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No hierarchy, no salaries, no leadership yet successful?

In Holland the City of Tomorrow is a foundation that unites business identities around a common challenge: sustainability. Unique about the organization is that it grows and grows, takes on huge challenges and gains a lot of prestigue but:

Lacks salaries, or leadership, or hierarchy.

How it is done? We’d be pleased to explain.


  1. Looking forward to the explanation how The City of Tomorrow works.

    Be inspired and enjoy life.

  2. We are lead by the transformation process from 2.0 (globalisation of materialism) to 3.0 (society of values). This process is organic but needs steering. It cannot be planned, i.e. we cannot say: “we want do transform caretaking first”. Through communities of co-creative entrepreneurs we pick up the signals an create workgroups to address the issue, shape up a dynamic multidimensional team and create the transformative program. We jointly bring it to the market and have a sharing system on the income generated.

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