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Where do you stand morally?

If we consider that 99% of western businesses are managed purely on material basis (KPI’s, product/price, cost reduction programs, etc.) you are not really to blame when you find out that you do the same. But the credit crisis has shown us that this way of thinking causes us to behave far to insensitively to moral values which causes the general and gradual decline of our overall wellbeing. In the end we do not distinguish ourselves anymore from competition and all players together become responsible for a moral crisis of which the credit crisis is just an example. More are to come.

When we draw a point of balance between moral and rational material decision making than we can visualise this point on the following drawing:

Find the point of balance

Find the point of balance

The rational path is our traditional way of entrepreneurial thinking: Product/Client/Cost optimalization with pure material goals. Money is the target and we would be willing to take immoral decisions just to make the triangle work. For who? For our pockets.

But in a global era we are too many doing just the same, covered by government who push for growth. What identity do we develop among so many others? How long a technical lifetime does our product innovation have nowadays? How loyal are our clients to us if the receive temptations all the time? How good can our cost optimization be if we run out of low wage countries? How high will inflation be if we have to compete to purchase our natural resources?

Doesn’t this mean that we are forgetting something? While we are at it making money we are destroying our own market potential by increasing the costs of resources, making low wage countries rich and competing our products so cheap we can hardly make them anymore. How TVs can a household have? Or anything else by that matter? Shouldn’t we remind ourselves continously that there are three basic moral rules to make sure we can run a business still at all in the future? Why should we want other to take the responsibility to comply with those rules and not us? Why are the companies that do comply more successful in general than those that don’t?

How moral are you when you run your business? What do you want to achieve? Money? Or recognition for a good job? Just think about it.

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