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The evolution of society through Sustainocracy displayed at city hall Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2016

It may seem a paradox to show an emerging, new governance and societal interaction model in the midst of the 160 year old party political democratic system of the city hall of Eindhoven. But that is what evolution is all about. The symbolism of progress, even if the new replaces the old, simply because it is better suited to address the challenges of our era, is worth contemplating with joy and sense of opportunity and faith. Just look at the pictures below. On the wall we see the portraits of all mayors of the city of Eindhoven since 1850. They look over the exposition as a reflective token of the evolution of time, from the military uniforms of a non-disputable hierarchy, up to the new era, on a new wall, of the emerging participation society…..

Our demonstration was simple. A table at the center of the exposition remained empty, symbolizing the challenge of dealing with reality without prejudism, hierarchies, stacks of money or power positions. We place the core human and natural values on this table as defined in our new democracy referred to as Sustainocracy. Together with the four pillars of any society (government, citizens, scientific knowledge and innovative entrepreneurship) we look at our reality from a core values perspective and define our priorities for changes together. Visitors could experience such values driven interaction by simulating it using their own local priorities and issues of great concern.

Around the table, in the hall we then show some of the spin-offs of such innovative drive, each changing our society and its functioning while inspiring the world through its cocreative progession and measureable results. This was the layout of the central table and the surrounding spin offs.


The city council room was left aside as a symbol of the past in which party politics and economic priorities took our attention away from our core values. A new center of debat had emerged, the sustainocratic, multidisciplinary table of shared responsibilities…..

During the 9 days of exposure we received over 1000 visitors from our own citizen’s collective and from many other local and international communities. These visitors from across the world joined our sustainocratic table and got inspired to take the ideas home with them. We organized a civilian participation debat in the council’s room. This also evolved with international presence (Spain, Turkey and Afganistan). Six points of attention were joinedly defined and drawn up as a manifest to our community level 4 leadership (awareness driven eco-system) to enhance our progress even further:

  • Acknowlegde and value social entrepreneurship,
  • Find ways to make the huge impact social entrepreneurship indexed and measureable,
  • Engage citizens to the core values at city neighborhood level
  • Dare to be ambitious when dealing with the core values. The silent majority needs to be considered in the progressive plans, not just the strongly heared conservative voices,
  • Involve the younger generations through participative learning processes,
  • Exchange inspiration, experiences and best practice among the other communities in the world which too are engaged in this evolutionary challenge…..

Many visitors reacted both suprised and committed: “It exists, you are showing it here in Eindhoven, so now we want this too!”

Dutch Design Week 2017 goes global. Contact me by reacting to this blog if you want to engage with Sustainocratic progress and join this week in october 2017 with innovative initiatives, seminar or congress participation, etc.

You cannot buy responsibility


Van Gogh inspires

We all know Vincent van Gogh from his extremely valuable paintings. However, the way the human being Vincent inspires people with his character, world changing views and talent to perceive and describe his surroundings, is less know. That’s why a group of passionate entrepreneurs came together this day to highlight this element in particular while suggesting a relationship with the unique characteristics of the mentality and landscapes in the Dutch province of Brabant. Van Gogh inspires because he himself was inspired which can still be recognized from the creativity, paintings and unique style of Vincent.

Start in Eindhoven
We gathered in the old characteristic Park Hotel of Eindhoven. During the lunch, offered by the new owner of the hotel, organizer Jan Karel Felderhof explained the “Enjoy Van Gogh” program and objectives. We then spend some time to get to know each other in the group as well as the individual motivation to participate.

It was a lovely sunny summer’s day. Park hotel had organised a light lunch after which we would go by bike to the “Van Gogh village” Nuenen. Van Gogh had only lived there 2 years but they were significant for many of his paintings, conflictive relationships and worldview development. The 10 km bicycle ride took us through areas of Eindhoven and Nuenen which one would normally not see when any other means of transportation is used. This made the tour already a pleasant exercize.

