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Paradigma shift

The world has entered a social, economic and ecological paradigma (=complex set of beliefs) shift within society and business leadership too. Such shift does not go without pain since entire nations, political structures, cultures, etc need to be abolished, redefining the way society, welfare and wellness is being achieved and sustained. Each of the countries in the world has entered the world crisis from a different angle and with a different local history, but goes through the same paradigma transformation. We have all seen it coming already for a long time but now it is actually happening. 

The USA has long been a reference point for innovation and the local change of leadership, President Barack Obama, has the task to redefine the national paradigma. All eyes are on him now but the economic injection he announced last week is not transformative and has been drafted from the old paradigma. This indicates that the paradigma shift is not alive yet in the councilors of Obama and they try to solve the local problems “the old way”. We cannot wait for America to understand what is really happening.

So it is time for leadership in Europe to stand up and show that it can lead the way into a new paradigma taking the pressure off the US on critical issues. My vote goes for one of the smaller countries, s.a. Holland, with a highly educated population and a conglomerate of large multinationals to join forces for transformational innovations. I believe that the new paradigma, s.a. the multidimensional model that I presented as new paradigma in summer 2008, can best be tested out in such geographical  confinement and to be deployed in other countries step by step subsequently. Alternatively we could define  a series of key areas around the world, including maybe one or more in the USA where we initiate the paradigma shift with an overall transformational nature and observe the different outcomes due to cultural and innovative valuables. To do that the entire world first would need to be convinced of the steps to undertake. This is unforunately not yet the case which means that the crisis will only deepen and the suffering too.

What ever we do we need to do is, structurally:

  • reduce our dependence on critical resources back to below the critical level, through innovative remodelling of society,
  • vitalize the world population, through poverty, health and incentive programs to concentrate on total re-make of society as we know it,
  • concentrate our business strategies on a sustainability role of added values in local or global society.

We are now 3 billion people running the global capitalist show and we may as well start behaving as such. We feel responsible for the warming up of our climat, the melting of the poles and changing weather. We cannot influence nature other than damaging our own habitat. We have destroyed our economies by holding on too long on an old obsolete paradigma. If we want to learn how to behave we need to shift paradigma fast or else we end up distroying our chances all together with much more dramatic consequences for all.

Business executives can become forrunners of the new paradigma by adopting it at an early stage and creating a multidimensional power well before anyone else.

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