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The purpose of life

Recently I met a few biologists. I wanted to relate allergies of pollen with our measurements of air pollution. Pollen is not necessarily a pollutant but a natural contribution to our environment. It becomes a pollutant when the pollen reaches huge quantities due to the intervention of human regional design that focuses on the concentration of single species for urban or rural planning purposes. When in a cocreation process of healthy cities all these issues are relevant. Human influence is much more widespread than the simple registration of particulat matter.

Our discussion took a strange turn when I refered to our awareness driven multidisciplinary actions around core human values (sustainocracy). The biologists raised their sholders and claimed that nature would take care of us as a polluting species that causes its own anthropocene. Afterall the human being is a simple and temporary wrinkle in the evolution of life forms and will eventually be eliminated in the natural processes of cleaning up.

I refused to go along with this simplistic attitude of laisez faire, the reluctance that everything is outside our scope of influence anyway, which would give us as species the free ticket to do whatever we like. I asked the biologists what the purpose of life is if we are exempted from protecting and sustaining it? To my surprise their reaction was that life has no purpose at all. In their view the  essence of life is useless, senseless and without any special contribution to anything. How could seemingly intelligent people, who had made it their scientific job to research lifeforms, come up with such statement?

There was no discussion possible and I left with the inner query to prove the contrary. Life in my view is the most valuable thing that the universe has produced, a miracle of dead material that groups together in a diversity of living formats. How can that be called meaningless and useless? But then we get to the question of its “purpose”. Why does life exist? What does it contribute?

When I studied the mechanisms of the first sparks of life in a specific environment, that moment when molecules group together and become a life form, just like that moment of our own individual conception, I had determined that unique and rare ability in the universe called “awareness” even at the most elementary level of our submolecular existence. It is this unique way energy and mass combine in vibrant frequencies that interact with their surroundings. As soon as this happens the molecular and energetic reality actually starts to exist. Something that we are not aware of does not exist. Awareness hence is a fundamental condition to elevate nothing into something. Life forms develop around awareness to feed, meet, breed, sense danger and love, react and make choices.

The purpose of life hence is the confirmation that the universe exists, that we exist and that we have reached a point to actually try to understand what existance really is. We can perceive, process and reflect about it. What use would a universe have if it is not conscious of its existence? It would cease to exist if there is no way to be able observe or sense it. Our evolution within life is based on the development of awareness, the processing of what is. In that sense life is the single purpose of any existence whether dead or alive. We need to protect life and develop our awareness as we live in order to observe the intensity of what it is to exist, not just as a human being but as a living self reflective universe. The purpose of life is the awareness that things exist.

I am aware so I exist. I am aware because I am alive. Life’s purpose is hence our proof of our existence and that of all living and non living forms.

Are we alone in the universe?

This week a satellite was put into orbit equipped with cameras that can see a hair at 1000 miles distance. Research is said to be focused on detailing space in a further attempt to discover other signs of life.

We are not alone
We already know that we are not alone in the universe. The theory is clear and was explained in my blog series about the “secrets of life“. The way life came about on Earth through harmonic frequencies shows that life itself is programmed as an integral part of the working of the universe and not reserved just for our planet. Our planet simply presented the right combination physical, environmental properties for life to set off. These life triggering properties are contained in the already accepted string theory of multiple dimensions of frequencies that hold the universe together. Part of it is sustaining the ability to trigger life.

From a probability point of view the likelihood of finding similar environmental properties as Earth anywhere in the universe is 100%. This means that life elsewhere has been triggered already many times. There is no doubt about that. We can even go further than that. We tend to take Earth as our point of reference because it is part of our perception of a particular, measurable reality. We cannot rule out that there are many more frequency combinations possible that result in material bonding to produce life within different environmental settings. This would kick off lifeforms in totally different conditions than on Earth.

The question hence is not “if” there is other life in the universe but where? And when we find this proof somewhere, how will it have evolved?

What probability would lifeforms anywhere in the universe have to resemble in any way our own physical human nature and behavioral properties? That probability is low even though the evolutionary complexity that resulted in the human being does show mechanical logic. The human being is the result of billions of years of very local evolutionary steps that do not follow a straight line. Evolution is already a complex process within the context of life’s basic properties of growth, competition, change and harmony within the confinement of a single planet. This complexity is further influenced by many circumstances that life reacts to but does not control. Think of natural disasters that upset the planet as a whole or the climate and resources in which life develops. The disappearance of Dinosaurs for instance opened up a reality for smaller lifeforms to develop with a degree of success that probably would have been much more difficult if the dinos were still around. In a similar way there is also no guarantee that the human physical form of life survives time even on Earth.

Maybe the mechanical logic of our physical shape could have repeated itself elsewhere in the universe even considering a totally different starting point of life. Creative minds of SF films have come up with ideas of human like creatures that may even have outsmarted our physical design. From a logical point of view, despite the many possible differences, we can expect evolutionary similarities in the evolutionary diversity out there. Still this is a mere charming speculation as the forms that surround us on Earth show already a diversity that can only enhances exponentially when considering new and different habitats.

More likely is the possibility that lifeforms develop over time a similar level of consciousness as the human being. We even see this on Earth with species that are self aware, self reflective and reason by making complex choices. Other species even make or use tools for their benefit.

The human species may have members that reach exceptional levels of awareness compared to species around us, including even most fellow human beings. It is also known that trees even outnumber us when dealing with sensory techniques for life, symbiosis and survival. The question than arises to what extend sensory capabilities have given rise to self reflective properties, the ability to create tools (such as space travel) and for what purpose (we humans create tools for war and progress)?

