovative housing solutions need to be introduced fast to make sure that we can safely maintain our wealth and health with the available resources. Infrastructures? The same story, etc. etc.

And we can go on like that in every sector that we know. In fact we can only conclude that society is due for a total remake. We need to make a step by step plan to transform and rebuilt society around multidimensional disciplines of sustainability. We have not to worry about money because we have shown that we can create that at will and every investment in innovation of real values will revert directly back into the economies through the capitalist nature of our organizations and the added value of multidimensional innovation. The more we invest, he more we would get back through efficiency, health and wealth development.

But before we can do that maybe humanity has to suffer just that little bit more to become totally convinced that the old ways simply do not work anymore, that the old leaders have to be replaced by new ones or open up their eyes and we all need to get back to work hard to build up the society of our dreams.

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