Donald Brown, master sculptor, joins our Peace talks on Jan. 25th

Donald Brown uses art as a tool to promote peace, inspiration and empowerment.

Donald Brown

“If we search for peace without having peace within, we leave our quest for peace in pieces” Donald Brown.

Donald Brown is a master storyteller through his impressive art expressions that provide him with fame and media attention. Few words I can add that are not already listed in publications about this personality. We are very happy that he joins us at the online Peace dialogue that we set up for Jan. 25th 2022.

If you wish to participate just register for the online zoom here. The full program itself can be seen in this previous post.

One of his most famous sculptures is this image called A Genius With Four Masters.  It shows Mandela being helped out of his confinement by Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, supported from behind by Marcus Garvey and Mahatma Gandhi. More of his work can be seen here.

Meet Kelli Guess, one of our guest speakers during the online Peace talks on January 25th

Kelli Guess

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), Kelli Guess is in charge with cultivating long-term relationships with organizations whose mission is in line with IWPG. Responsibilities include conducting monthly meetings with personnel, hosting international webinars and training future Peace Lecturers. 

Below are webinars that Kelli has assisted in hosting:

— Advancing Issues of Human, Women and Religious Rights in North America

— Promoting Tolerance Through Acts of Kindness as an International Community

— Women’s Roles in the Combat of COVID-19 and Recovery in Communities: Challenges Encountered by Women as Caregivers amid the Pandemic

— Peace Education: Why We Need It

— 2nd Commemoration of the April 26th ‘International Women’s Peace Day’

— IWPG Peace Art Competition

— Role of Media in Fostering Peace

— The Freedom of Expression, Association, and Assembly for Peace

— IWPG Peace Lecturer Graduation Ceremony

Want to know more about the program and subscibing for the free online encounter for Peace?

Sustainocracy wishes us all for 2022

“In Sustainocracy we develop our wellness driven society as a shared cocreation and joint responsibility, not a political nor commercial delegation”. All (people and institutions) are welcome to join….