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The 5 PEACE presentations during our first online community gathering

With the objective to create worldwide STIR PEACE communities that work together and core human values for local wellness and resilience we invited the first PEACE professionals to show their activities. After introducing Sustainocracy as a viable Peace for Progress society model we recorded the presentations separately so you can enjoy each of them by themselves:

1. Uduaki-Abasi Akpabo from Nigeria about the art competition and the 3 winners

2. Sculpturist and top athlete Donald Brown from the U.K. talks about sport and art for Peace

3. Taylor O’Connor about People Building Peace

4. Kelli Guess of the International Women’s Peace Group presented 3 laws for Peace

You can download her presentation here. It states 3 overarching values and 10 articles.

5. Eugen Oetringer about the Law’s of Nature Manifesto

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