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Secrets of Life overview

For the ease of retrieving information of the recent blog series on the “secretes of life” I decided to present the links in an ordered list:

Secrets of Life:    Introduction  to the series & song of Irma Lohman

Secrets of Life 1: The  first key to life? What is it?  Will it provide with answers?

Secrets of Life 2: Matter moves. The very first key is in the frequencies of matter

Secrets of Life 3: Matter is charged. But does a polarity give life?

Secrets of Life 4: The magic of frequencies. Pythagoras and Galilei

Secrets of Life 5: The universe, cycles and music. Kondratieff, Ray Tomes

Secrets of Life 6: Harmonic relationships. A + B  become (A+B)

Secrets of Life 7: Life = Awareness, the revelation of what life is in phase 1

Secrets of Life 8: Competition and Fear, phase 2

Secrets of Life 9: The power of being different, phase 3 and higher self awareness

Secrets of Life 10: The art of living together, phase 4, Symbiosis

Secrets of Life 11: Sustainocracy, the next evolutionary step of Democracy

The series is helping people position their own life, their relationship with their natural environment and even the way they address their professional activities. It is my pleasure to be able to contribute.

Warm regards,

Jean-Paul Close

Secrets of life 7

Life = Awareness

At one stage in my blogging years I asked you if awareness is added to the universe by us as rationally thinking life format? Or has it always existed and are we simply discovering it through self awareness and consciousness of realities? I asked this when we discussed the 5th dimension of consciousness.

In blog lecture “secrets of life 6” I show that awareness is already there and creates life under the right circumstances. This answers our question. The universe is “aware”. Some people call this awareness “God”. It is interesting to attribute a music reality to this awareness which at the least gives a sympathetic twist to the issue of “believing”. When we elaborate on this from a human perspective “belief” can connect us to the universal harmonics by triggering our inner molecular state to connect to universal patterns. We may not be self conscious about this but do feel the comfort of the harmonics as if things “are right”.

We will come to our own human selves as complex self aware species but first we need to go back a few billions of years when the first harmonic A and B’s found each other to create the first living (A + B)’s on Earth. The harmonic relationship becomes an attractive  minuscule element for other minuscule elements that are aware of its “musical” attraction through minute frequencies. (A+B)’s may be attracted to unstable A’s and B’s that enter in a random state of temporary harmony and get absorbed by the original (A+B). The chances that this happens is now very large because (A+B)  is stable in its attractive frequency. The (A+B) become (AAAAA+BBBBB)  in a steady growth pattern.

Growth then shows an exponential curve and cannot be sustained as growth can not continue unlimited. It reaches a point of collapse which I refer to as the “point of singularity”. Two options occur:

  • the species collapses and falls apart into smaller fragments, some unstable some maybe stable, or
  • the species shows fractal growth patterns where many exponentially growing (AAAAA+BBBBB) combinations break down into many stable (A+B)’s again.

These patterns we see in nature around us all the time.

Evolution and Differentiation

Another possibility could be that (A+B) meets (C+D) and finds a harmonic combination that fuses them into a new living minuscule species (ABCD). The harmonic frequency emission of this new species is different than the individual frequencies of the original parts. It will have new properties of growth and harmonic attraction. In the same way the combination could be (ACDB), (BADC), (DBAC) etc where each of the combinations shows unique properties, different than the others. Diversification in life hence starts at the same time as organic growth. Each of the initial diversifications become the starting point of its own line of evolution through growth patterns.

So growth is the first basic key to life and awareness. It is explained by the “hunger” of frequencies to “eat” those that are harmonic to them. Food is hence a purpose of living life and even we as human beings are attracted unconsciously to food all the time. What we see at the human level of complexity that we try to overcome this by an evolutionary issue of letting go of the permanent sense of hunger through trust in our ability to create abundance at any time. Hoarding, territorial protection, over feeding, etc are hence logical conditions of our earliest life’s origins resident in our own atomic living system.

We can now comfortably say that the prime purpose that makes the molecules of living species stay together is growth through feeding harmonically charged (inferior) substances.  This we call life from a lower level of consciousness. Feeding does not require self awareness either, just the automatic sensing of the right growth particles. Since growth and feeding requires at one point the active movement it uses up energy. Growth and food hence developed abundantly where natural energy (sunlight) was abundantly available, directly or indirectly.

This short film of Cristobal Vila illustrates it nicely.

For a very long time life evolved like this in an environment of microscopic life forms that evolved in complexity through harmonic differentiation, growing and feeding, falling apart or establishing fractal growth patterns, in a wide open planetary space.

This gets us to the next evolutionary step explained in the next blog.

Secrets of life 3

Matter is charged

We are looking for the origins of life in order to discover its mystery and secretes that may help humankind also in its quest of sustainable progress.

We know through common awareness that we (humans as a living species) consist of a combination of matter, energy and a something called “????”. We consider “matter” as a carrier of life. We ask ourselves if this unknown factor that makes life possible is somehow added to matter (external influence) or is it already part of it (inner influence) coming alive in a mysterious way?

We have started to observe matter in more detail and already found that it is not static. It vibrates, expands and contracts in an oscillating and divers manner. Matter moves continuously.

Matter is charged

We now take our imagination a step further and see that matter is charged with negative and positive polarity. To show this we again look at a few short YouTube animations. Our first animation shows water molecules, their composition and movements.

Water molecules 

It is interesting to observe how the atoms (H2O) relate to each other in an angle (remember the angle, it will come back later) and how also the sides of the water molecules are charged. Heat (such as fire or sunlight) excites the molecules, making them vibrate faster in which case the attraction is much harder between the molecules. When it gets colder, the excitement is reduced and chances are that molecules bond together with the opposite polarity. That is how we get steam, liquid water and ice.

Even though this is very interesting and shows how elements can get into different states of appearance, the elements themselves do not change. Water remains water in ever state (gas, liquid and solid). So matter and energy together can alter the appearance but that is not yet “life”.

Interaction between other elements

Still this polarity issue remains of interest because the negative and positive charges can also interact with other elements. We already know through common awareness that water is a well known carrier of other substances that dissolve in it, float or are moved by the flow of water. This may be significant to explain life. One way or another different types of elements need to glue together with this mysterious “????” force . Maybe this next animation gives us yet another clue. It deals with the way water dissolves salt:

Water dissolving salt

Interesting here is the ability of free floating molecules to interact with other substances and free them from a more fixed situation. This allows the smallest formats of matter to become part of a twirling, stirring water pool that moves around with gravity and other impulses. Many substances can “meet” each other in such a manner.  Water has this property over many more substances than just salt. We may therefore consider water as a significant catalyst maybe of the appearance of life. We just have to look at the importance of water in our own human body for the transportation of all kinds of life supporting substances throughout our own system. Still we find rivers full of water, seas also, and may consider water as a significant element yet we have not yet found the “????”.

But we are close

In the next blog lecture we will go into something amazing that blows our mind and was already hinted 2500 years ago and maybe waiting for internet to become a common point of attention. It may be a break through in awareness but also away from old dogma’s that have ruled our existence for many thousands of years. 

Are you ready for this?