Tooling and awareness building has provided the human being with a local competitive advantage on Earth under the circumstances in which we could evolve for a few million years. There is no reason to believe that these levels of consciousness cannot have been equaled or even enhanced by other lifeforms elsewhere in the universe.

What would that mean? When we look at ourselves we see that consciousness develops along the line of spirituality (meaning). It gave us initially a better competitive advantage to deal with changing circumstances but once we become dominant our only competition is with our own selves. We come to terms with ourselves through development of values that forcefully are not focused on winning a competition but on finding harmony through adjustments and diplomacy. We then discover spirituality inside by looking at our own inner harmony (the “I am” experience).

From a consciousness point of view other life forms will not differ from us because consciousness has to do with the same string theory of life creating. It is same throughout the universe. We interpret reality in a similar sensory way and eventually come to comparable conclusions.

When they reach a dominant position on their planet too they also are forced to create awareness and empathy and let go of competition. They will also learn to live an existence in moderation, developing ethics and responsibilities within the confinement and possibilities of their own habitat.

Why would such species want to concur space?
There are multiple reasons that compare with our own:

  • Curiosity: One of the qualities of self reflective species is curiosity. Naturally we want to see for ourselves when we have the chance, opportunity and ability.
  • Growth potential: A dominant species will always find limitations of growth. Adjustments and regulations to survive adequately will certainly be combined with the choice of looking beyond the confinement, including through space travel.
  • Need: Survival is a key quality of life, enhanced by self awareness. When a species reaches this point of consciousness it also looks at self preservation beyond the limitations of the direct environment. Even Earth is not eternal. Not doing anything will eventually destroy the species. Knowing that it would be against the nature of life to accept it passively even though spirituality gives the certainty that life repeats itself eternally without need to preserve itself. It is not life that is being preserved through space travel but the self aware species.

When two species arrive at this point of local evolution, decide to go out into space and manage to meet, what would be their reaction?

I leave you with this question. For me the answer is logical and clear when reflecting about the development of life and its building blocks, both in material sense as immaterial (behavior and awareness). Maybe the answer is a reason for all dominant self aware species throughout the universe to decide not to want to concur space and leave the possibility and outcome to our vivid imagination.

Sustainocracy is a modern design of democratic freedom and society within the context of harmonic string relationships for sustainable human progress. We do envisage the universe as our potential habitat beyond Earth when time and knowledge is there. We then also expect encounters with lifeforms that did not develop on Earth.

Secrets of Life overview

For the ease of retrieving information of the recent blog series on the “secretes of life” I decided to present the links in an ordered list:

Secrets of Life:    Introduction  to the series & song of Irma Lohman

Secrets of Life 1: The  first key to life? What is it?  Will it provide with answers?

Secrets of Life 2: Matter moves. The very first key is in the frequencies of matter

Secrets of Life 3: Matter is charged. But does a polarity give life?

Secrets of Life 4: The magic of frequencies. Pythagoras and Galilei

Secrets of Life 5: The universe, cycles and music. Kondratieff, Ray Tomes

Secrets of Life 6: Harmonic relationships. A + B  become (A+B)

Secrets of Life 7: Life = Awareness, the revelation of what life is in phase 1

Secrets of Life 8: Competition and Fear, phase 2

Secrets of Life 9: The power of being different, phase 3 and higher self awareness

Secrets of Life 10: The art of living together, phase 4, Symbiosis

Secrets of Life 11: Sustainocracy, the next evolutionary step of Democracy

The series is helping people position their own life, their relationship with their natural environment and even the way they address their professional activities. It is my pleasure to be able to contribute.

Warm regards,

Jean-Paul Close

Secrets of life 6

Harmonic relationships

The truly remarkable discovery of  powerful harmonic relationships between the elements based on musical patterns is of course of highly significant. Even more significant is the discovery that these same patterns are present in life cycles. This gives us a clue that there is a relationship between the phenomena of life and the material harmonic relationships. Are we close to discovering what “????” is? Let us recap.

Harmonic relationships

We have seen that molecules vibrate with oscillating molecules that move in different, non linear patterns. We also have seen that atoms and molecules together have + ve and – ve polarity that allows them to attach to other molecules under certain circumstances. Water dissolves elements in such a way. We have now seen that there are also very special frequencies active in the universe that have very special harmonic properties. At a large scale they determine how planets move around a sun or galaxies behave. At a minute scale the same happens at atomic and subatomic level.

It is not difficult to make the step that there are very special situations in which two molecules are not attracted to each other through the negative and positive forces but through the harmonic frequencies of their behavior. We have seen that only in very special circumstances molecules combine and even in more special circumstances they are attracted to each other through frequencies. These special frequencies (of the musical type) are emitted at random by the molecules in vibrating mode. Only in very exceptional cases two molecules of certain different elements get into a state of unstable harmonic musical frequency at the same time AND in each other’s proximity. They then create a bond. Unique in this bond is that this combination of matter on its own has a stable harmonic frequency. The different elements do not fuse but stay together in a more definite form.  These bonding frequencies of course coincide with what we consider “good music”. The type of the 34560 cycle for instance proven to have a specially strong bonding nature.  The definite form that appears through the combination has now unique properties due to the combined harmonic frequency that produced a new, stable one.  This situation of frequency stability is key because the harmonics that was first an attraction by simple multilevel coincidence is now one that is inherent to the stable property of the new combination of elements. These properties are of interaction with the environment through stable harmonic cycles.