At the Vincenter in Nuenen we were received to get some insight in the life of Van Gogh, listen to some real, recorded testimonials of people who actually had met him personally, and see an exposition of his time. We then walked to see the actual places with a guide. She compared visual landmarks with the Van Gogh paintings, showing how Vincent interpreted what he saw and practiced techniques on canvas. We learned things about the person, his personality, his perseverence and struggles with dogma’s of a protestant elite family and his free and often troubled mind. The many letters he wrote to his brother Theo are a well documented remainder of the way he interpreted and analysed himself and his relationships or work.

Despite his family struggles Vincent described his relationship with Brabant as “the place where your dreams appear close to reality”. It was this sentence among others that linked his mentality to the one we also felt ourselves. The land in which we live and where we do our own creative work, where Philips once found fertile grounds to grow, is worth viewing to try to explain the typical value driven mentality, the community building around quality of life and powerful innovative entrepreneurship of our region.

The group consists of entrepreneurs, visionairs and executives in the field of paradigm shifts, hospitality, export, art, productivity and healthcare. Each with his/her own leadership mentality, determination and fully aware of the challenges we face as a species. In essence we could sense to be little Van Gogh ‘s in our own talented way. What would the sum of this unique group bring and what can we bring to the world.

Gradually this became the topic of our conversation as we cycled back to Eindhoven with a stop at the 11th century watermill to enjoy a Vincent beer brewed by one of the participants.

Vincent beer

Vincent beer


Enjoying the afternoon stop at the watermill

We then continued our return to Eindhoven with a small detour to get a feel of the Van Gogh bicycle path, an ingeneous night time experience of light reflection based on one of the paintings of Van Gogh.

Bicycle path resembing the milky way of one of the paintings of Van Gogh

We then continued to the center of Eindhoven for our evening meal en open dialogue at Mr. Frits (the way the general public referred to Frits Philips, former president of Philips after the founders Anton and Gerard) restaurant.

Excellent dinner

Excellent dinner

We were received with an excellent three course meal during which we had ample time to share ideas, insights, ideology and feelings about Vincent, the day, our group of beautiful people and what we could do together in cocreation.

Great group of local entrepreneurs ready to make a difference like Van Gogh did.

Great group of local entrepreneurs ready to make a difference like Van Gogh did.

It was an excellent day. We don’t know yet what will come out of it all other than all kinds of positive intensions to show the people some of our history, the way we live and take commitment around issues that generate positive vibes. Vicent van Gogh was the inspirer who opened our eyes to how inspiring we and our region is and worth showing to the world.


In 2010 I was invited to talk during Inspiration Days commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the Earth Charter, a declaration of all kingdoms and leaders do take Earth seriously. Now, years later, I review my speech and still second it 200%. Furthermore. I made it happen, word for word, because I could not find anyone else:

Part 1 explains why….

Part 2 explains how…..

And we did. AiREAS, FRE2SH, STIR Academy and SAFE grow now. As they grow they introduce value driven change.

Nice to see it back.

Start a STIR Academy HUB

STIR Academy is becoming the European standard for inspiration sharing and co-creation for sustainable human progress (Sustainocracy). We deal with the growth potential of promising and proven pioneers in member city and countries. The network is reciprocally based (you give and get 100 back) from inspiration to realization.

Introducing STIR Academy

Introducing STIR Academy

Below you can download the pdf as well

Below you can download the pdf as well

Excellence needs to grow

Excellence needs to grow

The pdf can be downloaded here: STIR Academy international

STIR Academy, the power of change


STIR Academy is recently accepted as partner in the Smart City and Communities program of the European Community because of our network structure of HUBs to share knowledge, innovative initiatives, inspiration and best practice on sustainable progress. From Eindhoven we coordinate the growing network of HUBs in every city of Europe (and the world).

