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Women, feminism and the feminine

Motivated by the International Women´s Day I talked with Milagros Maldonado about the situation of women in a world of migration, cultures, values… Milagros was born in Venezuela and migrated already at young age for her studies to the UK. After high level functions in government of Venezuela she ended up in the Netherlands. Since a few decades she is active as president of the Latin American association (CLO) that helps migrants from such countries to find their way into the Netherlands. CLO is also a very active and valued partner in our COS3i initiative.

We talk about the differences in cultures, the position of a woman, feminism, essential human values and the feminine energy of birth, creativity, etc. We also try to reflect that through the festivities and expressions during the International Women´s Day celebrations.

International Women Peace Group and Sustainocracy

During our online Peace and Progress session we met Kelli Guess, a young woman engaged in the IWPG initiative that originated in South Korea. It now has 200 branches around the world and focuses on engaging women for peace. This community is a great platform to expand also Sustainocracy. With the branch in Los Angeles (America) a dialogue is started to make this happen.