So trying to explain it in other words and ready for scientific observation and verification, is the following:

  • We have two or more different elements (say A and B for the sake of simplicity) in a free floating environment (s.a. water) for easy encounters and under special, optimal environmental conditions,
  • Both A and B show normal molecular movements with standard diversity,
  • A and B get excited by the environment and emit at particular random moments frequencies from the range of the harmonic musical patterns (Ray Tomes),
  • A and B connect when these randomly produced frequencies coincide and attract each other.
  • They fix in a harmonic relationship that is not fusing but combining the elements. In a way they form now a mini galaxy of two elements in a stable, harmonic relationship.
  • The frequency of this (A + B) combination is unique and stable within the range of musical harmony.
  • This means that it is not by chance combining anymore with other elements with the right harmonic emission but on purpose through the attraction of these special frequencies.

A + B is now combined through an “????” that has been identified as harmonic frequencies that are attracted to each other within the musical range of tones. The unique attraction properties of these frequencies make A aware of B and B aware of A. They then stick together in a special (A + B). While A is only aware of B and B of A when their random frequencies are synchronized the chances of this happening among the right elements and in the right circumstances is very small. The resulting (A+B) combination however is different. The stable frequency combination that binds the temporary “aware” elements into a fixed format stays stable creating awareness through emission of frequencies that can be “heard” by other temporary and fixed synchronized elements.

(A+B) starts to interact with its surroundings based on these special frequencies looking for new bondage among elements. It has assumed the very first mission of life: Autonomous Growth.

Have we found “life”? Yes! Life is the shaping of elementary “living” material combinations through bondage of frequencies of a highly specific range that is identical throughout the universe. So life in reality is music: A + B + music = (A+B) alive. The musical frequencies make A and B “aware” of each other and in certain circumstances also attracted to each other. So the musicality of molecules and the universe creates (musical) awareness in certain circumstances. This means that life appears under specific circumstances of the environment interacting with molecules that can move around in a stirring environment to produce appropriate encounters and vibrating according some exact part of the musical tones.

Life in reality is musical awareness and is latently present in the entire universe, always ready to be activated.

Let us now challenge all scientific labs in the world to prove this by producing the first elementary living building blocks through planed human intervention. It will be interesting to see how finally “awareness”, the line of “to be” in the model of human complexities comes first in life before “to do”. Once we come alive the “to do” feeds the “to be”. We will elaborate that further in subsequent blogs. Before we do that we now know how life comes together. Now we will look at the four key phase of evolution in the next few college blogs.

Secrets of life 5

The universe, cycles and music

Back in the last century (the 20th) different people at different moments in time picked up the studies of Pythagoras, Galilei, and other specialists of sound such as Kepler, starting experimenting themselves with cross relationships around cyclic patterns.

One of these people was Ray Tomes in Australia who was studying economic cycles in the 70’s making use of this new instrument called “the computer”. He found a particular time rhythm in these cycles. The wave patterns in economic trends were useful for making forecasts and getting insight in the ups and downs of economies with crises, recessions, depression and strong new impulses. Tomes found a striking similarity between the economic cycles and the cyclic movements that could be observed in the universe. For some reason the number 35.6 years kept re appearing and so did fractions and multiples of it.

I already wrote about the economic cycles of Kondratieff to put them into relationship with my own model of human complexities. It was for me the first evidence that there was a relationship between cyclic patterns of economics and human patterns of collective awareness.

Tomes found that the Kondratieff cycle of 54 years could also be related to his own discovered cycle of 35.6 in a ratio 2:3. Funnily enough we have seen this ratio in music too. This is the remark Ray Tomes made in his report:

Then it struck me. These fractions of 35.6 years were in fact frequencies of 4:5:6:8 which is exactly a major chord in music. Also, the shorter cycles turned out to be exactly in the proportions of the just intonation musical scale plus a couple of back notes (E flat and B flat if we are in the key of C).

Tomes went further and found harmonic relationships that could be observed in space. A specially significant one was the number 345600 which shows the harmonic relationship between all elements in space through distance. In fact it shows that our atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc are all related through musical patterns with the number 345600 as one standing out of all of them. In fact, what Tomes interpreted was that the entire universe is one giant musical instrument. Read more about the finding of Ray Tomes here….

To understand how harmonics divide space as well as time, consider a stringed instrument. It can oscillate at a fundamental frequency which has just one wave in the string. It can also oscillate at the 2nd harmonic. In that case both the length of the string and the time of the oscillation are divided by 2. Likewise, if we could get the 34560 harmonic going in the string it would divide both the length and oscillation period by 34560.

ratios (Ray Tomes)
V     V      V     V       V       V       V       V       V       V <–of 34560

A     A      A     A       A   . .                     A       A       A <–things
Univ. Galaxies  Stars Planets  Moons  Atoms Cells  Nucleon observed

It is of course extremely interesting that there is a definite relationship between wavelength frequencies of music and the entire composition of our material universe on minute and infinite levels. With the relationship between economics and the human complexities we see that the exact same frequencies also apply to human behavior, wars, birth patterns, climate changes, weather, recessions, disasters, the evolution of our planets, the coming and going of civilizations and the influence on our own biological and organizational systems.

In the next blog lecture we will try to piece things together.