Your own STIR Academy HUB
A STIR HUB consists physically of a simple classroom and ICT communication facilities. Functionally the STIR HUB is a gateway to inspiration and best practice in the world. Any existing college infrastructure can become a HUB. You can also start your own if you have access to facilities. In Eindhoven we are being facilitated by a local high school.

Inspiration is not enough. The STIR HUB is also the local starting point to form implementation efforts for local change, adapting the ideology and foreign best practice to local workable formats.

The STIR HUB structure is as follows:

The local STIR Academy HUB

The local STIR Academy HUB

STIR College for inspiration
Everywhere in the world people are actively introducing change through vision or need. Such inspiration is shared across the STIR network of HUBs inviting the pioneers to explain their motivation, the essentials to change and the results of their work. The inspiration is not just product or services oriented within the context of business or consumer economies. It can also introduce challenging changes in systems complexities, social innovation, applied knowledge, etc that upsets everything we have known to date.  The inspiration forms the basis for creating local innovative work groups.

The STIR College is always open for general, low cost participation.

STIR work groups for innovation
From global inspiration to local innovation is an open, guided work group process. The work group evaluates the possibility to implement the innovations within the local complexity and context. The work groups are open for multidisciplinary participation and narrow down until projects can be defined with those who commit to the implementation.

STIR project teams for implementation
When the implementation phase has been agreed the work groups close in order to formalize and connect commitments, means and resources. Projects have a starting point, an objective and finishing with measurable results.

Not just one way
The international HUB network does not just work one way into the HUBs. Inspirational innovations are appearing anywhere in the world and also in the regional environment of the HUB. They do not alway reach out for globalization due to lack of visibility, language issues, entrepreneurial short comings of pioneers or lack of resources.

STIR HUBs are therefore also a gateway to the rest of the world for local initiatives that have a story to tell or inspiration and proven innovation to share.

Disruptive innovations
Many changes can be considered disruptive innovations. They upset traditional markets and behavior by introducing something totally new. The old establishment has long opposed such disruptions but now is reaching a point that more and more multinationals and local governance use the STIR network and inspirational evidence to strengthen their own transformative positioning. STIR Academy itself is a disruptive innovation and source of inspiration.

International STIR HUB network
STIR Academy has started the European and Global network initiative and now receives the support of the Smart Cities and Communities commission. The STIR HUB structure connects bottom up and top town innovation for sustainable progress within the scope of “global issues, local solutions, global inspiration”. The first HUB was created in Eindhoven (Holland) in 2009 and has been the transformative engine for local change ever since. The expertise has been contained for expansion with the specialization in the field of awareness development, psychology of (transformative) change, multidisciplinary co-creation and sustainable progress through cooperative interaction, primarily focused on “hotspots” (hotspot: complex local issues with sense of urgency).

The international STIR Academy structure interacts with multinationals, subsidy providers and international programs for innovative change. It also provides a framework for interaction and protection of interests of small local SME players who internationalize their ideas through SME cooperative chanels.

STIR provides educational support for multidisciplinary (hotspot) co-creative processes in international networks. Within the model of human complexities of founding father Jean-Paul Close the STIR Academy and all inspirations are positioned in the leadership field of cocreative change for symbiotic harmony and new phases of growth.


Can you see the awareness breakthrough? It is the gateway to a new perception

STIR Academy HUB agreement:
1. Commit to the executive challenge of innovative change
2. Accept the operational and financial structure of STIR Academy
3. Accept the coordination, sustainocratic framework and guidance function of STIR academy international in Eindhoven.

Interested? Contact jp@stadvanmorgen.com (Jean-Paul Close) for detailed agreement.

Global STIR Academy – how it works

Inspiration and sustainable progress for everyone in the world

In my personal opinion “knowledge” should be a common good for all people in the world, not just for those who can afford it.

Knowledge only matters when it is used

It hence has to flow freely to those places and people where it can be applied and prosper into positive human development, preferably “sustainable human progress“, which is the type of energy that the academy represents.


