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Join the unique musical and inspirational online event from Vancouver by the Visioneers network

This unique global online event is free of charge. It combines music with the 350 awards extended to people active across the world for a “better world”. It is also a kick off for dynamic peace building clusters throughout the Visioneers network.
Waging Peace Event Banner
 ‍The Visioneers International Network
Invites You to

Become a Participant
‍in a world class global project set to make a positive difference as humanity strives to overcome the urgent existential problems threatening our survival.‍ Choose to Act
Become a Peace Builder with strategic intention to collaborate with a multi-generational Global community of leaders and changemakers beyond all borders and barriers.
‍Register to Attend the Visioneers LaunchREGISTER FREE
‍Waging Peace
Building Humanity’s Golden Peace
‍Live from Vancouver, BC
Old Auditorium
University of British Columbia
‍October 9, 2022
11:00 am PDT
= 20.00 CET 
 ‍Live streamstarts at 10:30 am PDT
=19:30 CET (Amsterdam time)
‍Register for Free

Inner Peace through Music, a lecture by Andras Laszlo


Hi everybody, I’m particularly honored and grateful to share with you all as a musician and spiritual being my lived experiences when it comes to inner peace through music. What you may expect during these one and a half hours together… is of course, a lot of music that will touch and move you in the deepest layers of your core, your heart and soul. My shared experiences will be a kind of bridge leading you to these deepest layers.

You’ll be in for a treat.

So, fasten your seat bells, and let’s take off, shall we?

Enjoy the ride, and have fun.

May I first ask you to slow down your breathing, to switch off all your digital devices, to still all the noise around you, to still the emotional turmoil within you, to silence your mind, and to let go all the excitement of the day, the worries, the thoughts…

Let’s embrace mind-emptiness instead of mind-fullness, shall we?

Become like a blank canvas, and let the wonderful miracle of inner transformation through music happen…

And – confronted with this insane war going on in Ukraine (and not only there, also in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria,…) and all the misery, pain, suffering, trauma, and the refugee crisis that goes with it – may I suggest that we kick off with a MUSICAL PRAYER FOR THE UKRAINE by the Ukrainian composer VALENTIN SYLVESTROV: 

For your kind information, I was two when the Russians in 1956 aggressively invaded my beloved city of birth Budapest, Hungary. My dear late father and mother left everything behind, and fled, taking me with them…

Musical piece n°1

Bamberg Symphony – Prayer for the Ukraine (Valentin Silvestrov, *1937):

What did you feel deep down in your core during this 5 and half minutes of a breathtaking musical meditation? Thanks for sharing…

Let me share 4 quotes with you:

The first one is from late Hungarian philosopher and friend, Péter Popper:


The second one: 


The third one:


And the fourth one (echoing the previous one): 


So, INNER PEACE is an INSIDE JOB, it starts with yourself: THE ONLY WAY OUT, IS IN!

The last 15 years, taking care of both my dear and beloved parents and then  losing them both, I’ve been living here at our home residence mostly in silence practicing love, harmony, and beauty.

And what I have been experiencing is that if you have the humility, the gratefulness, the passion, the unconditional surrender, the courage, and the guts, with all the fibers and cells of your body, wholeheartedly, with all the connections of your brain, and from the source of your BEING, your SOUL, to get aligned and in tune with what transcends you, you’re living and vibrating as a Spiritual Being and spreading Divine Energy.

Allow me to repeat this:

And what I have been experiencing is that if you have the humility, the gratefulness, the passion, the unconditional surrender, the courage, and the guts with all the fibers and cells of your body, wholeheartedly, with all the connections of your brain, and from the source of your BEING, your SOUL, to get aligned and in tune with what transcends you, you’re living and vibrating as a Spiritual Being and spreading Divine Energy.

This is the paradox and challenge anybody has to face and take up in his/her life on planet earth: the more you resonate and align yourself with what transcends you, the more you access the CORE of your BEING, and BE yourself.

Enjoy the following mind blowing video: 

Musical piece/video n°2

I BELIEVE……….Magnificent:

Today, March 20, the whole planet is celebrating the Spring Equinox, the time of Balance and Wholeness, the time when the hours of daylight and dark are equally balanced.

Yet, what does the Spring Equinox mean at a deeper spiritual level?

Basically, it means a period of struggle between darkness and light, death and life. It occurs when the night and day will be equal.  And the journey of the Sun to actually get there also signifies the journey of the Universe.

As you have may noticed, the daylight starts increasing.

This is been reflected on a personal level: we are experiencing more light illuminating us from both within and outside, reminding us that the light will always return to earth.

Hence, this equinox is the representation of new life and light, new beginnings, a new path, and new seeds.

It’s an invitation to rekindle the frequency of balance, love, harmony, and beauty we and the whole world need so badly in life, and particularly in this moment of time.

