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You cannot buy responsibility


Money and solar energy

When dealing with the City of Tomorrow as STIR Foundation we are challenged by banking people to help define the “bank of tomorrow”. New initiatives are being worked out but invariably the issue arrives at the financing of banking services, the salary of bank personnel. They keep seeing money as a product, not as a means and calculate profit by introducing an interest rate.

Money is energy
I try to explain the concept of money as energy in value creation processes. I compare money with solar energy. If we had to pay interest over the energy provided by the Sun then Earth would have to generate more energy than the Sun to pay back. That is impossible in nature.

The same goes for money. We cannot create more money, we can create values by using money, just like we use the energy of the Sun to create and sustain life.

Most bankers get confused with the term “money creation” from money, the magic of making 2 euros out of 1 so to say. This term was introduced when money became an instrument for speculation. If you lend 100 against 103 per year, you “created” 3 the first year. After 23 years you have “created” 200. 1 became 2 as by the art of magic.

This is of course no money creation. It is an illusion that is created by transforming human or material energy into money by taking it away from circulation.

If you invest 100 in a precious stone when there is a shortage of such stones then you can sell it again for 300. One may think that money is created but again it is an illusion. All that is done is a stone being taken from the circulation to create a shortage slowing down value creation in exchange for speculation. We have not created money, we made the circulation of values less accessible for progress. If the stone is a gem the hoarding would be fine because its value is mere psychology. But when this psychology is used for a house for people to live in it would be a disaster. Worst still, if it is food instead of stones life would be exchanged for death. In the end everything would come to a hold.

If we would take solar energy away from life out of speculative interests then we would not bid but cease to exist. That is what happens with progress. It disappears.

Bank of Tomorrow
The bank of tomorrow is hence the equivalent for value creation as the Sun is for sustaining life. Money is as solar energy that needs to flow freely in evolutionary processes like the transformation of light ot heat into practical energy for usage in life creating and sustaining processes. Money is a means. It does not regenerate, create itself or revalue itself. It is a transformative catalyst. We can’t eat money nor live in it.

Salary for bankers
Bank employees are only needed in the bureaucracy around speculation. In the bank of tomorrow no massive amounts of employees are needed. Money is an external source of energetic supply that is only meaningful when things are done with it. People managing that process are compensated by the values they create not the money used. They just have to assure that the energy is used and not speculated with.

In the bank of tomorrow speculation would be prohibited as it kills rather than facilitating life. That is why the bank of tomorrow will not come from the bank of yesterday. The concepts are totally different.

The biggest conspiracy against humankind

The internet is filled with articles about conspiracies against humankind. The most persistent ones are the stories about the banking families controlling the world of finance, the business conspiracy controlling the markets and the conspiracy of the Islam to control the religious world. Many more circulate. And YES! They are all true. In fact, they are all normal, even though you can hardly call them a conspiracy against humankind. They are conspiracies using humankind. In fact, the biggest conspiracy against humankind are we ourselves.


That is because we believe in wellness provided by external resources and allow people to develop hierarchies to control them, making us dependent through financial means, goods and the mercy of God.

There are good reasons why this has grown this way

World peace until we die

Dependency creates ignorance and ignorance makes people docile. Surround people with all the goodies of the world and we will never stand up again for ourselves. From a world peace point of view this is excellent. The vast majority of people in the world have not reached the level of awareness to carry responsibility in the highly competitive world of an advanced species. So spreading ignorance through dependencies is a means to avoid disaster, especially now that we are growing to a extremely large world population.

The problem we face is that this ignorance also structures our systems. All manipulators are people who just desire the power of control. Their blind focus is totally ignorant of the bigger consequences. If they become aware they are morally to blame so large efforts are put into keeping them clean of responsibilities. That’s why they purchase with money and institutional donations, scientific reports that contradict scientific evidence, spreading doubt and division out of self interest.

Democracy fails

Divide and rule is the democratic credo. When millions of people disagree, common greed and self interest rules. That’s the basis of a democracy that has no other purpose than to dispute each other’s opinion with the only common denominator being money. Since “money” has no other value than growth the entire democratic discussion becomes senseless, manipulative and meaningless.

We see political governance practice this technique. They control the tax money as unified source of control and spread it over the population through subsidies and services to create dependency, competition and confusion. The more they divide, the more they themselves remain in power. Power is what rules, not progress, nor responsibility. They themselves are never to blame because confusion reigns. They can always resign (against a self installed protective wage) or blame others and get someone else to continue the game.

The population meanwhile loves democracy because it gives a sense of control through freedom of choice and speech. The masses do not realize that they allow financial dictatorship continue while their democratic vote disappears in the permanent confusion of minorities. The governing politicians forcefully need to team up with the money makers because that is where the power of both comes from.

Indeed it feels like a conspiracy but it is culture and human attitude around power, dominance and dependence (in the shape of slavery)

Food, fun and shelter

These three key issues are needed by all human beings. Those who control food, housing and the fun control the human needs. In a growing population, resident in cities, these issues have become instruments of speculation. It has simply grown that way. The benefit of cities is that it keeps the destructive masses out of the countryside, allowing for optimization of space and services. Cities are money driven hot-spots where capital interests have risen sky high. People want to live in cities because of the perception of work and money, not realizing that they sell their souls to the devil because of the money driven slavery in the cities.

