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The next pope is a woman

We will not enter into a dispute about the successor nor representative of Christ but indeed about the powerfull symbols that mankind needs nowadays to evolve along the path of gigantic challenges.  Filosophically, scientifically, politically and entrepreneurally the world is facing huge changes. The effects of the credit crisis have opened the debat on the true sustainability of welfare.


Our human existance is built up with material and moral building blocks that only deliver welfare if balanced equally. Material focus has grown exponentially the last decennia but moral development has not kept up the pace. Consequently we entered a zone of structural vulnarability.


The governments and large corporations have so far only taken material actions, inserting capital to fill up holes or reducing costs. But this doesn’t solve our instability. The debat will sone enter existential depth in which we need to explore our cultural identity, the values of “being what we are”. We will discover that nearly all the systems and organizations we have been building and cherrishing for decades are not at all contributing anymore to welfare, they even make it structurally more vulnarable.  What is truely need now is to go back to the drawing board and define what is really important to us and defend it with strength. We have globally entered into an identity crisis simply because our idendity has been money, and money only. When that disappears we are facing an emptyness where our own identity should be. Filosophically and scientifically we can show what is happening but the main challenge is making happen, transformatively and practically. Since the debat is existantial it “female” and hence the symbol of a female pope is as significant as a black president to lead the USA to new (mainly moral) heights.


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