The universe and me


This blog is an open reflection about the universe, the start of lifeforms on Earth and its evolution all the way up to consciousness and eventually humankind today. It finalizes with a evolutionary suggestion for us which is also coincides with my daily contribution to humankind through Sustainocracy. The text refers to my own “relationship with the Universe” enhanced by the convergence with the Maya calender, the special date of Dec 21st, 2012 and the hype around this era. I made short divisions in the text:

  • 21.12.2012
  • Awareness
  • Comfort zone
  • Materials
  • “Purpose”
  • The answer
  • Learning curve
  • Conclusion

While re-reading my contribution I came to my own definition of ethics; “Ethics is the universal law of harmonic relationships”. When you read the blog you may understand why I got to this definition, worthy further elaboration on what this really means for sustainable human progress in a next blog.


21.12.12 was a memorable day because (surprise, surprise) no Maya apocalypse happened, it was much warmer in my hometown than normal for the time of the year and it was again the longest night of the year, meaning that as of the day after we get 2 minutes per day more daylight every day for 6 month.

All these things affect me. Since I had lived a few years in Sweden the issue of light and dark had reached my emotional awareness. In Stockholm the days were extremely short around Dec 21st, getting onto one’s nerves sometimes. The prospect of longer days has an extra dimension then even though after the joyful city decorations of Christmas there are still at least three months of darkness to live through. On June 21st the midsummer party celebrates fertility with extremely long days. Despite the happiness of this intense public party the prospect of days starting to shorten again adds another emotional dimension there. People in tropical regions do not live through such contrasts and hence have no emotional awareness around it, not the stress or the happiness. They have other things to celebrate though, related to their specific geographical relationship with the Sun and its light.

The whole discussion about the Maya’s, their impressive multidimensional calender, the Milky-way with planets and suns lining up, +/- 250000 year cycles, etc it all added up to my curiosity.  It made me wonder what relationship I truly have with my surroundings and the surroundings with me? Already as a teenager I was fascinated with astrology, astronomy, numerology, tarot, chess and all other mystical expressions of the humankind throughout history related to life itself, its origin, predictability and complexity. People like Plato, Moses,  Aristotle, Pythagoras, Galileo, the different empires, Jesus Christ, Buddha, but also the hype around Nostradamus, had a tremendous attraction on me ever since I have any recollection of memory.

And all the time we see the human relationship with the universe coming back in everything. So 21.12.12 was a kind of culmination of facts and fiction around universal attention. But what is fact and what is fiction these days?


My own daily life evolves within a certain confinement which is “my own world”. It consists of perception and interaction, just like the world of any other living species. But when these Maya’s came in the picture with their calender and this special date of 21.12.12, my own universe widened to beyond the stars. I became for a while the center of my own enlarged universe and the stars revolved around me. As a self conscious observer this is natural. The crazy perspective of an apocalypse and all the merchandising around it had amused me a lot. Also all those people who asked me what I would do on doomsday 21.12.12? In between we still recall a similar hype : the millennium cross over of the year 2000. Of course it was fun to see all the crazy speculation, yet it was also disturbing to witness how serious so many people took these things. It was a calender ending, that’s all, just like our year end on Dec. 31st, decades, centuries and millenniums, but then in intervals that are significantly larger and involving a bit more than our Sun and Earth. These intervals are intriguing but that’s all. Or is it?

The event certainly provided me with a feeling of living in a unique era. My grandparents and parents had seen the coming of the automobile and airplanes. Their world had expanded through mobility. They had witnessed emancipation, suffered wars or stood the barricades for equality.  In my lifetime we saw globalization, TV, space travel, internet, open borders, the millennium switch and the end and beginning of the Maya’s 250.000 year cycle! I could talk directly via social media with political world leaders and observe Earth from a spacecraft as if I were God Himself. Impressive, don’t you think?

All this also again did something of course with my awareness, not just the Maya’s, the whole era.

Comfort zone

My direct surroundings, or personal environment, can be seen from very nearby, starting with my own comfort zone. Spreading my arms I define my comfort zone as an invisible bubble around me. It is as if I am surrounded by a shield. Within this shield I feel protected by a certain amount of individual control which is enhanced by the way I interact with the outside world. Inside that space I think and act freely, dress myself, wear a coat, a beard or sunglasses, decide what others perceive when they see me from outside this comfort zone. It makes me feel comfortable with myself. It is a zone in which I feel that I take the decisions, interacting in freedom with the world outside my bubble. It represents my own universe with ME in its center.

My comfort zone

My comfort zone is my own little universe, my bubble, within the Universe

Beyond that space there is everything that is “not me”. It is an external world which I can observe and interact with but not control. Still I need this outside world to survive for instance. It provides me with energy, food, water, a partner, friends, family etc. In a way my surroundings is like a huge sea of bubbles to interact with (like other people and species) and many more things,  material and immaterial.


From a material point of view I realize that I do not differ much from my surroundings. The materials of which my body is made are the same as that from outside my body. The only difference is that I am alive. The unique state of “being alive” has a certain effect on those materials that make “Me”. They stick together in a special and unique way. I can think about it so I am aware of it. At the same time I am also aware that I am a just a small heap of stardust, just like everything else around me that I can identify as “something”. The uniqueness of the many “somethings” with a name make up the world of perception and interaction that I live in.

Does water known that is water? It sure does. Why else should these molecules of hydrogen and oxygen combine in this unique way and stay like that in stability and harmony? In a way water is aware that it is water. My own many molecules combined in an even more complex way and made ME, a unique self aware, reflective combination of molecules and complex “somethings” that glue together according to some kind of miraculous common, yet unique pattern that we call a “human being”. I am a unique variation of that pattern. While alive these molecules stick together in stability and harmony. When dead they fall apart again. But why such magic?


What purpose does it serve? Life does not occur just like that. Place the same molecules inside a big container and you will not get “me”, no matter how much you shake or put sparks of energy through it. The material composition of stardust is not enough to make me into a living person, let alone to make ME.

