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Secrets of Life overview

For the ease of retrieving information of the recent blog series on the “secretes of life” I decided to present the links in an ordered list:

Secrets of Life:    Introduction  to the series & song of Irma Lohman

Secrets of Life 1: The  first key to life? What is it?  Will it provide with answers?

Secrets of Life 2: Matter moves. The very first key is in the frequencies of matter

Secrets of Life 3: Matter is charged. But does a polarity give life?

Secrets of Life 4: The magic of frequencies. Pythagoras and Galilei

Secrets of Life 5: The universe, cycles and music. Kondratieff, Ray Tomes

Secrets of Life 6: Harmonic relationships. A + B  become (A+B)

Secrets of Life 7: Life = Awareness, the revelation of what life is in phase 1

Secrets of Life 8: Competition and Fear, phase 2

Secrets of Life 9: The power of being different, phase 3 and higher self awareness

Secrets of Life 10: The art of living together, phase 4, Symbiosis

Secrets of Life 11: Sustainocracy, the next evolutionary step of Democracy

The series is helping people position their own life, their relationship with their natural environment and even the way they address their professional activities. It is my pleasure to be able to contribute.

Warm regards,

Jean-Paul Close


  1. […] voor mij toch wel een biezondere man. Met bewondering en verwondering heb ik de 10 blogs gelezen: “Secrets of Life”. That’s quite a story…. Waauww. Ook dat zal ik rustig met de nodige tijd moeten verwerken. […]

  2. […] verwijst naar  mijn woorden maar legt de verbanden niet. U heeft mijn boek gelezen én de “Secrets of life” en nóg stelt u mij de vraag over “niet zijn” (ongebonden materie in levensprocessen). […]

  3. […] transforming the old society into a new one. However, when I got into more profound analysis of the secrets of life and evolutionary pattern in nature, I could see it all coming back in economies and the development […]

  4. […] we dealt with the blog series of the secrets of life  the 5 levels of consciousness already appeared. I only did not explain them as such. In the STIR […]

  5. […] not alone in the universe. The theory is clear and was explained in my blog series about the “secrets of life“. The way life came about on Earth through harmonic frequencies shows that life itself is […]

  6. […] endanger life. We cannot however take life for granted, certainly not as a self aware species. Life is a delicate energetic state between molecules that can be referred to as a social, not physical interaction. We often refer to this unique […]

  7. […] to connect together into a format that becomes alive? In a unique series of STIR lectures (the secrets of life) I already showed the vibration properties of all molecules. Within this pattern of a large […]

  8. […] In this German documentary the relevance of musical science for therapy and healing but also for the early development of babies and children is explained. Within the ideology of Sustainocracy music is the basic energetic means that brings matter alive. Some of this has been described in the posts on the Secrets of Life. […]

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