Enjoy the following iconic TEDx video with Louie Schwartzberg, Happiness Revealed.

Music and video n°3

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude:

Indeed, “let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you.”

Most touching, moving, and powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing your reaction…

MUSIC brings/triggers INNER PEACE.

The key is to progressively raise/elevate your vibrational frequency.

Let’s be honest, where do all of the relational emotional frictions/battles between people in daily life come from?

From not harmonizing the frequencies each individual is vibrating on.

Here are a couple of insightful graphs:

  1. Levels of Consciousness – David R. Hawkins


  1. Levels of Consciousness and their interplay with productivity – David R. Hawkins
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor levels of consciousness hawkins
  1. Levels of Consciousness impacting our life-view, emotions, and our personal development process – David R. Hawkins
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor levels of consciousness hawkins
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor levels of consciousness hawkins
  1. The Emotional Guidance Scale

Did you notice? The higher the frequency, the more peaceful, unconditionally loving you are!

Enjoy now the following amazing 2nd movement of Ludwig Beethoven’s 4th piano concerto, where at the beginning the orchestra is overpowering the piano, yet at the end the peaceful melody of the piano is literally silencing the orchestra:

Musical piece n°4

Mitsuko Uchida Beethoven Piano Concerto No.4 2nd movement:

This leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?

Let me now highlight and focus on 5 Cardinal Qualities of INNER PEACE and illustrate them with striking musical pieces.

These 5 Cardinal Qualities are: 

  5. LOVE


Enjoy the following 3 short videos:

Video n°5

Science of the Heart

Video n°6

Mysteries of the Heart

Video n°7

The Power of Our Hearts as Proven by Science

Indeed: “May the power of our hearts act as catalysts for positive change in the world.”

Musical piece n°8

Claudio Abbado – Mozart Requiem – Lacrimosa  2’:51”


In essence, gratefulness is counting your blessings, the basic pleasures of daily life, and all those gifts that are being given to you.

It is living your life as a wonder.

It is being aware every split second of the day and night that life is a gift that needs to be cherished.

When you are grateful, you are shifting from the usual states of scarcity, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out),…to a life of abundance that has always been there and that you are now fully aware of and a part of.

In addition, behavioral psychology has abundantly shown that the more you are grateful the more the quality of your life improves, the more resilient you become, the more healthy you are, the more your loving relationships with others develop, and – last but not least – in no time stress is history! 

Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod brought together dozens of people from around the world to create this beautiful, heart-opening melody. Inspired by the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, the song is a celebration of our spirit and all that is a blessing in life. For the 21 Days, over 11,000 participants from 118 countries learned that “gratefulness” is a habit cultivated consciously and a muscle built over time. 

And as a famous Roman, Cicero, once said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” This soul-stirring music video, created within a week by a team of volunteers, shines the light on all the small things that make up the beautiful fabric of our lives. Enjoy:

Musical piece n°9

GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World | Empty Hands Music | nimo feat. daniel nahmod


Rather than do any talking, just enjoy the following iconic musical piece with overtones:

Musical piece n°10

Harmonic Overtone Meditation


You are in harmony when you are balanced, aren’t you? 

And you are balanced when your head, body, heart, and soul are aligned.

In a state of balance and harmony you are radiating health.

Indeed, health = harmony and balance.

Illness = being out of harmony and balance.

Enjoy the following amazing music elevating the soul. 

Musical piece n°11

Richard Eichhorn – Voices of Light – Sacrament


You can only experience and embody inner peace when you continuously inhale and exhale pure and unconditional love, can’t you?

Musical piece n°12

Jose Carreras – En Aranjuez con tu Amor

Let’s embrace and celebrate this on the world famous tones of Ludwig von Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy, but here in flashmob mode…

Musical piece n°13


You remember I started off with the Musical Prayer for The Ukraine by Valentin Silvestrov.

I am most happy to share with you now, in closing, these last 3 musical pieces:

  1. the incredible Spiritual Message recited by the one and only Tina Turner, and
  1. Rise Up performed by “Voices” Anna Hodorovskaya (Ukraine), Jeremy, Grace & Laura Tesoro (Belgium) as a closing musical firework act last Thursday, March 17 when all Flemish Radio and Television Channels organized a Common & United Solidarity Whole Day Event UKRAINE 12 – 12, paying tribute to Ukraine and its people and collecting as much funds as possible 
  1. And as a kind of culmination of our being together today: the amazing THE EARTH FAMILY MUSIC VIDEO. Tatiana Speed, the creator of this video, greets everyone the world over with the following message: “Hello world! The Earth Family music video is here and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you. I created this video using footage gathered from friends of mine from around the world and was overjoyed to feature some of them in this video. I also drew from archival, stock and news source footage to bring the message of this song to life. This song was inspired by the Humanity Charter launched on the International Day of Peace 2019 by the global organization Home for Humanity. The Humanity Charter expresses a collective vision for these times – for humanity to come together in unity to transform our divided world into a united home for all. May it be so.”