From a Darwinistic point of view the huge diversity of lifeforms can very well be explained as a result of self selecting competitive interaction between species within a closed environment, such as an island or the entire planet Earth. Still today we see that species that overcome natural boundaries “disturb” the other habitats. Eventually all species together create a totally new diversity and balance, usually only after some reshuffling chaos. The interaction with a certain environment and its complexity defines therefor the type and characteristics of lifeforms that develop. Competition for nutrition,  survival and procreation explains hence the appearance and development of diversification in nature. But this combination of purposes does not explain the origin or purpose of life itself yet.

This mystical secrete can be found in the way water and other complex elements formed into stable formats that repeat themselves. This shows a preprogrammed awareness that guarantees the combination of molecules into unique harmonic formats and special conditions. Scientists and researches have discovered a strong relationship between the connecting frequencies of the universe and the tones of music of our likings. It suggests that matter combines with matter when frequencies combine following certain patterns. Water is one of the very first to appear in abundance in our visual world due to its apparent simplicity with its unique complexity and its stability. Its special condition of fluid “under normal environmental circumstances (of pressure and temperature for instance)” gives it a great mobility and flexibility, with access to locations where it can filter in to. It is influenced by energy (s.a. heat or gravity) and the obstacles on its path. This unique condition brings it in multiple contact with other elements. It also is a connecting carrier of elements that dissolve in it or float. The early consciousness of water over time can develop into all kinds of complex combinations that stay the same too in a programmed way and under specific conditions. They in turn develop into more complex structures with more and more complex development of awareness. Chance and programmed steering become a mingled situation proper to evolve into a competitive environment where more pressure is put on growth, splitting up (fractal evolution) and eventually on survival and procreation through different degrees of self-awareness, produced by interacting frequencies of music. What is music to our ears combines also in nature. What is not in harmony will not combine or become unstable and eventually fall apart.

Water shows us within a visible format the underlying secrets of invisible patterns that shape and connect in a very harmonically similar way. The stirring and mixing of less then quark level elements and energies may well have already reached a certain point of conscious complexity inside the state of water. This suggests that water already has a memory of its own that can be traceable when we know how. In fact, this memory is inside us already since we consist of 70% water. Accessing this information is a simple matter of trained awareness.

The primary purpose of life became the gathering of energy to grow, survive as unique, harmonic element and divide as a predefined “something” when growth reached a limit. With the growing war between the species this creativity became a natural competitive element that could grow into tremendous specializations. Humans are such evolutionary result of a perfect competitive physical machinery that evolved out of stardust with an equally perfect system of defending its self-interest. Our extremely potent rationality in self preservation got us where we stand today.

Shouldn’t I, individually, then live the simple evolutionary life of open competition for material wealth and take from my surroundings as much as I can for survival and life in material abundance? Can I not just leave it up to the universe to deal with universal things and me with my things serving just my own bubble? From an evolutionary perspective this might be a correct assumption, considering we all are programmed like that in our essentials. In a way we see that humankind behaves that way when surrounded by the wealth of our current system of consumer economics. I could have children without giving it all a second thought? Why then had the Maya’s disturbed my selfish comfort and made me reflect from a broader perspective? Why did they break through into my comfort zone and the sensory interaction with my small world to make me a citizen of the universe?

The answer

The word “purpose” from an awareness point of view can evolve too in interpretation,  just like the competitiveness did in orchestrated material composition and evolution. Do we solely evolve in the individualized purpose of short term greed? Or does “purpose” gain in long term evolutionary meaning through individual contribution to the Whole? Have we reached a new dimension of human development, an immaterial dimension?

When the United Nations in 1987 published the first definition of sustainable development (Brundlandt) an evolutionary movement within the field of “awareness” was started for the first time on a global level. We realized that our material abundance on Earth was not unlimited and that we carry evolutionary responsibilities, not just through procreation but also in conscious behavior. Prior to that the same interpretation had already been presented in the modern world by spiritual people like Gandhi. But spirituality and materialism had long be developed along different principles, not together.

After the 1987’s first attempt  many more people and institutions started to interact and interconnect on the basis of universal responsibilities together. It is as if humankind had reached a different level of potential harmony that is appearing next to the old, obsolete one. People find each other in a new level of resonance. This has been small for many decades, hardly noticeable due to the dominance of the other type of awareness (greed). Until crises seemed to open people up for new types of awareness with which we started to get familiar through experimentation and need. My sustainocratic partner Marco said in AiREAS “You can write or talk about it but people only understand when they experiencing it by taking part in it”. Sustainocracy is a society format based on that evolutionary path and is put into practice with early precedents in Eindhoven. It all shows a particular natural evolutionary route and increased collective awareness around our natural relationship with our surroundings. People who participate obtain “a good feeling” and can’t explain why. This blog explains why. It has to do with different frequencies in our relationships explained in meaningful relationships, commitment and levels of trust.

When I interact with the universe from my predefined consciousness my only motivation would simply be to survive and procreate. But when my consciousness awakes into a higher awareness I seem to want more than just that. My own decision to pass on a society “worthy of handing over” to my children shows my own evolutionary consciousness. Self-consciousness has come with fear and disbelief, but also with curiosity and creativity. When you become aware of your surroundings at the scale of the entire universe then the current perceived abundance suddenly translates into scarcity.  The vastness of the universe is out of my reach and so is my span of control to access it. I become aware of my own finite situation but also of the limitations of my direct surroundings. What was materially big now becomes tremendously small. The universe and I seem to get to an understanding, a harmonic sensitivity.

