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Governments parasite on their own population

It is common knowledge that anyone who is dealing with money of someone else tends to be less careful then when it would be his own. That is in extreem the case of politicians and civil servants. Their funding seems to be unlimited. If they are short of cash they simply raise taxes by law and use their legal instruments to oblige the population to comply. The current complexity of taxation is so little transparent and so obscure that an average citizen has become reluctant to understand allowing him or herself to be plundered by the system. The public institutions have grown so distant from the real world that they have forgotten what their real purpose is and lack a sense of true responsibility around the resources they use.

Most countries have shown steady economic growth for decades mainly due to speculation on housing and public consumption, not on productivity. The same countries have shown at the same time double increase of government expenses. The latter shows a blind trust of government in continuous growth as well as a tremendous need for money caused by mismanagement and bureaucracy. In fact, government efficiency has decreased spectacularly over decades showing important deficiencies in all government dominanted organizations.

Since government works with money of others the solutions they seek for their lack of efficiency is by simply adding other layers of control but never by asking themselves about their purpose or need. In fact government becomes a heavy structure that learns to reinvent and support itself continuously without asking how this can be sustained. As one of our international partners correctly noted during a discussion on the social costs caused by increased health hazards through air pollution: “the first thing a new minister does when installed is to remodelate his or her office. They don’t care where the money comes from. It is not their money and taxation for them is an endless source of funding”.

In fact government has grown from a facilitating institution for the benefit of society to a parasite on its own supposed beneficiaries. Countries like Egypt, Lybia and other North African and Middle East countries have the possibility to stand up against dictators with a name and a face. They know who they need to fight to regain autodetermination.

Western society is equally being dictated, not just by individuals but by the system that keeps itself up with as much self-protecting efforts as those that we despise when they have a face. Dictators dominate their population through fear, some with bullets and legal others through the blackmail of unjust securities that can be lost (pension, social security, health insurance) and their own interpretation of justice.

When taxes cannot be raised the hunger of the parasite is stilled by placing its tentacles into those securities that were saved by law by the hard working population and placed in trust in the hands of public institutions, just like we had done with our savings in the bank. Also these securities are emptied by the thirst of the system that grew far away from its original purpose and now systematically kills that what created it.

When taxes cannot be raised anymore the problem is too late. The host is in crisis and the parasite desperately seeks for other sources to survive. The problem is that a government is supposed to be part of society not dominant over it. So when taxes cannot be raised anymore both the parasite’s host (the population) as well as the parasite itself get weaker. Time has come to redefine public servantship, government. You don’t ask a parasite to redefine parasiting. You ask yourself where and how you can continue without a parasite and become strong again.

The threat of weakening securities is a powerful argument to keep the voter close to the old ruling parties and accept twisted information and even lies as hot cookies. We tend to keep our own parasite in place.

When the taxes cannot be raised anymore bureaucracy needs to cut its costs. The parasite needs to eliminate parts of itself. This it never does. Living parasites tend to jump to other resources when the old one is too weak to be of further use. In government we have seen the same. When taxes could not be raised other resources were created to maintain sufficient flow of income to maintain and increase bureaucracy. Speculation of banks, housing and automotive was allowed and enhanced, saving funds were used and new funding created through creation of money out of nothing.

Only when all that has reached its already unacceptable limits one does not address bureaucracy itself but cuts first into the true public services that are provided by government. Costs are cut in the military, police, education, health care and social support and other operational facilities, weakening even further the population that already suffers all kinds of other weaknesses such as aggression, psycological and behavioral disorders, lack of backbone to stand up, fear of consequences, etc.

The legal parasite gives back the weakend host to itself with the challenge to cure  itself.  Now we see governments that have enriched themselves for decades over the backs of their people give back responsibilities to the same people. They demand people to take responsibilities but do so without truly stepping back themselves. Bureaucracy and the parasite are still there waiting to take over again at the smallest sign of recovery.

The real solution lies in the population itself that, despite overall weakening, gets itself together to use this little space of autodetermination, not to simply become greedy and individualized but to get organized to eliminate bureacracy and the parasite all together. In fact, this can be done when truly convincing oneself that the beast of dictatorship in this case has been created  and sustained by ourselves. Even though it seems to live a life of its own it can be addressed and eliminated by addressing it through ourselves first and then joining forces among eachother to create a new society with vision and courage.

When government becomes a parasite of its own population it is high time to redefine again government. If political leadership is servant to bureaucracy and self supporting parasiting it cannot be trusted anymore as servant to society. Then we first have to learn to trust our own self-leadership in order to stand up and challenge the system transformative renewal. This we see occuring now with growing groups of people willing to be publically critical and united in their criticism. Just a little time is needed for new leadership to be born and accepted among them that stands up to take responsibility for genuin change.

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