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What is cocreation?

This question is often raised when people get acquainted with or involved into Sustainocracy. It is a logical question when one comes from a society where fragmented interests rule. The closest we tend to come to cocreation in our daily life is as a family (father, mother, children). In this video I try to explain what is means in the context of Sustainocracy.

The natural end of the global hierarchy

In Sustainocracy we decided not to fight “the system”. Instead we invite everyone, including the hierarchies, to join our narrative of multidisciplinary cocreation, individual freedom and authenticity, equality, dynamic clustering and purpose driven interaction through the core human values. Sometimes people ask us to become a political party. We refuse because politics is power driven (the old hierarchy) and we are driven by a flow of co-creation, driven by concrete values. They blame us for not fighting (“ostrich mentality”, some say). We explain our awareness driven wellness paradigm based on having experienced the pain as a learning exercise. We support those who fight as equals because they weaken the system so that it can dissolve faster into our new era. But we refuse to join the fight because we want to be the flow that all can join, even if they were part of the hierarchy before. We don’t want anyone to fear being judged for their past, we want them all valued for their present choices and commitment. That is why we want to be what we are, and grow as an evolution, not a revolution.

This (8 minute) video of Martha Beck shows how the natural end of the global hierarchy works simply because we are what we are, artistic, free, creative and dynamically progressive in horizonal togetherness. Hopefully this gives those who worry a little trust and inspiration to leave the hierarchical dependence (which sustains the pyramid), join our flow and start expressing ourselves creatively together.

Transforming our narrative

Arguably about 5000 years ago we started to develop a narrative based on hierarchy, fear, dominance, awareness driven competition, agression and social control mechanisms. I say “arguably” because the narrative may already have found its roots in landscapes where certain individuals claimed land ownership and developed a dominance over populations wishing to make use of it for a living. This narrative is still dominant today.

During our weekly online meetings about spreading the narrative of core natural human values, equality, shared responsibilities and cocreation, some refer to this 5000 year old historical human step as “a historical misdirection”. One that has taken darwinistic proportions over time with the “narcistic dominance of the most aggressive”, reaching (in our current lifetime) a point of natural collapse that produces unprecedent human suffering and chaos. While nature does its work of seeking natural balance of a living flow, of course at the expense of the unnatural and fake human hegomony, some people pretend to play God in an attempt to regulate, manipulate or control the events out of some kind of self defined interests and faked morality, proper of this narcistic dominance.

Others, including myself, define the end of the era of abuse and the beginning of a new servant one as a natural evolutionary path, predictable and necessary. So is the narrative that we introduce as Sustainocracy, the “next step” in our human evolutionary voyage through time and space. One that we can observe in our natural individual growing up phases (in a single lifestime) which we now proyect on the same phases for the evolution of humankind (over a span of millions of years) as a collective transformative experience:

  • Phase 1: Unaware living life – early human life forms in small groups
  • Phase 2: Unaware competitive life – human groupings encountering eachother and intuitively defending their interests
  • Phase 3: Awareness driven competitive life – growth of human presence on the planet, regular encounters and desire for dominance for self protection and growth. Development of vertical hierarchies and horizontal growth
  • Phase 4: Awareness driven living life – development of diplomacy, wellness driven dialogue, peace, multilateralism and shared cocreation among people and first steps in symbiosys with nature
  • Phase 5: full symbiose

Our current era is immerged in transforming between phase 3 and 4. This is already developing for many years, reaching a new climax now. The previous climax was worldwar II, a war after which human rights and diplomacy was anchored in the human societal development showing the first glimps of phase 4 emerging, however wrongly interpreted as a (financial) cost of phase 3 instead of a new way of life with a new narrative and social structure. The new narrative is emerging now as a shared responsibility, not a hierarchy. It is however the hierarchy that refuses to let go of its phase 3 dominance and mindset. The fight between hierarchical self interests and human rights is not battled anymore in the field with arms. It is developed through justice, the development of ethics and the deployment of phase 4 as a choice, as a best practice proyection, an open space for shared responsibility and cocreation of shared values.

During May 2021 our communication and seeding vehicle, the World Happiness Bird, we decided to experiment with the diversity of media to spread our narrative of equality, purpose and cocreation through positivism, togetherness and shared wellness. We will look out for and create our own best practices within phase 4, to share with the world and within our growing global phase 4 community. You are welcome to join our efforts, as a person, as an institution or sum of all, and share the narrative if you sense it to be yours too.

The narrative can be expressed through art, songs, music, cooperative ventures, local initiatives, expressions, videos, an whatever means….shared to engage and inspire…… Below we express ourselves through the basic principle of Sustainocracy, our phase 4 community expressed as ventures such as AiREAS, FRE2SH, School of Talents & Wellness, COS3i, etc…