Be blessed, and a big and tender hug to all of you.

Musical piece/video n°14

Tina Turner – Spiritual Message – ‘Beyond’


Musical piece/video n°15

Rise Up performed by “Voices” Anna Hodorovskaya (Ukraine), Jeremy, Grace & Laura Tesoro (Belgium)



Musical piece/video n°16

Earth Family Music Video

Secrets of life 6

Harmonic relationships

The truly remarkable discovery of  powerful harmonic relationships between the elements based on musical patterns is of course of highly significant. Even more significant is the discovery that these same patterns are present in life cycles. This gives us a clue that there is a relationship between the phenomena of life and the material harmonic relationships. Are we close to discovering what “????” is? Let us recap.

Harmonic relationships

We have seen that molecules vibrate with oscillating molecules that move in different, non linear patterns. We also have seen that atoms and molecules together have + ve and – ve polarity that allows them to attach to other molecules under certain circumstances. Water dissolves elements in such a way. We have now seen that there are also very special frequencies active in the universe that have very special harmonic properties. At a large scale they determine how planets move around a sun or galaxies behave. At a minute scale the same happens at atomic and subatomic level.

It is not difficult to make the step that there are very special situations in which two molecules are not attracted to each other through the negative and positive forces but through the harmonic frequencies of their behavior. We have seen that only in very special circumstances molecules combine and even in more special circumstances they are attracted to each other through frequencies. These special frequencies (of the musical type) are emitted at random by the molecules in vibrating mode. Only in very exceptional cases two molecules of certain different elements get into a state of unstable harmonic musical frequency at the same time AND in each other’s proximity. They then create a bond. Unique in this bond is that this combination of matter on its own has a stable harmonic frequency. The different elements do not fuse but stay together in a more definite form.  These bonding frequencies of course coincide with what we consider “good music”. The type of the 34560 cycle for instance proven to have a specially strong bonding nature.  The definite form that appears through the combination has now unique properties due to the combined harmonic frequency that produced a new, stable one.  This situation of frequency stability is key because the harmonics that was first an attraction by simple multilevel coincidence is now one that is inherent to the stable property of the new combination of elements. These properties are of interaction with the environment through stable harmonic cycles.

So trying to explain it in other words and ready for scientific observation and verification, is the following:

  • We have two or more different elements (say A and B for the sake of simplicity) in a free floating environment (s.a. water) for easy encounters and under special, optimal environmental conditions,
  • Both A and B show normal molecular movements with standard diversity,
  • A and B get excited by the environment and emit at particular random moments frequencies from the range of the harmonic musical patterns (Ray Tomes),
  • A and B connect when these randomly produced frequencies coincide and attract each other.
  • They fix in a harmonic relationship that is not fusing but combining the elements. In a way they form now a mini galaxy of two elements in a stable, harmonic relationship.
  • The frequency of this (A + B) combination is unique and stable within the range of musical harmony.
  • This means that it is not by chance combining anymore with other elements with the right harmonic emission but on purpose through the attraction of these special frequencies.

A + B is now combined through an “????” that has been identified as harmonic frequencies that are attracted to each other within the musical range of tones. The unique attraction properties of these frequencies make A aware of B and B aware of A. They then stick together in a special (A + B). While A is only aware of B and B of A when their random frequencies are synchronized the chances of this happening among the right elements and in the right circumstances is very small. The resulting (A+B) combination however is different. The stable frequency combination that binds the temporary “aware” elements into a fixed format stays stable creating awareness through emission of frequencies that can be “heard” by other temporary and fixed synchronized elements.

(A+B) starts to interact with its surroundings based on these special frequencies looking for new bondage among elements. It has assumed the very first mission of life: Autonomous Growth.

Have we found “life”? Yes! Life is the shaping of elementary “living” material combinations through bondage of frequencies of a highly specific range that is identical throughout the universe. So life in reality is music: A + B + music = (A+B) alive. The musical frequencies make A and B “aware” of each other and in certain circumstances also attracted to each other. So the musicality of molecules and the universe creates (musical) awareness in certain circumstances. This means that life appears under specific circumstances of the environment interacting with molecules that can move around in a stirring environment to produce appropriate encounters and vibrating according some exact part of the musical tones.

Life in reality is musical awareness and is latently present in the entire universe, always ready to be activated.

Let us now challenge all scientific labs in the world to prove this by producing the first elementary living building blocks through planed human intervention. It will be interesting to see how finally “awareness”, the line of “to be” in the model of human complexities comes first in life before “to do”. Once we come alive the “to do” feeds the “to be”. We will elaborate that further in subsequent blogs. Before we do that we now know how life comes together. Now we will look at the four key phase of evolution in the next few college blogs.