Funnily enough my own self aware “I” does not shrink, nor does it disappear into a sense of vulnerable minuteness. My own self stays the same, only the universe comes closer, nearby, making me grow as a self-aware conscious creature. It is as if the universe and I become equivalent. My body may be a small heap of composed living stardust, probably totally unperceivable on the largest scale, but still the same as the entire universe. I AM the universe! Yet from an awareness point of view I become as big or even bigger then the universe itself. This is because my living body unites all the billions of years of living “purpose” that uniquely developed near and inside me, conditioned by the local circumstances around and on planet Earth, all the way into to my own small bubble.

Inside me is the awareness of quarks, molecules, water, the first complex combinations combining into the smallest and simplest lifeforms, the first amoebae, the fish in the water and first land mammals…..the competition, the evolution, diversification, ever since the first existence of matter, energy and awareness in ever growing complexities and combinations. “I am” from a universal perspective of consciousness is a therefore a very special reflective issue. There is a kind of eternity already inside me. I am experiencing the uniqueness of being able to think about it and “feel” the billions of years of stirring combinations. I break through and understand that it has nothing to do anymore with competition and self interest, not even with “me”. It has to do with my degree of adaptiveness and stirring abilities to create new combinations out of chaos. Combinations that last for ever again after me.

The universe and me

The universe and me

When this happens the balance between me and the universe becomes important. My interaction is not just material, it is there on multiple levels. My consciousness awakens me for a learning process, a classroom of the Universe.

I become interested and realize that the most direct life enabling relationship is that with our Sun. The Sun is provider of the light, gravitational uniqueness with Earth and energy that is needed to produce and sustain life after the early stirring that brought about this unique solar situation. The Earth now provides the materials and the Sun provides the immaterial part. Both provided the stirring through rotation that allowed frequencies to meet and mate through material combinations. All this can be found too on a larger and smaller scale throughout the entire Universe.

My unique me is not more than an extra complex “something” that, as a highly aware bubble, in combination with similar entities like me, forms a liquid-like structure that flows freely, stirs with its surroundings and forms complex new connections, some stable others unstable. Over time this has happened intensely, creating societies, hierarchies and communities. This we call among ourselves “history” but is no more than a natural process of stirring evolution. My own contribution to the Whole is that we have reached a point that competition turns against ourselves as a species. It does not serve our survival anymore and hence requires a new phase in our consciousness. Our collective evolutionary greed and self-interest has taken us to become masters over our local environment without natural competition other than our own selves. Pollution, over-consumption, wars among the species, elimination of our life supporting resources, it is all contrary to the “purpose” driven prospect of survival of our bubbles. When our material composition has reached a degree of competitive excellence we need to excel in our awareness and create new shapes of human interaction with our environment. They need to be  life supporting with sustainable progress instead of self destruction. Else we may find that our composition evolved too complex and inflexible. It would eventually disappear like many other species did over time due to lack of adaptability.

As Janos Vargas said alongside the Danube: “water needs to flow freely” I added to that when I returned home “spirituality (awareness) needs to flow freely” too. Both, water and awareness, have the tendency to flow and gather more of it in its path, to end up in seas of it. While water flows down through gravity, spirituality flows up in human organizations through meaning.

Learning curve

The universe taught us that evolutionary progress is based on freedom in flow, the stirring of the elements and dynamic fixation according to the circumstances and frequencies at any one time and place. The purpose is to evolve both in material AND awareness complexities, surviving by being adaptive, creative and flexible, not just in individualism but also in multidisciplinary combinations. We should not compete between equals of an evolutionary species (humans against humans). We should however develop always our sustainable uniqueness within the diversity of all evolutionary patterns. We need to use materials in a repetitive cyclic way for reuse without polluting it or the environment because we ARE the environment. If we pollute our outside , we equally pollute our inside. When we pollute ourselves or isolate ourselves from our universal environment we lose our evolutionary powers and harmony. We become sick, physically and in awareness.

To evolve we need to understand our own complexity by understanding both our material and immaterial selves and universal surroundings. Our awareness is part of that understanding. It needs to be taken as seriously from a scientific point of view as our material existence. If we are evolutionary designed to conquer the universe of living species we now need to learn how to conquer our own ancient greed while confined to our planet Earth, without natural predators but ourselves.

What is the next step in our evolution? Well we have bene practicing this already for some time. Just like in the universe we also need to learn to connect in the diversity of awareness to gain effective progress. This is done in organizational structures of people that contribute with different knowledge and authority. We create living organisms of human beings in purpose driven structures. So far we have gone very far in developing such structures however organized them around the ancient inner greed as if we had competitors to defeat. We simulated our inner universe by creating an artificial outer universe through hierarchies, rigid townships and civilizations based on power of individuals of masses of people. We learned through painful experiences to deal with our own inner Darwinism. None of the societal solutions we invented have been based yet solely on sustainable human progress. That is why they all eventually failed and fell apart just like and old warn down body would do. They end up in crisis, chaos and war by natural obsolescence. To make sustainable human progress happen we need to make this quantum leap in human inner evolution at the level of spiritual resonance. We need to listen and act according to the symphony of universal music, inside us and out there around us. This needs to be transparent without the blockage of our current impositions.

Sustainocracy is a first attempt to apply all what we have learned so far and create progressive cooperative communities that interact as if they were a living species, using the “rules” of the universe for sustainable human progress.


