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6. Higher purpose

We have now briefly dealt with the true strength of being, safety, equality, cooperation and trust, in that order. With such solid individual foundation one is able to connect with other people who have like wise developed their column of values, connecting on the level of authentic identity and zipping up towards trust.

But this is not enough. Cooperation and trust needs a genuin purpose to get to high level sustainable interaction. Such purpose has to be large enough that the individuals cannot do it by themselves, that they need each other to be able to address the common drive. A couple that joins into a relationship or marriage may have such higher purpose, like the creation of a family. If the column of values that glues the identities together is strongly in place the marriage will last for ever. When it shows break ups or mishaps on any of the levels the relationship will only last out of self interest, greed or fear, not out of a common quest.

What we see in family life we see in any human organization, being a business, a society, a foundation or whatever. In any hierarchical organization for instance equality (level above safety) is not in place due to levels of authority and power. The identities go to work but hardly contribute to the organization. They go their for the safety of a salary and a position but not our of high level cooperation or trust.

We now see that corporate organizations challenge their hierarchies and develop their own authentic identity around a true purpose. People then change attitude when asked to contribute. When done well the people involved give often more than is asked for as they identify them selves with the higher purpose, not the job it self. When that occurs you can ask people to take responsibility too.

When the organization lacks the true drive, the authentic purpose, people will come to work but will not take responsibility. Responsibility is placed in the structure and system of the organization leading to bureaucracy to control all involved. Bureaucracy on itself is a sign of distrust in an organization or society that causes people to act with apathy and reluctance.

The current world issues evolve around the true individual identities that become aware of them selves in freedom, demanding safety and equality. Cooperation and trust can then develop if a common higher purpose is defined. Since 99% of the human world has been deprived of their true identity the world has entered into chaos.

The highest purpose that should unite humanity as a species is a healthy, safe, vital and progressively sustainable civilization. Any other purpose, such as wealth, money or power, will drive us apart and make the species vulnerable as a whole.

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  1. s'ace o'22 says:

    het dubbele-dutch wordt in ambtenaren management zorgvuldig gebruikt al wordt er niet bij verteld met welke bedoeling. er wordt ook niet naar gevraagd omdat men gewend is dat er dan bevreemdend wordt opgekeken naar de vragensteller (“dat weet toch idereen hier, sukkel”)

    de buro-creatie kijk die moet begrepen worden: waarom fijnmazige regels en geen gedrag dat je naar de juiste functionaris toeleidt in voorkomend uitzonderlijk geval?

    de functies zijn zo beschreven dat je weet wat je doen moet en wat je aan een ander moet overlaten ; tja, er zijn zelfs kwesties waar je je absoluut buiten moet laten want die zijn uitsluitend voor 1 functionairs bestemd te behandelen, en dan nog … heb je lieden als Johan Remkes die manen: “de tijd van wegkijken is absoluut voorbij” (1e kwartaal 2007)

    zo kun je ook het protocol “pesten op het werk” opvatten als een aanbeveling het erger te maken als dat het al is ..; motto “broodnijd” werd “vaknijd” werd “kwaliteit-scheiding” werd uiteindelijk “wegwezen hier”

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