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Millions of citizen’s practical initiatives for a better world become visible and of use through our globally shared networks

Weekly our core team has its preparation meeting of our worldwide movement. We talk about our shared engagement, positivity, creativity, video productivity, education, citizen’s initiatives etc. We are dealing with our biking project towards the climate conference COP26 and beyond. And all the sparks of innovative we can bring together along the path that we follow and share. All based on co-creating this better world from a health, climate and wellness point of view such as represented by Sustainocracy.

When you look at the recording (46 minutes of inspiration) try to imaging yourselves in the team. Then there are two mayor questions for you to think about:

  • What can I do with this in my own geographical, ideological or practical field of activities?
  • What can I add to it for others to eventually use and implement?

Are you THE 1 out of 400 Million revolutions?

Many initiatives are born through activist and entrepreneurial citizens that want to make a positive difference for “a better world”. Together we represent a world changing movement without precedent.

A few month ago we (a group of social/ecological entrepreneurs in Europe) decided to look out for other values driven citizen’s initiatives throughout Europe (and the World). In each of our entrepreneurial environments we had detected many people who address issues such as pollution, climate, social care, ecological care, etc as a personal mission to make a difference in a world of destruction and abuse. The common denominator of all these initiatives is their drive to produce general 4 x WIN (human, societal, ecological and financial) value instead of the mindless old style, speculative and blindly destructive pursuit of just money.

Bringing these innovative entreprises, small and large, together in a platform would show the world that an fundamental and powerful change is happening everywhere.

We needed a name for that overarching platform that represented a new set of genuine values than the old political financial steering that was reigning and destroying the world. We did not want to present a new business entity, nor a new institution, yet a sence of generalized movement that makes the human world turn around into genuine sustainable progress due to the efforts of millions of pioniers. On their own they remain vulnerable, small scale, locally focused, often even sub-critical due to lack of support or opposition of old school power silos.

But together they make a force that changes the world.

A uniting image, representing 400 Million + 1 revolutions, was proposed by one of the partners that goes under the name of Unstitution. Another partner, Youth4Planet, was addressing the youthful generations that already seem to look at reality with different eyes than their ancestors. They are challenged to show their youthview views through video’s, collected in the Earthbeat platform. All these partners had UNITED and found each other in the weekly online gatherings of Sustainocracy.

This is the visual that has been created for the gathering of values driven initiatives. The 400M stands for 400,000,000.– or 400 Million, a large abstract number showing the massive movement that is growing among citizens with an entrepreneurial “can do” attitude. The “+1” refer to each of us who sense to be part of the movement with our own initiative. The circle and word “revolution” established a sense of movement with values driven change as a motoric force for sustainable progress. The word “revolutions” refers to the turning of the wheels, such as the wheels of the bicycles that will travel from Luxemburg to Glasgow to show the world climate conference, COP26, that “It’s Happening”, with or without the political participation.

400 Million and 1 revolutions has a broader motivation than just COP26.

We bring together initiatives interregionally in order to establish dynamic sustainocratic clusters that empower themselves in their results driven focus. Examples of existing interregional cooperative clusters are:

  • AiREAS – air quality and regional health
  • Earthbeat – video challenge for young generations
  • School of Talents and Wellness – participatory learning in the space of Sustainocracy
  • Integral Positive Health – healthy neighborhoods, regional small heroes (focus on quality of life through cocreation)
  • Unstitution – bringing multidisciplinary clusters together
  • STIR – multidisciplinary and multicultural clustering research with the Sustainocratic context of core human values
  • Youth4Planet – engagement with primary schools for ecological learning programs and climate awareness

All develop as multidisciplinary platforms that prioritize local human and ecological values. Involved are local citizens, entrepreneurs, science, schools and local governments.

Are you the 1? Or do you know initiatives that need to be part of this? Just let us know and join the network. It is free of charge, as your commitment is worth more than can be expressed in money.

Electric video biking to Glasgow

In order to capture the attention during the 26th climate conference in Glasgow, Youth4Planet organized two biking events between Luxemburg and Glasgow and invited us as AiREAS to join. The events have the objective to engage local people, especially our younger generations, and local institutions to demonstrate how we deal with the shared responsibilities for our sustainable progress as a species within the context of our planetary reality. Many citizen’s initiatives have already succesfully been started, often together with their facilitating local government, within the confinement of local urban and rural priorities.

The biking event wants to make these initiatives visible to all and connect them into a cooperative, connecting movement with video challenges, workshops and events in all participating areas. We all share the same objectives of sustainable wellness and progress. Let us show the world that we can carry this responsibility and show our progress.

The UN 2021 climate conference, COP26, will be held in Glasgow from Nov. 1st till 12th. We (citizens and youth) are done with the endless political talkshows as window dressing. Massive landscape destruction, pollution, abuse of power, corruption, wars, etc are destructive instruments of the old industrial self centered lobby and the related money dependent, speculative governments. Many citizen’s initiatives stood up already to make the difference against the capitalist hegamony and tunnel visioned, even corrupt government structures. Often these initiatives gained support of the local community governments, showing the powerful grassroots union between people and institutions around shared responsibilities. These positive, bottom up cooperations are often replaced or disturbed by dictatorial censorships, bribes, authorized polution, lack of responsibility, diverted investment priorities, higher up in the political economic hierarchies.

In order to create a powerful counterplatform all these local initiatives need to UNITE into a common purpose driven platform that shows that “It is happening”. In order to engage these initiative and create a European and Global movement we have already created a network from Luxemburg to Glasgow. Sustainocracy is participating as such grassroots principle of shared responsibility, focused on our core natural human values, necessary for sustainable human resilience and progress. We have engage with the Earthbeat initiative of Youth4Planet (Luxembourg and Germany) and Unstitution (Oxford, UK) to knit together all the local initiatives for planetary and humanitarian balance.

The northern route. The southern one goes through Paris

More information and participation, please mail jp@stadvanmorgen.com