“The universe and me”, that is what the Maya’s have contributed with their calender. It seems to be much more than just an ending and new beginning of a cycle of data. It coincides with a new phase in humankind. Has the old human world collapsed? Yes, it did for me, already some time ago. Has a new world appeared? Indeed. Because we may now reach a point that we understand our own evolutionary process, the ethics of our relationship with our environment and the next steps to follow as humankind. We are ready and in urgent need to reinvent ourselves making awareness our guiding factor, individually and in our societies, not our ancient materialism or fear for shortages. There is plenty if we learn to trust our level of conscious awareness on how to deal with healthy usage of materials in multidisciplinary cooperation within just one single purpose: sustainable human progress.

And this is not that difficult because we are a living complexity of it ourselves. To understand that we simply have to learn understand ourselves and adjust our sustainable progress to it. Those who feel the music inside will join the process and grow it into a new symphony.

Life is….


In this blog article I will show that we have made ourselves vulnerable to an evolutionary crisis of our human species by eliminating nature from our daily lives. Especially people living in cities do not stand a chance. The deterioration for us goes so fast that extreme urgent actions are required, especially in the field of bring green life forms abundantly back into our direct surroundings for food, environmental and energetic support. We already suffer the severest consequences and these will reach extreme peaks the coming decades. Key to it all is awareness and then strong action, fast.  The good thing about it all is that we (who are left over after it all) come out stronger as a species with a leap in our higher consciousness that will affect the evolution of our species for ever. Chance is that after all that we will not be the most dominant species on Earth anymore but we will not see it as a problem either.

The article

On twitter (@jpclose) a brief discussion developed on the need of a circular economy and the symbiotic values of an energetic society. Now this may be gibberish for most of us but it all started when I suggested that local self-sufficient communities should use the following formula:

Talent + Energy + Purpose = Sustainable Progress + Abundance (Reciprocity)

The “energy” part that I refer to is the labor capacity, motivation and personal contribution of any member of our community. I did not refer directly to the origin of such living energy. But when the word “symbiosis” was used in relation to a “circular economy” I was challenged to put things into perspective, not just for me but also for all those people who were looking at a chain of remarks on twitter within the confinement of 140 characters. Who would make sense?

Symbiosis refers to a relationship between a host and user often also referred to as a parasite. But who or what would be a parasite? Is the human being a parasite of our planet Earth? We would be if we were some alien species that was mining resources away from the planet with the possibility of emptying it. But we have originated (for all I know) on this planet as a species and everything we have done so far (except some minor adventures into space) has been confined to our planet. So we cannot be referred to as a parasite from a material existential point of view.  But this is maybe not entirely true. We do use material in a way that it is not circular to its origins. In that sense we would be a parasite, but does it matter? Yes, it does.

Let us look at the definition of “life” in the first place. Life (in a physical body) is built up out of matter (which comes from the planet Earth) and burns up energy to grow and remain alive. So the energetic part is symbiotic because it is used to grow and stay alive and is not given back to its origins. The material composition of a living being is given back in a circular manner to our surroundings when it dies. That material can be reused again, the energy used for life cannot. Not by that species anyway. It does have an importance in the chain of consumable dependencies, as we will see.

That is interesting. So if all life on Earth uses up energy without giving it back where does all this energy come from to keep us going? From the Sun of course.

But the sun throws her energy away anyway and we merely use it to become and stay alive as long as the Sun provides us with energy. This is hardly a symbiosis, it is an interesting usage of the waste of the sun yet we depend on it for life. The Sun is key to our existence from an energetic point of view and the Earth from a material point of view.

Yet we all know that just some sunshine and a heap of material does not come alive just like that. That would be a miracle. Yet at one time it did. Life was injected somehow to make odd combinations of material compositions that had unique living properties: the capacity to reproduce similar shapes and evolve into more complex forms eventually reaching the complexity of the human being. This is an extra-ordinary chain of events that was sparked off with the following formula:

Life = Matter (from Earth) + Energy (from the Sun) + Purpose (the “Why”?)

The energy of the sun is provided to us on a daily basis for at least a few billions years to come which gives us some guarantee of expectation for life to come. About the “purpose” of life we can speculate a lot of course, especially about that one single moment that energy and matter decided to come together with a pre-established and reproducible purpose. Once that had happened “reproduction” became one of the main evolutionary driving forces that eventually started causing the differentiation into different species.

From a mathematical point of view the expansion of matter through the absorption of energy of any source shows fractal patterns. This means that the same shape in phase of expansion reaches a point of collapse and, instead of disappearing, it reproduces itself in the same shape again but smaller. This means that material shapes in particular formats keep the same format by duplicating themselves into replicates. We see this happening in coastal lines, snow flakes, plants, etc. It is a natural process with a great deal of logic from a material point of view but it is not “life”  yet, yet it may well be have been the basis for life. The step from fractal expansion (energy + pre-structured matter) to life can be explained by the appearance of a (sub)conscious “purpose” of reproduction.

Here we stand, Human Beings, at the end of this evolutionary line in what we call “today”. We are individually alive by the union of matter and energy and remain alive by feeding ourselves with matter and energy stored around us in nature. We consider ourselves to be the “end of the food chain” and the “most modern version of an extraordinary line of evolution”. From an individual point of view our life is finite because for some reason we die. From an evolutionary point of view we do not die because we reproduce ourselves. So the purpose of our lives is still to remain alive through reproduction.

The human being has evolved with an extra quality added to the formula: Self-consciousness. The consciousness is a condition that made life create  forms of matter + energy that reproduce in a conscious, preprogrammed way. This consciousness plotted in earliest genetics is complex and subject to intense studies of science. Yet the human being made it even more complex by enhancing the automation through self-reflection and self-consciousness. We are unique in asking ourselves “why”? Our purpose may still be reproduction but also adds to it the big question why we do this in the first place? So in essence we ask ourselves what life is?

