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Politics as we know it…. is dead

Left/right wing politics is outdated. It reflects the old world of industrialization where the left had to defend the rights of the working class and the right vowed for the business economies and religions. The middle way became popular in the last couple of decennia as an electorially safe no mans land. But this lacks colour, any public point of recognition let alone charismatic leadership. It is mediocre and tastless.

Even dictatorship is down the drain as young people get educated through internet and stand up against it. Politics as we know it……is dead. Money does not represent value anymore, gunpowder does not either, the powerful are those without power, they are the masses and they are powerful. Just now however the masses need guidance, need true leadership! Not what is being offered by the current world political, business and banking leaders. No, that leadership is dead, unaccepted, disputed, untrusted and blamed for all the problems we face today. This despite their combined efforts to keep going as long as it can. It will all collaps further and needs to collaps. Unfortunately, before it collapses no other leadership will be tolerated and everything is focused on maintaining the living dead. This will not last long. In Egypt it took a few days, in Libya it may take months, in China years just like in the USA and Europe.

But when collaps finally occurs new leaders stand up, often enlightened and visionary leaders that offer a new future. But also dangerous leaders that blame people for the current circumstances and offer ways back to some safe place in the past.

We are entering an era of political redefinition. The old ways are dead, the new to be defined. That phase after the crash of a system is a chaotic one. We see it occur all around us in the world (Egypt, Lybia, Tunesia, Arabia even China is worried). As I mentioned before….it is a global transformation through an in depth global crisis. The redefinition phase is extremely volatile.

While everyone at one stage will accept the collaps of an obsolete system the redefinition of a new system has many fathers and mothers. In chaos many still remain in a situation of greed, agression and misery. But some will stand out of the chaos and promise a better situation. They show charisma, a vision, a dream …….. a responsibility! But where various are charismatic at the same time, big struggle appears. Who do we follow? Will the human world break up in fragmented views or learn for once to be a global species with a universal higher purpose that does not allow fragmentation anymore?

The key to success of the new political leader: Authentic sense of Universal Responsibility.

That is what our current politicians lack totally:  The sense of responsibility! They reason out of self or party interests and not out of a collective higher purpose and stand point. After world war II politicians and political parties defended a cause. Nowadays no causes are defended anymore. All political activities and programs look the same. The defend the past and themselves. No one offers change, they do not dare in fear of losing their conservitive supporters.

Extremists can take the lead temporary through the easy blaming of people in times of crisis but only offer hatred and no solutions. The other politicians or parties don’t dare to take a standpoint and defend it. The have become mediocre, out of these times, old fashioned, self centered and conservative, no matter what colour they say they are or represent.

We all deserve better.

The entire world is in crisis, not only financially but in everything: food, intellectual, spiritual, educational, water, pollution, mobility, you name it…… We are educating our children to perform as robots in a system. We teach them in poluted environments. We grow older but sicker. We are intellectually blessed but do not use it. We have grown stupid and selfish but cannot finance our selfishness anymore. We allow fellow humans to suffer and die all around the world. It is over!

The new politics are not left wing, not right wing, not even through the middle or even a dictator. The new politics defines key sustainable responsibilities, through enlightenment and idealism but with pragmatism and sense of progress and organization. The new politics accepts cultural diversity and defines new cultures through it. The new politics defines true values and organizes communities around it. It does not care about money but valuable co-hesion, teamspirit and the common higher purpose of the community. The new politics is not democratic but higher purpose driven, sustainable,  highly spiritual and for everyone, not just a few.

New politics does not exist yet but is about to be born!


  1. Stephan says:

    Very well put Jean-Paul.

    The phrase “not democratic but higher purpose drive” appeals to my view on what I call ‘opendictatorship’.

    Striving for a higher purpose may not always be applauded. The key question for me is: how do you keep in check that you are indeed striving for the need of a whole and not (unknowingly) for some deeply hidden inner personal need?

  2. Interesting term: “open dictatorship” Stephan! I would call it the dictatorship of the circumstances, or of the crowd (although this would be too limiting). The higher purpose is always related to a strongly defendable issue that determines the verifiable leadership for thr crowd. We never know for certain if the higher purpose will indeed serve the whole or cause other issues. In fact, we can be pretty certain that any change will induce more changes through new issues. The key difference is that issue driven, higher purpose leadership is determined by the crowd, science or nature, taking responsibility for the whole transparently, value, not money driven.

  3. Stephan says:

    @JP for Community of Talents Jacqueline and I are trying to create new conditions to bring CoT to a new phase of development. This leads to discussions with the old (passive) ‘crewmembers’ and this can be very tiring.

    Open dictatorship requires a pro-active attitude, the actual value that is delivered to the community is what keeps the dictator in it’s position.

    Sorry, guess I felt the need to let go of some steam here… 😉

  4. Wrong, Stephan. The issue will be dictating, the dictator will only remain in place if the community accepts this out of lack of initiative, lack of guts or vision, maybe self centeredness, greed or whatever. Issue driven leadership just takes the initiative but accepts that others can deal better with changing responsibilities along the line of progress. The issue leads, not the individual.

    The value you are refering to is no value at all if it is only translated into money. True value is translated in security, respect, safety, health, vitality, progress, equality, abundance, food, water, chelter, education, opportunity….. Lack of each is an issue that demands open dictatorship. Abundance generates apathy and greed, with individual development of power of control. The one brings about the other. It is up to us to control the beast (within).

    In the case of the Community of Talents you are facing chaos. Someone needs to take responsibility and determine the issues that need to be addressed. They don’t come automatically out of the crowd. So do it. If you don’t the group will never focus or come to specific cooperative action. Don’t wait, take the lead yourself as a true pioneer and see what happens. If the ball starts rolling back off at a certain moment and let someone else take over the next phase….

  5. Stephan says:

    Agreement by consent, not consensus. Staying in position is not the aim, but will be the result of actions taken. Some may feel offended, because they were not involved.

    It can be difficult to determine whether the beast is in control, or that simply pursuing a goal outweighs endless quarreling over unlikely consensus/lack of commitment. Time will tell.

    Thanks for listening to an opendictator’s confession. 😉

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