The STIR Logo represents the interaction between our emotional, spiritual, physical and rational sensitivity to produce awareness and the development of our awakening conscience.

Freedom of information

Freedom of information distribution over internet is excellent but not exempt from unilateral disturbances, manipulation and information pollution. The human being lives in different realities of the consciousness, some artificially created by us ourselves. The responsibility to deal with information and its purpose is of the human being itself. Inspiration clustering, with the purpose of creating sustainable human progress by understanding life itself, is such responsibility with which we deal in STIR.

At STIR experiment with the different realities of human perception. We developed innovations in the human system’s complexity and evolution ourselves, based on a holistic view of human society and its interaction with its natural environment (Sustainocracy)

Others are inspired to learn about our approach

And we love to share for the benefit of humankind! But we are not the only ones producing change or developing sustainable progress, insight and best practice. We don’t see STIR as a limitation restricted to our experiments with reality and progress. We see it as part of a global process that seeks connection to produce new, unprecedented evolutionary steps in our approach to human wellness and prosperity without endangering ourselves in the process.

Everywhere around the world interesting and inspiring people are producing results in the field of sustainable progress. This deserves to be shared too. We can all learn from each other and try out the inspiration ourselves, no matter how complex. Global issues develop local solutions which can be applied globally.

To share the inspiration we use the facilities of the internet in combination with local dialogue (hub) around its potential application.

Visualization of our global network

Visualization of our global network

The free flow, selection and connection to STIR is created by its purpose:

STIR Purpose: Redefining and implementing system’s complexities and sustainable human progress.

By setting up STIR as a HUB (a room, good internet and people in to share information with) we can get the entire world to participate. STIR Academy offers the framework and purpose criteria, the inspiration network and international infrastructure. The HUB takes care of local public, the choices and translation to local initiatives and projects.

Example of our iwn development:

  • Since 2005 I have personally organized over 25 encounters in zoo’s, business enterprises, nature, schools, etc to experiment with awareness development, new education, applied knowledge, etc. The one who learned most was I myself. I expressed my learning in 7 locally published books.
  • Since 2009 I set up the STIR Foundation to take responsibility ourselves for the redefinition of human complexities and the transformative process of moving from one paradigm to another.
  • In 2010 the first Sustainocratic ventures, involving government, science, business and large local civil populations were initiated: AiREAS, VE2RS and STIR. The learning continued, especially about the human complexity itself, prior to system’s thinking.
  • In 2013 I stepped up to a holistic view of system’s reality, managing 4 traditional paradigms together into 1 for sustainable progress and harmonic wellness.
  • The first online skype conference organised by STIR was in 2009 with Herman Wijffels (old World Bank chief) as online speaker. He referred to the changing world including finance and banking.
  • The first international HUB was started in Madrid in 2012 but did not survive.
  • The first HUB was started in Eindhoven in 2013. It started with one session per month in 2013. In 2014 we have 2 including international inspiration.
  • Initiatives are developing in Barcelona, Budapest, Brussels, Taipee, Miami, enz, as well as city quarters in Eindhoven. Often the initiatives are started from the old paradigm of economic dependencies and fail. It is a local learning process to let go of the dominant old paradigm first.

On April 29th 2014 STIR participates through skype in the world congress on poverty Madagascar (see below).

Online spreker en pannelld



How it works?

STIR works on the basis of free membership, reciprocity and commitment.

* Reciprocity means that if the STIR networks uses inspiration sessions from you, you get 1 to 1 sessions back for your own use, on call and mutual planning. So if you trade inspiration you will have 100s of free speakers at your disposal, else you pay a modest price.

* The real art is to do something with the inspiration locally in your own environment. We look for commitment to work together on change that affects the world and our societies positively.

The provisional website is: http://globalstir.wix.com./international/

Membership: Free of Charge (not free from commitment)