The tremendous needs for energy, material resources and food of the cities creates a sucking force that is in hands of the speculative financial markets, demanding large scale productivity with all the consequences for our global environment. The cities are centers of automated processes where money rules and the human being is the means.

It is not a conspiracy, it’s a personal choice. And indeed, the city has all the facilities, in fun and care, that the countryside misses. This influences our choice. 99,99% of the human population is blindly attracted by the circus of a city unaware of the consequences for the larger picture (and themselves). But who cares? In the city people become invisible due to the masses and very individualized, which is extremely attractive for economies to evolve without any sensitivity or morality.

Religion builds on fear

From a practical point of view the human being is just a physical tube from mouth to anus which is kept alive through insertion of food and elimination of waste. Every human being here is the same. Life is “a miracle” and we depend of external resources through competition and growth, or money.

We fear death while religious leaders claim to have mastered the essence of life by their proximity to “the Source”. They can use the fear of people to manipulate through promises or elimination of fear and sense of guilt.

In essence the moral and ethical discussion is enhanced by the religious dogmas that provide answers through story telling, paraphrasing and metaphors. Material poverty and lack of education is often misused to indoctrinate people around certain beliefs and behavior. This has two sides of a story of course. It gives people something to hold on to in desperate situations when they cannot trust themselves anymore due to lack of opportunity and help. A miracle and the existence of a helpful parallel world is something to keep them going. The other side of the medal is that structures misuse the innocence of people to manipulate them for a particular cause that is against all principles of life, such as causing death in the name of belief. The latter is shear competition between human powers that need a market to keep their position executed by blind ignorance. But…isn’t working for money in a polluting multinational exactly the same?

Religion is the dogmatic interpretation of spirituality. From a spiritual point of view this human physical mouth/anus tube evolved and became uniquely alive by the complex harmonic interaction of billions of molecules and a universe of microscopic species, all uniquely programmed through billions of years of evolution of life. Every human being here is unique. Life is a universal reality and to live we depend on our inner harmony through love and building relationships with our surroundings. We ARE the mirror image of the universe.

The universe has laws of its own that no human being can claim but we can understand and live accordingly. This however requires open education and awareness. As long as the fast majority of the world’s population is uneducated, education is being manipulated, and people remain unaware through ignorance building cultures, we face the destructive hierarchies that we call “conspiracies”.

We unknowingly fool ourselves but what is the solution?

From the above we can deduct that we ourselves are the basis of every conspiracy. Ignorance, unawareness and blind individualism, combined with the difficulties to get what we need on a daily basis, becomes a logical melting pot of politics, finance and religious structures that use humankind as if they were serving. When we become aware of a “conspiracy” it is a sign of waking up.

Waking up is not at all that pleasant because it introduces the responsibility of self awareness. What to do about this? Leaving the conspiracies eliminates the benefits too. Maintaining them makes us accomplice of the larger consequences. We get in touch with our own moral awareness and start behaving accordingly, making different choices then before.

The problem we face is that all the above happens within the confinement of human nature. We use our surroundings to fulfill those needs and those high level manipulators now face the powerful manipulation back from the unexpected “mother nature”. Suddenly we are surprised by natural disasters, climate changes, lack of resources, human made disasters, effects of pollution, etc. The manipulators are face to face with their own consequences. They have been selling wellness to the masses for money. Now they cannot comply anymore and have no one else to blame but themselves. There is a call again for human ingenuity and integrity instead of ignorance to solve the sum of all issues that threaten humankind and with it, all the manipulative basics of the powers in place.

The general public is waking up, shaken by the visibility of the consequences and the open reflection through internet and visualization through the media. Local solutions need to be found that cannot be solved by money anymore because they are caused by the culture that money created. We need to go to the essence of our existence and learn to understand life. This has to do with education, awareness and willingness to look for alternative structures of cooperation and sharing responsibilities. The old human made system is crumbling because of the ignorance of the system’s leaders, the robotics they created and the damage that the consequences cause.

Humankind is waking up all together as a species and sees how much work is ahead to save our selves. When we wake up we realize that the conspiracy against humankind was our own blindness, the wake up call then gets us away from those forces into the challenge of doing something about it. But what? That determines the explosion of human creativity. Ignorance is not anymore with the public that is being manipulated, it is with the systems leaders that stand solutions in the way with the monstrous systems they try to keep in place. All around the world we see people overcoming these obstacles to start experimenting with new formats, insights and solutions.

We call some of them Sustainocrats, or game-changers. Time has come for those people to unite and share experiences or best practice to expand the movement throughout the world. Maybe in the future people will call this again a new conspiracy but that will only be a sign of a new level of awakening into awareness and consciousness. For now we need to open up to new realities that include the powers of nature that now affect us and call for action through wisdom, respect and evolutionary pressure proper of life itself.