From a simple biological point of life is the capacity to reproduce the same species over and over again. In the diversity of evolutionary patterns this ability has gradually differentiated itself into different species that compete with each other to find enough matter and energy to sustain its diversification. The purpose of reproduction enhanced itself with competition and with competition the quality of adaptiveness was introduced in the genetic coding of the consciousness. Life was getting more and more complex and so was the evolution of the composites in different types of species until we reach the human being today.

The self-conscious reasoning abilities of this species got it to become dominant over other species. Self-consciousness is for that matter a logical consequence of the evolution from a self-preservation point of view through conscious reproduction. It simply enhanced our options in a competitive, highly diverse, living world. It is not strange to assume that over time more and more species will cross the line of self-consciousness and in fact many already did. The competition continues and so does the natural selection through diversification and adaptiveness. So far so good. But now we have reached a point of important reflection. Our species has outgrown itself so much that it has become a competitor to itself. We have reached a point that we do not improve our chances for survival through our consciousness, we diminish it through over-competition and dominance. We are about to reach the end of our own evolution and disappear unless something else happens.

Let us go back to the formula of life: Matter + Energy + Purpose to become aware of the importance of it for our own sustainable progress as a species. What does the formula mean in our practical lives today?

Matter refers to the material building blocks of life. We need matter to grow, survive and reproduce ourselves. If we destroy matter in industrial processes that are not cyclic with our natural environment we gradually destroy our own building blocks of life. It is of key importance to use material for our sake in a reciprocal way with nature. In fact, our surroundings work that way already for billions of years and successfully. We, the human beings, have used materials for the benefit of our tools and wellness but forgot that we need it to survive ourselves. We have reached a point in our global size and lifestyle that this mis-usage of materials is causing stress in our quest for survival. In a circular relationship with our environment we would never pollute our habitat yet we have no circular relationship. We know from other species that over consume or destroy their habitat that they eventually kill themselves. We are in the process of rapidly doing so now.

Energy is needed to keep life together, grow and reproduce. The human being is not capable of producing energy itself so we rely on our surrounding for it. Sunlight is important but the living species surrounding us are even more. They are containers, storage places of sunlight as they transform the light into elements that we can eat and convert back into energy again to sustain our life. So when we destroy our habitat by building cities we in fact take away our natural conversion and storage of solar energy. Living green is important for our survival and we are eliminating it from our lives. People in cities have become totally dependent from energy sources outside the city. This does not just arrive through distribution of fossil energy (which is nothing less than solar energy stored through plants that transformed in a particular confinement where the energy could not escape into the environment) but also through the food distribution and supermarkets. The soil that is used for building dead cities cannot be used for natural energy capturing processes unless we do something about it. The cities tend to overheat causing deceases and behavioral problems among the human beings and lack the natural cyclic ability to sustain life in the cities through capturing and eating of energy. Everyone living in a city has made itself vulnerable from an evolutionary point of view by becoming dependent on energy from outside the city. Current cities hence will never be the basis of sustainable progress, yet will be the source of many humanitarian crises that people in cities will suffer. Placing solar panels in the cities will not help overcome the need we have to feed ourselves with living matter for the sake of the energy contained in it. Urban agriculture is far more important than solar panels.

So while we destroy the habitat of other species we also destroy our source of natural energy for nutrition. We cannot survive with artificial food because we need also the energy contained in the living food that sustains our chain. We have a huge dependency on our environment and need to learn how to sustain a good balance with it. This introduces our next step in our evolution.

Purpose refers first to the micro formats of matter that became alive from a fractal expansion of matter + energy to some early genetic consciousness for the sake of conscious reproduction. The evolutionary pattern not only developed the format of the species into a diversity through competition and natural adaptiveness to new circumstances, it also got “purpose” to evolve. We started with a conscious drive to reproduce and gradually evolved into a state of competitive self-consciousness. Self-consciousness improved the chances of survival for those species that enhanced itself with conscious decisions on life expectations, the creation of tools and dominance over other species which evolved without self-conscience. We increased our chances with self-consciousness as we have seen over time, until we crossed the line of self-destruction.

The next step in the evolution of purpose is self-awareness. Dominance over other species is excellent for improved reproduction of a species but eventually one becomes dominant over itself. There is a point in time that dominance to sustain oneself crosses a line in which dominance needs to be combined with wisdom. We tend to have become so dominant that we cannot sustain ourselves anymore. Purpose hence enhances from competitive self-consciousness to awareness on sustainable progress in which we learn to value matter and energy in a new way for the sake of survival of the species.

Life is important to us and we have now all the understanding we need to sustain ourselves. We simply need to accept the new condition of our evolutionary state: higher awareness, and change our way of organizing ourselves from a competitive way into a adaptive way. This we see happening now around us. All the crises that the human being suffers in material and energetic sense only show us the way to a next evolutionary step in our self-consciousness. Our purpose in life is enhanced by understanding matter and energy for the sake of life itself to sustain our own life. Bringing back nature into our direct local lives is key in this process, redesigning our cities and lifestyles in line with our growing awareness of the need to balance our existence with our universe.

We now know what life is and simply need to learn how to live it to the full, including the next necessary evolutionary step. We need to change to live which brings us back to the newest definition of human progress:

Talent (awareness) + Energy (motivation) + Purpose (our evolution) = Sustainable Progress + Abundance (Reciprocity)