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5. Trust = those who have nothing to loose

The fifth level of the column of values is trust. As you may recall this position comes after identity, safety, equality and cooperation. In fact “trust” is something that only can be given by people who have nothing to loose. Anyone who does have anything that can be lost will always feel a sense of worry to loose what he or she has which blocks the genuin development of an open, transparant relationship with trust.

The present day society is very much organized around money and money is something that we all need to purchase our daily needs. If we are deprived of money we do not count in this society. We hence always have something to loose: our access to a flow of money. This causes a continuous feeling of fear or worry that conditions our interaction with others. When we take money away from a relation suddenly the element of trust is an option that can be taken seriously.

Look for instance at true friendship? What can be lost but the friendship? There is no money involved in friendship so people can talk and behave freely. The same with true marriage. If love is the genuin bondage connected to the higher purpose of togetherness in one, nothing can be lost but the marriage. The fear is then the loss of the friendship or the marriage, causing it to last more through the investment of positive energy of the partners through the higher purpose that is shared.

True partnership is based on a spiritual connectivity of the two authentic identities that share the higher purpose in the deepest understanding that the bondage is much more than the sum of the individuals. Their bondage is not just a cooperation, it is one melted together with trust.

When a cooperation is initiated for personal gain then both parties have a lot to loose and will always spy on eachother out of fear of being cheated. When the personal gain is translated into money the lack of confidence will always reign in the relation making it vulnerable right from the start. Money is not the only thing people are scarred of loosing. Other elements could be their security of a welfare income, a power or hierarchical position, wealth or a herritage. In fact, everything you have can be lost. However everything you are is with you for ever, it cannot be lost.

Being is hence much more important than having and is the basis for true partnerships based on a higher purpose that is expressed by an soul issue, not an having issue. Those purposeful relationship are built on trust by people who have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Because those people remain true to themselves within the column of true values.

Exactly the same goes for business organizations and social communities. The person that can trust one self will be able to trust others. The human organization that trusts oneself on the basis genuin, authentic and value creating business development will most likely be one that works on sustainable progress serving humankind and our planet. They will also be trusted by the customers and society. They will also be trusted by partners who share the higher purpose themselves.

Trust is the layer that connects us with the highest level of awareness on sustainability issues. Trust will get us to regain balance between our complex responsibilities that need to provides us with stability and progress without damaging humanity or our planet. Without it we end up distroying ourselves.

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