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Cycles of crises

Humanity has moved from crises to crises all the time. In fact in times of crises the best inventions are done. We need a crisis to evolve, to move forward. Without it we would still be living in the woods or in caves trying to catch our food in the wilderness. In fact our lifes move cyclic, individually but also together.

The awareness cycle
The awareness cycle

Our challenge is to learn how to handle this cyclic path, individually and as a group (society or as a business community). A timefragment on the circle is called “culture”. By valueing the circle and recognizing points of measurements we can learn how to control and move it to our benefit. In the stone-age a cycle would last a few thousand years. After the fall of the Roman Empire we have seen chaos for many hundreds of years. Now we may be able to go through it in a few decades.

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