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Multinationals, transform or die

For various decades the large multinationals have been squeezing their capital spunge to satisfy the short term financial interests of their shareholders. The activa have been plundered selling off properties, capitalizing stocks and dealing in business units to scale up a new core business and optimize it through coist reductions. No ideology was applied since that takes time and requires risk taking. Now most large multinationals destruct welfare as they use up more external capital than they actually reproduce. The total balans of true added value that they create, taking social and ecological reponsibilities equally into account, is negative along the line.

The business cultures in those organizations has totally disappeared. No traces are left of the old spirit to perform as personnel has developed a 9 to 5 attide and lack of motivation due to the continuous reorganizations and downsizing. The multinationals have no flesh on the bones anymore and no spirit to fight. They are all doomed to die thanks to the greed of the shareholders and lack of vision and entrepreneurial courage of business leaders with a pure financial background and a self centered bonus culture of their own, speculating with resources rather than constructing sustainable foundations. 80% of the world economy depended on these giant white collar business gamblers and all this is now falling down fast in the largest moral crisis of humanity.

The shake out that is taking place has nothing to do anymore with the wealthiest, largest or most agressive. It has to do with the moral transformation that has to take place in the boardroom first and then affect the entire business culture and innovative output of the multinational. True added value has nothing to do with cost optimization or growth but with vision and content, taking the global social and ecological challenges extremely serious. The best businesses for such transformation are not the multinationals that have their shares at the stock exchanges, but the smaller organisations that are being led by the owner him or herself with a heart for the business and the vision or luck to take the righ decisions at the right time.

Multinationals that want to survive this global crisis need to invest now in transformation and develop an identity around a moral choice. That is the only way, else they will die and disappear, no matter how much money they receive from government.

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