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Daddy? Is there something wrong with me?

“No, of course not my dearest. You are a very unique and special child. You are perfectly alright and I love you very much”.

Yet the problem is temendously real. Schools in the western world are preparing and judging children on their potential to perform in a materialistic system. It is not strange at all that many of the children do not seem to comply. They are not robots, they are human beings.

Our materialistic world wants humans to perform optimally in a financial based organization. It is money that reigns. At the earliest age the children learn about numbers and language, the basics of a numeric, binary, two dimensional, yes/no system.  They donot learn about creativity, self sufficiency, spirituality, relational sensitivity, feelings and emotions or self learning as equivalent key factors for successful growing up.

We have given too much power to government to decide what is good for our children. Why did we do that? It is a consequence of a money based system. We call this emancipation, the ability of being economically independent from eachother, but in reality it is breaking up families. And we never became independent, we placed our faith in the economic system.

Of course women and men have the same rights to develop their individual independency. But in a money system such independence represents total individualism where there is hardly room for the children. Both parents need to work for money and the kids are being educated by external parties for money. Love and care has been eliminated along the way. And these represent true values that cannot be expressed in money or be taken over by and individualistic, robotized society.

In a value based system men and women are equal but certainly not the same. The role of each in society and a family is highly differentiated.

The sum of all the issues around children, s.a. a robotized educational system, lack of family warmth, polution and unhealthy nutrician, lack of spiritual guidance, etc. cause numerous psychological and physical disorder to appear. One out of five children are labeled with something that in essence disqualifies them at an early stage from a normal future in a system where performance rules. We have reached the dramatic stage that the system of creating robots our of human beings is producing so many defects that the systems is unsustainable and obsolete.

The children with some kind of disorder enter in a special support program in which they are even further stigmatised with “something that is wrong” with them. A lot of the system is based around the principles of the IQ. However this is only one minor part of the full potential of a child. The EQ (emotional), SQ (spiritual), AQ (awareness) and various more, are very strong energetic components of the human nature that require equal attention. The problem is that they can not be measured through a simple multiple choice test and valued in a ranking. Someone of a high IQ (say 144) would be better equiped to address life than someone with a low IQ (say 72). That is not true. The amount of psychological disorders in high and low IQs are evident and documented. So are the successes of low IQ people which seems to contradict the stearing mechanism used by schools and governments.

To be adecuately equiped for conducting a balanced and purposeful life IQ is not at all significant on its own. A powerful combination of spiritual, emotional, physical, energetic and other factors place the person in the complexity of the diversity of a human life. Knowledge absorbtion as indicated by the IQ makes absolutely no sense if it is not applied in a practical environment. Learning needs to be fed with purpose through experiences and selfreflection as well as creativity. Simply learning what is commonly accepted as a truth does not challenge the individual to determine the truth for himself. Creativity helps to challenge the existing order by giving it a fresh thought without prejudice and learn by autoreflection and self awareness within the context of time and space of that moment, location and surroundings.

Learning does not provide progress at all, creativity and practical applied knowledge in a diversity of situations does. It generates new knowledge. Children need not just memorize common knowledge but apply it to the integral complexity of life as they go through the adventure of living it. They need to receive answers on their questions, not just about 2 + 2 is 4 but also when 2 + 2 is 0 or 5. They need to learn about themselves and how to interact in groups, not just by sitting still and listening to the teacher but also understanding the complexity of being a unique human being among many other unique human beings.

Our current scholing system is life threatning for our children. That is the theme of a conference in Holland. It refers to the fact that the educational system kills the full potential of a child to conduct a purposeful life. It also refers to the environment where education is taking place, that is so poluted that it is often irresponsible for parents to send the children to school at all.

“Daddy? Is there something wrong with me?” is such open question of a brilliant young mind who questions the system that pretends to classify him or her. No, my child, there is nothing wrong with you, on the contrary. There something wrong with the system. Just trust your daddy because I am proud of you, I love you very much and make it my life mission to challenge the system. I will stand beside you and help you develop your own unique, authentic and brilliant life without limitations. Because you deserve it and are worth it!


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